Why do we WORK ?

Are we born to Work?  Looks like it. Are we designed to work? Can our body handle it? Most of us are working just to pay the bills. We get up in the morning, run our routine and commute to and from work each day without fail. In most cases this continues throughout our lives. But the question is how many of us go to work voluntarily and do it with a passion. Probably a fraction of us. Are we doing it for the sake of doing it just because everyone is doing it because it’s considered the norm? Are we following the herd? We are indeed. We are in fact following 3/4 of the World’s population in performing this daily ritual. Is this the purpose of our lives?

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Our society has laid the ground work for us to follow along with it’s blue print. This system is to be followed if we wish to survive in this society of ours. We are in fact forced to follow whether we like it or not. Our grandparents, parents and everyone we know had done it before us and now the ball is in our court to continue to do the same. In the end, It comes down to money and economics. The financial system is a system designed to dominate and enslave all. This was presented do us during the beginning of the industrial era and it continues to be followed to this day. Modern Humans are kept in this loop of income, expenditure and tons of debt. We have been and are continuing to enslave ourselves through over consumption of stuff. How many of us know why most of us are working a 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM job? We don’t. No one has told us to follow the system, but we have subconsciously got on the treadmill willingly under no duress.  But our parents have told us to study well, get a job and continue working till we die. We then pass it on to future generations. Did the past generations before us follow this? What about the generations who lived just 300 years back? The answer is NO. They lived their lives in their own terms. Today we are living our lives on someone else terms and each of us are being manipulated by a virtual arm with all it’s rules, regulations and restrictions. Failure to follow usually pinches us and our wallet.

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Modernization under the label of a modern society brings with it certain changes, some of which are good and some others detrimental to it’s citizens. Most people are enslaved throughout their lives and a select few benefit from exploiting them. The vast majority of the World’s population live in emerging countries where Money, power and politics is the name of the game with rampant corruption and a broken legal system. The common man always seem to suffer. He or she has to put food on the table. So they are forced to work many hours in unsafe conditions and often underpaid. People have forced themselves to do all kinds of jobs just to earn a buck or two. Many do it unwillingly and are mostly being exploited. To complicate matters many of them are uneducated, unskilled, have large families and are poor. This is a perfect recipe for getting exploited. Back in the 60’s one parent was the breadwinner and the other took care of the family. Today both parents are forced to work for financial reasons to maintain the same lifestyle which their parents had many years before them. So we are in fact forcing ourselves to work until illness or death comes our way.

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Work in any shape or form is very healthy and is a must for any individual. Education is and has been the key to success in life and is considered to be the definition of success in society. At least it is considered so. Today education has become a big business. Tuition rates are skyrocketing year over year in most educational institutions. So affordability is an issue for many.  Education is still considered the foundation for life and is accepted as such by society. Without an education we will see ourselves completely sidetracked and heading towards poverty. Having an education is not a golden ticket either. A degree is just a piece of paper. What we do with it is what matters. A degree is just a license to pursue what we are trained for. After education come work. With work comes money. In the end it comes down to how much can we earn and how fast can we earn it.

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If money is the bottom line, why do we spend exorbitant sums of money and continue to spend vast amounts of time on education. Because this is considered to be the norm. On the other hand, if we were to save both time and money to be dedicated on education and to use it by focusing our efforts in starting a business early on in our life? What will be it’s outcome?  With or without education there are no guarantees. Without an education society treats us differently and we may be living our lives at the mercy of society. The other option would be to go with the flow. So we are forced to join in and follow the person in front of us with a herd mentality. I would have considered diving in much earlier in life to be a financial literate. With the high cost of education, the practical approach to life may be more suiting.

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Would you consider yourself overworked or under worked? In most cases both extremes are unhealthy. Over working leads to many health issues including burnout. Under working leads to boredom, obesity and what not. Many countries have very strong work ethics and follow a very strict work schedule with tighter budget and shorter deadlines. This puts pressure on the workers to perform or else pack up and leave. Health issues are on the rise all across the World. Competition is very healthy but only if it’s healthy. Otherwise the whole society suffers and pays for the same. A country’s pulse is measured by it’s GDP (gross domestic Product) and a company’s Life is measured by the profit it makes year over year. To satisfy the top tier the bottom rung pays the price. Families are broken, health is sacrificed, kids grow up unsupervised, financial problems abound and happiness non existent. Is this what we want from life? So balancing life is the key here. This requires extensive knowledge on time management, having the right financial education and careful planning to go with it. Without which we are sure to be lost.

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Financial education is lacking in almost all countries. We were taught to study hard focusing just on grades. All of us seem to be book smart but not street smart. Even today this same trend is continuing and often along the same old beaten path. Nothing seem to have changed. But we need to step up our own actions to plan well ahead and create our own path to success. Without which we will be just one in 7 Billion and we will be just part of the same crowd heading in the same direction. Now we have a choice to make here. Either we could follow the crowd and be part of it or we could slip away by creating our own path.





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