Where are we running TO and from? We are living on the surface of a tiny pebble in the total darkness of space. Our individual Life is dictated by the sun and ourselves. The rest is just routine which we have created for ourselves. This artificial World, materialism, bonds, experiences etc are only add ons. We are running from point A to point B and back throughout our lives with no destination in mind. In fact we are running and running, trading our Life TIME on this Earth in order to follow Money. In the process we are forgetting to live Life which is the main reason we are put up here. We have forgotten what nature intended us to do and we are following an artificial path to no where. What is our goal in life and what is the purpose of our existence? These are the two most important questions which we must ask ourselves. Do you know the answers to these questions?

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Haste makes waste. But haste without a meaning does no good. Acting busy does not mean we are accomplishing something. We have been taught and conditioned to follow the crowd. This is how we came about following the 9-5 job schedule. When the Sun is out we are in. And at night we are indoors as well. So when are we going to admire and enjoy what nature has to offer? When are we going to travel, meet people, eat different foods, learn about cultures, speak languages and see places by admiring the sights and sounds. We do not have much time.We all commute at the same exact time both in the morning and in the evening leading to chaos, confusion, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, Health issues and of course bumper to bumper traffic jams. Add wasted time to that list as well. And sadly this routine is continued throughout our lives. The World population is not helping it either. It is growing by the minute with more and more planes, trains, ships and automobiles. We seem to be valuing Money more than time. Time is finite and cannot be bought.

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When we were young we see that OUR time goes on for ever. Now as we age, we see that the SAME time is ticking much more faster than we had previously thought  and experienced as a child. TIME is also an experience in itself. Our time is very limited. Each second counts. Does not matter how long we live, what does matter is what have we done with our time here on Earth. If making money, collecting stuff and paying bills is all what we are living for, our Life will shift to the fast lane towards hastened Life and hastened aging associated with dwindling health.

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It seems like everyone is in a hurry. Hurry doing what? The time of Life starts ticking the day we are born and ends when our heart stops. This is all the time we have got, Not a second more and not less. We did not know when we will born nor will we ever know the exit plan of ours. Our cells propagates continuously throughout Life. So age is a relative term. Our time clock will Hasten when we add stress to the formula. This portion is so powerful that it will ultimately consume us in the process. So why are we hurrying and where are we heading? In the end, we all end up in the exact same place. So do something with your life which may include doing only what YOU love doing. Most of us are doing what someone else wants us to be doing, we seem to be living for the society and not for our selves and most people are doing what they do just to make money out it. This is a formula for a disaster waiting to happen. WE are the sole person responsible for our own lives. It’s not a blame game. Most people are passing through the journey of Life living other peoples dreams. We need to do what we love to do day in and day out, in our own terms. This is what Life is about. If we put brakes on the speed in Life’s journey a little we might enjoy it much more.

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Imagine that we are driving cross country. We can take the expressway and drive faster and see nothing for miles. OR we can take a scenic but the slow route. This will help us use the time in absorbing the scenery that unfolds before our eyes at each turn. This is what I call a Life that is well lived. Let’s hope all of us do take the scenic route and enjoy the journey at the same time. It’s not how fast we have reached the destination that is important, but having enjoyed the journey with each twist and turns is.

In life we are pushing ourselves to achieve more and more to look successful in the eyes of our society and our neighbors. But in the end the only person you have to answer to is YOU. Have you Lived your Life in the fast track or in the slow one so far. If so please check your speedometer to move forward to adjust your own speed and not at the speed at which society wants you to. In Life all of us travel at our own speed, so do not compare yourself to the person in the next lane. They all have their own destinations and their own rest stops planned along the way. And you have yours.


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