Are YOUR pockets deep? Dental wise.

Tooth pockets are inevitable as the severity of gum disease increases over time and are more commonly seen among any given population. Most of us have gum disease but are completely unaware of it. As long as it does not bother us, we continue to look the other way. Today we are living in the 21st century and I am very much surprised as a Healthcare Professional to see that the vast majority of the population in this World are still unaware of the importance of their own Dental Health. Their main concern seems to be to work for a living, spend their money on accumulating stuff and to go about living their daily life. No one has any interest in maintaining their dental or physical health. We see this in the increased incidence of Obesity all over the World. Even children are not spared. It is an epidemic on a major scale. Life will go on until the body starts to fight back. Just like your shirt pocket, our tooth also has a moat with a pocket around them. In some cases they are shallow and in others they are deep. We are able to clean the shallow pockets with ease but the deeper pockets are inaccessible to us. This can be cleaned only by a Dentist or a Hygienist. Specialized tools are used here.

Image result for shirt pocket

Oral Health has been on the sidelines for decades. Healthcare should not be a luxury but a need instead. Everyone needs to be well cared for, for a society to be healthy. When every citizen is well cared for Health wise, this brings down the cost. This only happens when we give importance to disease prevention than cure. This applies ultimately to the subject of individual Health. Do we care for our own bodies? Today healthcare is being treated as a commodity where the doctors are scrambling to fight for dollars and the patients are not getting the treatment they need. But the middleman seem to be the one benefiting most out of the whole drama and laughing all the way to the bank. No wonder we are shying away from disease prevention and  giving greater emphasis on treatment. Why are we not concentrating on getting to the root of the problem in the first place and why are we not focusing our efforts on prevention? Is it because there is no money in Prevention. It seems like it.

periodontal pockets in health and in disease

Dental diseases are preventable. But to prevent a disease, it requires constant maintenance just like a car. Imagine running a brand new car for years without its periodic oil change and failing to adhere to its maintenance schedule. This is exactly what we are doing to ourselves and our bodies. We are completely neglecting it.

Each tooth is suspended in it’s own socket surrounded by the jaw bone. The accumulation of both plaque and tartar do have detrimental effects on this supporting bone. The bone actually resorbs from the bacterial toxins. This may lead to tooth mobility and subsequent bone loss, both of which are completely preventable. This is only if the condition is diagnosed early enough. The deeper the pockets its very hard to maintain them on a daily basis. Also food debris and plaque that accumulates in it stays within its walls. This promotes bacterial activity and brings about the severity  in periodontal disease. The symptoms associated with it starts appearing such as bad breath, tartar accumulation, bone loss, tooth mobility, painful bleeding gums, and ultimately tooth loss.

infected gums

Imagine a deep well. Everything goes in but It’s very hard to get anything out. Everything settles to the bottom and the longer it sits,  it may even cause abscesses. This is usually a collection of pus, a characteristic to the advanced stage the disease is in. Once the disease progresses, the infection travels through the blood stream to other parts of the body including the heart. The solution is to get the debris cleaned, infection cleared by scaling or by surgical means. Either we make the pocket shallow by bringing it to heath or by bring the walls down to shallow the pocket through bone contouring. This will help in easing the disease and also to sustain continued maintenance on a preventive basis. The better of all is to prevent periodontal disease in the first place starting with gingivitis. This is BEFORE it starts. By doing this we can avoid going through the procedure, the pain associated with ii and of course the cost for surgery and subsequent maintenance visits which are usually recurring costs. Gingivitis is the first stage of the disease. All we need to do is to get our teeth maintained every 3 months by our dentist. Make your appointment today.

So let’s get going on the path to prevention. Pockets are not good for your teeth nor your gums. Neither does it do any good to your wallet. Follow the preventive path by partnering with your Dentist. Prevention is cheaper, faster and painless. You may even start enjoying your preventive dental visits.


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