CHANGING Toothbrushes. Frequency?

How frequently do you change your tooth brush? How do you know when to change it? How long have you been using your current toothbrush? These are the questions that have many people baffling for answers. Because they have no clue on whom to turn to for the right answers. People do not even ask their dentist for advise. This is surprising. How do you know what toothbrush to pick up from the supermarket? Most of us heed and succumb to THE most creative ads. We need to do our own research just like how we do when we are in the market to purchase new appliances. For heaven’s sake, it’s a just a toothbrush. But picking the right toothbrush based on your condition is important in it’s selection. Toothbrushes come in various sizes, shapes, colors, textures and even have  detailing on them. All these are being promoted to you thru carefully designed ads to facilitate a sale. After all it’s a business World that we live in. As a consumer we need to be educated or get educated.

how to choose the ideal toothbrush

Tooth brushes are available in the open market and are labelled by the texture of their bristles- Soft, Medium or Hard. Maybe there’s even an extra-soft for 0.30 cents more. Just kidding. The bristles are designed to have access to the inter-dental space, that’s the space which exists in between the teeth. They are also rounded to prevent any laceration. Some bristle position is designed to tackle areas below the gum line to a certain degree. Most tooth brushes have plastic or nylon bristles. But what did they do before the invention of plastic. People used anything from horse hair to anything they could use to satisfy their purpose for brushing. The design of the toothbrush has not changed since their invention. All we are doing is adding on to new texture for added grip, wider handles for use by physically challenged patients and giving it all the right looks what people desire. Most toothbrushes that are available today are safe to use with the exception of very cheap ones.

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Tooth brushes do not last a life time of use and is not meant to last that long. Our tooth and our oral cavity is stocked with both good and harmful bacteria. This is carried on over to the toothbrush as well. So never use someone else’s toothbrush for hygienic reasons. Rarely we hear of such instances in the tabloids. But it’s not recommended. Toothbrushes do have their share of wear and tear. This depends on the amount of force which is applied to it, the direction of force, the durability of its bristles and maybe even the angulation of teeth and it’s position in the jaw. Most teeth brushes last a very long time. But it does not mean they we need to hold them near and dear to us because of their durability. They have high concentrations of bacteria in them. Tooth brushes are recommended to be changed once every 3 months. Once a month is even better, only if they are changed for hygienic reasons and not for hard brushing. Most people are hard brushers. So the trend of toothbrush wear happens within just a few weeks of initial use. This is not good. They need to soften up on their hands. This encourages them to brush hard. Moreover the technique of brushing also plays a major role in how long a toothbrush lasts. We can also use environmentally friendly toothbrushes. By doing our part we can help preserve our environment as well. Imagine all 7 Billion of us dumping our toothbrushes each and every month. Where do you think all of this will end up in?

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  1. If your bristles sway within a month you are brushing too hard. Lighten up.
  2. Learn your brushing techniques.
  3. Ask you dentist and learn from him or her.
  4. Soft bristles may be better than hard ones. This may prevent damage to the tooth and gums.
  5. Use less force and move your brush in circles but gently.
  6. Advisable to change your toothbrush once every 3 months.
  7. After each use, wash it with water and let it air dry. Do not lay it on the ground.
  8. To avoid the risk of accumulation of bacteria from hotel bathrooms and other places, avoid using public toothbrush holders.
  9. Use the toothbrush that is designed to fit your needs.
  10. Dentist is your Oral Health partner. Discuss.
  11. Use environmentally friendly toothbrushes. Biodegradable ones would be even better.

The right toothbrush with the perfect bristles that is suited to your needs is what you need to get the job done. And to get it done right. Choose your new toothbrush wisely and discard the used ones timely. Most important of all set your clocks to make that change.









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