OVER CONSUMPTION: It’s effect on us.

We are THE massive consumers of stuff. Mostly unwanted. Just look at plastics for instance. We see it everywhere right before our eyes, from our toys to our cars. It has even entered the kitchen space because we have allowed it to. Food and petroleum derivatives do not mix. Each and every container in our pantry that holds food is made of this. Back then glass bottles were the norm, today these have substituted them because plastics are durable, cheap, light and in abundance. But keep in mind that it is made of toxins. It can also be molded into any shape or form for pennies on the dollar. For this reason we have learned to look the other way and have accepted it even though it is poison. Glass too is cheap, clean and healthy but it is heavy and breakable. Like always we want to have our way, the easy way. So our environment is taking the BIG hit, not just for now but for generations to come. Remember cheap is expensive.

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We also know that it’s very easy to overspend with a credit card than when using cash, because we will see and fell the pinch all at the same time we are making that purchase. This is why we many of us are deep in debt. Most may even never come out of that downward spiral. It sucks you in like a whirlpool. So the key here is for us to prove to ourselves of being responsible for our spending and paying it back before the interests starts kicking in the double digits. If we are willing to pay such high interests back, we might as well roll down the window and throw the money out. It does us no good but it definitely helps someone on the other side.

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Once the essentials of food, clothing and shelter are satisfied, everything else is in essence excess overkill. That’s why I quote: Too much of anything is poison. Today we are seeing that first hand. Instead of advancing in life we are retreating and moving backward primarily due to our over consumption. Just ask yourself, how many pairs of shoes or a belt does one need, for example. How many TV’s does one want in their own home? Of course we may need even more if we want to plan to live our lives around TV’s. Today satisfaction and happiness in life is at a record low at a time when we can get what ever we want just by punching in a few buttons on our phone or tablet. So is the spike in health issues, marriage problems, increasing debt, unsatisfied kids and very less time. We are running around without a definitive destination acting busy all day everyday. What ever happened to stop and smell the roses. Today we do not stop not have we ever smelled the roses. During this endless cycle of running back and forth, we have indeed forgotten to live Life.

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We are in fact racing against the clock each second of each day. This may lead us to have anxiety, panic attacks and a boatload of other illnesses. We want it all but have very less time to acquire what we desire. With desire comes greed. And greed is contagious and addictive. Money does bring out the best in us and also the worst in us. We see this happening everyday all around us in the news and within the neighborhoods in which we live. Violence is at an all time high throughout the World. Everyone want something for nothing. FREE is also a very compelling word which demands immediate attention and it gets it. FREE is also very attractive. It’s actually a bait to reel you in to purchase a big ticket item. This is consumerism at its best.

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Over production, over consumption, over pollution, over population, over fishing, over eating, over dosing, and going over board with everything else is the price we are paying for all the things we do. We call our civilization advanced. We also call ourselves innovative. Why bother about hose, when we are seeing Health problems at an all time high, Lack of healthcare access to most people at an all time high, Cost to seeing a doctor at an all time high, Preventive healthcare NON-EXISTENT, healthcare profits are at an all time high, Happiness at an all time low, debt at an all time high, Personal job satisfaction at an all time low, consumption at an all time high, divorce rate skyrocketing, Corruption has become very common, Financial problems at an all time high, Financial literacy at an all time low, over consumption and overdosing on medications at an all time high, population booming at an alarming rate, depletion of water resources at an alarming rate, ever increasing pollution, rapid deforestation, ever increasing natural disasters, ever increasing violence, war and other conflicts.

The less we know, the more someone benefits. Remember this.

These scenarios that are playing out each and everyday across the World is very shocking and at the same time very alarming. And we call ourselves civilized and technologically advanced? Each of us are going about our daily lives as if nothing is happening around us. To complicate matters even more, we are all forced to chase money in order to JUST survive. It’s us who have created this financial system. Maybe we could take money out of the equation and start bartering our goods and services like the good old times.

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Instant gratification is also the new buzzword. We also want to have the latest fast cars, the latest electronic gadgets, expensive foods, Larger mansions, private jets, off road ATV’s etc etc. The consequence of all of the above leads to massive pollution and the destruction of our forests. The more we consume the more we are contributing to pollution either directly or indirectly. We also want to pay next to nothing for imported products, so someone some where is getting paid a few cents on the dollar. We are also looking for throw away products to be used one time only. This leads to bigger and bigger landfills. Once that gets filled we can start dumping into our oceans. This seems to be the way we are heading towards. Is this what we want?

Social media has connected people, mended broken relationships, found lost ones, created new friendships and made the world come together to fit in the palm of your hands or even on the tip of your fingers. On the dark side, it has broken relationships, friendships, created envy, increased the concept of comparison shopping, developed hatred, jealousy and even enabling people to compare themselves with the Joneses. This has increased the incidence of depression, stress, and anxiety among the population in addition to other detrimental effects to ones health. It all comes down to consumption and a whole lot of it.

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We need to learn the difference between needs and wants in life, learn to be financially literate, learn to handle debt whether it is good or the bad ones and also learn to live frugally. Invest in your health not on your car. Your car is not an asset but it is a necessity. But you will need to keep your car in top shape to take you from point A to point B. Cars can be replaced with new ones, but YOU cannot be. Because there is only ONE. And that’s YOU. That’s a huge difference right there. Today we see people buffing up their car at a car wash twice a week meanwhile their front teeth are in sheer ruins and their overall Health questionable. Learn to prioritize your life. Differentiate between what is important to you and what is not. Let go of the materialistic stuff to lighten up you life and your wallet. Simplify your life. Stay connected with family and friends. Have a good time. Because we will never know when our time will be up.





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