The Art of LOST Communication.

Our current civilization was founded upon the very foundation of communication. Without communication we would have become extinct millions of years back. We need to communicate in order to do business, maintain friendships, run a family and to pass through life with minimal hitches. Communication is an art. Imagine a time when Mankind was basically struggling to put food on the table and spending most of their time & energy in finding a shelter. This might have been on top of their agenda for the day. Back then languages may have not come into being yet. Sign languages and cave paintings were the only modes of communication that could be used in a face to face situation. It could not be used in situations where someone was in danger at a distance.

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Strange Sounds such as yelling, crowing, whistling etc may have been used to communicate in such situations. There are many languages in the World today. Do we know what languages had existed back then that were in use but had gone to extinction today? We can only learn from ancient artifacts. Not until new languages have started popping up all over the World, did Man find himself a civilized way to communicate with each other. But even today we are in the same stage of our so called civilized life from where we had left off back in time. We have been spinning our wheels all these centuries, but it seems like we have not moved an inch. First came clay tablets, Papyrus leaves, then came the modern paper with the advent of the printing presses as different ways through which to communicate. Now came a time when we could communicate in silence without uttering a single sound through paper and pen. Also this written message could be sent thousands of miles to anyone anywhere in a faraway land. Once we started using our vocal cords to create sounds, we brought on the innovation in the creation of different languages. Even today it still puzzles me on how different languages have evolved over time in different parts of the World in the midst of war, barbarism and misery. It’s like trying to start a brand new language in the midst of our modern active and very busy lifestyle. We have so much in our mind. What would force someone today to create a new language which sustains itself for many future generations? Why have no other new languages evolved since that time? Do you see any new languages that are being molded TODAY? Think about it. In addition to these ancient languages, we also has many side dishes of varying dialects for each of those languages. Why did our ancestors feel the need to have much more dialects without just having one of those basic languages?

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Fast forward to today we are still communicating without the use of sounds through texting and emails. Our art of script writing and face to face direct vocal communication is becoming fast extinct. Back then handwriting had an importance in schools and in society. A person’s handwriting has some psychology to it and does determine the character and psyche of that person. Today most of us may not have a need to write with a pen on paper nor to read a physical book with the beauty of experience the texture,  feel, the sound of turning pages and the aroma of a new book. This is indeed a unique feeling. In the World of keyboards, tablets, dictation, voice recognition, Bio-metrics, facial recognition and smart phones, we hardly ever write the old fashioned way, with a PAPER and a PEN. During the earlier part of the century people wrote on paper with a feather dipped in ink. Now we do not even have to touch a thing. All we have to do is to speak and the computer types it for us through voice recognition and dictation software. Back then we had calculations done in our brains without the use of calculators. Today even calculators are becoming obsolete. We have started using our brains in unimaginable ways such as in social media. We are over saturated with information. This is information overload. What percentage of that information do we need to apply in real life. probably a small fraction. I predict that in a few decades from now we may not even find a need to think. Machines will think for us and do each and every task for us which we are currently doing manually. Robotics and Artificial intelligence will be taking over our lives. We are already seeing this emerge. Everything will be automated. Robots will be preparing food at home, flying cars and drones will be transporting us across the globe. Planes, trains, ships and automobiles may disappear leading to a self propelled economic climate. We may even find it difficult to lift a finger or do any work. Our mind may go into a state of trance. At some point we may need to start developing new languages to retrain our brain and to have it function once more. We may land back in 25000 B.C. Our cycle of evolution may start all over again from the era of the cave man.

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Just like science have revealed to us that there have been several reversal of poles, extremes of climatic variations over centuries, global famine, the rise and fall of civilization and even mass extinctions. I do believe that there may have been a time when a civilization just like ours may have existed. Not one but many. It may have been like a rags to riches story. Equating it to the life from the cave man to a wall street tycoon or an industrialist. Then may be one day the whole civilization had collapsed in a flash. Then the cycle may have been repeated many more times until now where we have been given the unique opportunity to live and populate this Planet. Think about it for a moment. We talk about our family- OUR FAMILY. Do we know who had existed back then from our family Tree just 4 centuries or 4 generations before us? We do not know and we may never know. So the family we know and have today is all what we have to call and label as “our family”. So all of us are living in the moment and in geological time scale our ENTIRE Life time is just a tiny blink. Millions of years before languages ever evolve, our ancestors may have even communicated quite differently possibly even through mind reading or visual communication.


We will never know what the future holds for us. All we have is today and we need to work with the languages that we have today. Unless we are all prepared to create a new language of our own in this modern World. I do not foresee this happening. Where ever we go today we see people glued to TV’s , smartphones, laptops, computers and other gizmos. The art of face to face communication, business handshakes, friendly hugs etc is fast disappearing. We are losing the power of speech and the power to speak. We have so many languages to learn but have NO Time. We are all busy doing what? When was the last time you have communicated with each other between family or even had dinner together? Dinner is the time to wind down the day and begin the next day energized. We have no time to talk in the morning. But what about in the evening? Kids hardly ever talk to their parents today. They have virtual friends all over the World and no real friends like we had back then. Art of friendship is also dwindling away.

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To pass through Life communication in one form or other is very essential in today’s business World. Also it plays a vital role in developing and sustaining any relationship including friendship. When we walk into a conference room today, every one is seated elbow to elbow deeply absorbed in their gadgets. We see no sign of face to face discussions like the good old times. We cannot read and learn everything from books or journals, even the internet. Some things could be learned only by interaction, and face to face communication. We have been created with a bunch of emotions and a super network of highways (our nervous system) to transport those senses to each and every part of our bodies. But are we using those emotions. Emotions are designed to be used and not suppressed. Suppressed emotions are emotions that are held back. At some point it will build up pressure and may explode. Humans are very emotional people but it’s very sad to see that we do not express our emotions openly and with trust because trust do not exist in our society today. We also have learned to suppress them very well. We are communicating very well virtually to strangers. We have devoted our time at least 4-6 hours a day to do so, but we have not spent any for our family nor for ourselves. We are communication well to the Whole World but communication within the personal space seems to be fading out even within most families. Everyone seems to be and wanting to be minding their own business and seems to be at peace within their own private space. Are we going to go back to our roots? We may be even be starting back from the big bang all over again. May be it’s high time to create a new language. Maybe even JUST ONE common language, so as to just talk to each other without any conditions or reservations. Just to Talk. Is communication that difficult?

All we need to do is TALK. Trust paves the way. Just follow it.


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