Are we a DRUG Dependent society?

Yes, we very much are. We even have drugs to help us go to sleep and one to help us stay awake. We have two broad categories of drugs. One legal and other illegal. What is the fine line that divides them. What is the difference that stands out between them? Who says what is legal and what is illegal? Man makes the rules and breaks them based on his own convenience. May be it’s in the control of an Elite few. Many decades back the now legal drugs were also illegal such as marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. Are we in the grey scale here? All of us are looking to get one miracle pill to solve all our problems. There is no such thing. Stress does take a toll on our body. We have put ourselves into this mess, and we may need to find ourselves out of it by unwinding through the same path through which we got into it in the first place. This may be our only option without getting ourselves deeper and without swallowing a single pill.

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Nowadays we have a medication for everything from morning sickness to constipation. So we have artificially created a solution for everything we desire. If we have fever and wish to make it disappear we have an anti-pyretic drug to do just that. The same goes with all diseases and their associated symptoms. We are in fact focusing our attention in making the symptoms of these diseases disappear and not fighting the root cause. Symptoms are the way by which our body is telling us something and saying that something is wrong. Take care of me. Doctors go by way of presented symptoms to make a definitive diagnosis. Without a definitive diagnosis treating anything is like traveling to any unknown destination without a map. You know your body better than anyone else on the planet. So work with your doctor to decipher the code within your body in the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of that disease.

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We have drugs to induce vomiting, to stop vomiting, to stop diarrhea, to stop constipation, to soothe ulcers, to calm heartburn, to stop running nose, to induce labor, to anesthetize, to bring us back from anesthesia, to open up airways, to stop blood from clotting, one to relax, one to lift up our mood, and drugs to control certain diseases. This is a short list of drugs and the associated symptoms they work on to relieve them. Remember no drug is designed to cure any illness. If that was the case we would all be living disease free by now for our entire Lives. Drugs are like a subscription service or a gas tank in your car. They are designed to be refilled many many times to reap it’s full economic benefit during it’s lifetime. This is why we cannot live without both industries and both the drug and oil industries are thriving. They are not passing fads. They are here to stay. You purchase the car, the gas tank in your car comes with it. But in order to move the car, you need gasoline. And a lot of gallons during the entire life cycle of your car. Imagine the amount of gallons that this car consumes during its entire life time. We are only talking about just one car here. The same holds good for drugs. Once a person is on a drug, they are usually in it for a lifetime. If there is a cure for a disease why would we need to continue being dependent on these drugs? This is a cycle.

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In the market today especially in industrialized nations, we have only one option in terms of drug consumption. That is the so called modern pharmaceutical drugs. What about Homeopathic, or Ayurvedic drugs and other Eastern drugs? These drugs have been keeping our ancestors alive for centuries and generations before them. But this art of healing is starting to vanish due to the fact that there are myths floating around about it. Also there is only a handful of people well trained in it. Many others practice it with little knowledge on the subject. There goes the trust. Most people have been kept in the dark on these type of treatment options. Many do not even know that this class of drugs exists. These are never marketed to the public unlike the ones we see being marketed in the synthetic drug industry through ads. Why are we not aware that such options for treatment actually exists. Most of the drugs that fall into this natural class of drugs may have minimal to no side effects. On the other hand, our modern medications are full of them. With long term use there is a risk and a high incidence of addiction. Most natural cure drugs take much longer to heal, hence it’s advisable to use it in Chronic cases and in the treatment of select diseases. In case of acute illness and in emergencies, our modern medications do a phenomenal job in saving lives. So there is good and bad in each class of drugs. We need to weigh the risk verses the benefit, discuss them with our doctor before proceeding to gulp in these medications as prescribed.

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Drug allergies and drug abuse are also on the rise due to the popularity of recreational drugs. The sad part is it is much easier to get hold of a street drug when compared to a prescription drug. So In fact we are poisoning our society and it’s citizens. On average a senior takes at least 5 pills daily. Now when we ingest a pill, part of it is absorbed by the body at the cellular level and most of it is excreted through the urine and feces. Where does these excreta end up in? After it is being treated by water treatment plants along with all these toxic medications, it’s dumped right back to the natural water supply after labeling it safe to drink. Is this water really “safe” ? Would you drink it? So does the cycle of drugs continues to move forward. The fish in the water also takes in some of these medications and ultimately Humans consume that same fish. This comes back to us and attaches itself as part of our cells. So what goes around does come around, a full 360 degrees.

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All sorts of businesses have popped up around the business of drugs, both legal and illegal. Pharmacies, mega chain stores, rehabilitation centers for alcohol, drug addiction and drug dependence, etc plays a major role in treating these patients. All of which exists as a for – profit business entity and is treated as such. It all comes down to money. Starting from the drug manufactures, coming down the supply chain and winding in a pharmacy near your millions of people make a living selling drugs directly or indirectly. This applies to both legal and illegal drugs.

Why don’t we shift our focus to healthy living by eating right, and sleeping on time? It’s high time we do that. Just with a few adjustments in our lifestyle we can have the luxury of  staying away from these drugs and finding a new way to spend our hard earned money else where. When you find that place please let all of us know so that we can follow your lifestyle to healthy living.




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