Our DARK Side!

Oh! Our other side. All we have to do is to look at the morning news. The dark side of someone somewhere is wide open for everyone to see. This is only a tiny fraction. Most of us are seen only in bright light, but when night falls we are shrouded in mystery and doubt. Just like a coin which has two sides, we do shine on one end and are rustic on the other. Everything in Life has its opposites. Day and night, light and dark, positive and negative, male and female, high and low, black and white are just a few worth mentioning. On the outlook everyone is on their best behavior and is putting their efforts to please everyone around them. Humans crave for attention for which we are wired for. To be accepted in society we are conditioned to look and act a certain way. When this becomes a forced behavior, the dark side of us submerges into the darkness. So what’s displayed in the spotlight is only the tip of the dark side. Like an iceberg most of this is engulfed in darkness deep underneath and into the abyss beneath the surface. All of us have a dark side to us and we Humans keep it to ourselves taking it to our graves. No one will ever know.

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Most people are charmed by the outer looks of a person, his or her smile, the way of dressing, the fashioned looks, the perfume, the mannerism and the outer beauty. This is what we are looking for in the modern society in which we live. This is what we expect to see in a dream partner of ours and they expect to see us the same light & with expectations in their own eyes. Of course we all want the best of the best. But who judges and defines the word “best”. My best looks may not be your best looks. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Does beauty lie hidden within us? Is this what everyone is searching for? Outer looks are just that. But to dig into the inner aspects of a person may require a life time. Humans are very complex beings with a complex mindset. May be it’s the sixth sense that is complicating everything. Animals do not share the same problem. They just eat, breed and then die. Our mind being so demanding, takes up so much energy than just, eat, breed and die. We want to make more money, live in luxury, and also live for eternity. So now we are digging into our dark side: the greedy side. We crave for more and more, bigger and better by demanding the best of the best that money can buy. So here money is the turning point in turning ourselves from light and towards darkness. Once we get into this paradise of darkness, deceit, deception, greed, envy, ego and lust, there is no turning back.

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We have been for ages chasing beautiful people with pretty faces and handsomely built bodies. We also desire to be like them in their looks, their style of walking, following their lifestyle and even training to talk like them. In the process we are taking on their identity as an impostor and losing our own identity, all at the same time. So perceived beauty has the power to change for the good or the bad. In some cases, it may even become detrimental to one self. Is this because we are never happy with ourselves, our looks and what not? The short answer is who cares. Just be who you are. Some people will love us or even hate us. BUT we cannot change ourselves in anyway to please others. Neither will they be able to do so to satisfy our expectation of them.

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Looks are very deceptive. A well dressed man or a woman may look very successful by displaying perceived wealth or status. But in reality, this individual may be heavily debt laden. Meanwhile a person dressed in ordinary clothes driving a normal car may be a millionaire many times over. Sometime we may even be seeing things unfold before us the way we are see it in real life without any distortions or with an illusion effect added to it. Character of  a person is what holds ground throughout a persons life. This displays to the World who he or she actually is. Ones Character may not change in a life time but some events may threaten making that change without which taking that journey through life would make it impossible. In such instances, people are forced to, against their wishes, adapt to the new path or vanish. This is a swim or sink situation. Dark forces are at play here. The dark side of that individual manipulates the inner consciousness in taking over the situation and making it work.

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Our character stands for who we are, where we came from, our upbringing, our honesty, integrity, self respect, respect for others, punctuality, dedication, sacrifices, and faith in ones self. Collectively this summarizes each of us as individuals. This is why recommendations and face to face interviews are very important in reading peoples minds and tiny clues that pop up out of the ordinary. We can hide all we want by applying make up, dressing in the most expensive clothes, eating the finest foods or even wearing a wig., But this will not change the character of a person. Within each of us as individuals, we will always remain who we are both inside and out. Most people do look and act very nice to the outside World during their entire life but when there is a churning dark side within themselves waiting to get out, this nice guy or gal outwardly look may not last that long. Something has to give and it comes out with a blast. Like I have always been saying: The dirt always surfaces.

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When this happens, trust gives way to doubt and suspicion. When trust is lost ALL is lost. It can never be regained to the original way it was. TRUST is very sacred. Trust takes years to make and a second to brake followed by a point of no return. This is how it is to be treasured. Sometimes we see people fighting for a few pennies. Relationship is worth much more and worth fighting for and not pennies. When we trust someone, we trust them we all our life secrets. When betrayal of that trust happens, the dark side of the affected individual takes shape and perpetuates by transformed emotions into toxic actions. Dark side of oneself stands as a plan B. It may even be in a survival mode for many. The dark side in each and everyone of us may be there for very purpose of self preservation. But all is not lost. Let’s focus on carrying ourselves well with our best looks, treating ourselves with little pleasures in Life, respecting and caring for everyone around us so we can transform our inner darkness into light. Once this light come out, it brightens others in our vicinity and it ripples outwards. It may even be contagious. Brighten up and leave your darkness behind.



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