Will “flossing” LOOSEN my teeth?

Each teeth has 5 surfaces of which only 3 are getting brushed daily, if at all. That may be, even a maybe. What about the other two? Practically, we can only floss them due to their inaccessibility through brushing. But how many of us do floss their teeth every single day? Not many. People have many doubts about flossing. Flossing methods and techniques have never been taught to the public nor the basics of teeth. So the public have been kept in the dark ever since they were little. Most of us have never even been to the Dentist when we were kids nor have even seen floss, let alone varieties of them. Only if parents were educated about flossing will a kid ever know and learn about it while growing up to be an adult. This was back then. This same is playing out today in our society. NOTHING seems to have changed. Once these kids are educated about it, they can carry on that knowledge for generations. This is how we learn, by learning from each other.

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To do flossing right we need to know the basic anatomy of each tooth. Because it helps. Flossing is one of THE basics of Oral Hygiene. Lack of flossing breeds a whole lot of undesirable pathogens, brings in gum disease and cavities to the scene. Flossing has been tried and tried again into gaining acceptance among out different societies, cultures and civilizations before us. But it never gained traction. In the past few decades, there has been some awareness of it. Today probably only about 10% of the World population does it on a daily basis. What about the rest of the 90%? We don’t seem to care because we were not taught about it in the first place. Secondly, it takes time and effort. Since there is no motivation or any pleasure in doing it, our society has been ignoring it completely. But ignoring is expensive. It always tend to bite back.

The first step is to be well educated on flossing in order to put it to action and then repeat it to get the desired health benefits out of it. The next step is to start doing it. This is the hardest part. Most people start flossing right after their visit to the Dentist. This goes on for a few weeks. Then our life priorities takes over. Then we get laxed and ultimately forget about the whole event. Unless we take it upon ourselves to get flossing done each and every day, it’s not going to happen. We need to have that inner drive. We should also have the notion that we are doing it for ourselves and for ourselves only. If we do not take care of our health, no one else will. It’s our mouth. It’s our body and it’s us, YOU. Yes, It’s YOU.

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These are the most common excuses that I hear from my patients for not flossing:

  1. Time consuming
  2. Not easy
  3. Laziness
  4. No interest
  5. Difficult technique
  6. Hard to do it
  7. Gums do not bother me
  8. My gums start bleeding when I floss
  9. Space happens in between my teeth
  10. My teeth will get loose.

Please note that cost is not even mentioned on the list. Floss is basically a string. Doesn’t cost you much. May cost you nothing if you use a twine. You could literally floss with anything as long as the purposes is served and it is done safely. Today floss comes in all sizes, shapes, flavors, and colors. Some are even waxed to tackle tight spaces and hard corners.

As Humans, We have an excuse for everything. It is in our best interest in making anything happen for our own personal benefit. This takes effort, time, dedication, and persistence.

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NO. Generally, Flossing does not move teeth or loosen them. Here’s your answer. But it may vary based on your individual scenario. For example if you have moderate or severe periodontitis (Gum Disease) with loose teeth in the first place as a result of the disease, it may not be a good idea to floss in this case. Please see you Dentist and go by his or her recommendation. This is best suited to be tailored to your condition and based on your need as determined by your dentist. In my previous blog, I have given your the basic anatomy of a tooth. I had mentioned to you that each tooth is suspended within it’s socket with multiple hammocks all along the entire surface of its root. This facilitates each tooth to move in multiple directions depending on the direction of force but at a much smaller scale. Now you get the picture. We live in a well educated society with internet at our fingertips. Back then ignorance was OK, today it’s unacceptable. 75% of the World has access to the web round the clock and it’s free. Wi-Fi and cellular has taken the technology even further. This is information on the go, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. So we should be having no excuse at all. It’s true. Like anything else in Life there are exceptions. So the more educated you are, the less excuses we may have. The point is to learn the best of what we can with what’s available to us. Today we have everything, information wise.

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In our office we personally do & highly recommend flossing for our patients, educate them, show them on how it’s done and discuss the benefits of doing flossing on a daily basis. We are doing our part in our office. Patients are recommended to do their part in their homes daily. This is a partnership in Oral Health, and not a one visit solution which most people think it is. Once they start it and have gotten used to the habit, it’s unlikely they will let go. They will also help sustain the habit for all future generations. When you get up in the morning, you head straight to the bathroom  and grab that toothbrush of yours. No had had told you to do so. You just do it. This is basically conditioning of the mind and this develops into a daily habit. All that we have learned in school, in colleges and in the real World is acquired knowledge. Flossing also falls into this category.

More Information on flossing : http://www.SSOLFO.com

So let’s make flossing a habit by throwing out the long list of all our excuses. Let’s make Life simple. It’s complex enough. Let’s not complicate it more than we have to, which it is already. Let’s get it done. Floss for YOUR own Health.





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