MASK and the face behind it.

Humans are very emotional social beings. Having wired with intense emotions, we actively seek companionship and attention. Each of us are also equipped with two faces. The first one is the one which we display to the World and the other one is the REAL one which lay hidden deep beneath us. Do we know who is behind that mask? Someone you know? Maybe not. We are all well molded and designed to love and be loved as well. But in a World where each and everyone is trying to topple the person next to them and survive for himself or herself is a feat in itself, when we consider the entire World’s population of 7 Billion which is growing stronger by the minute. Now the question arises: How did we as the Human species survive so long in spite of us pulling each others legs. In order to survive today, Humans have resorted to, forced to beg, borrow or steal amidst this vast flood of Humanity. Only the person with two faces or two masks seem to survive. In order to float we need to propel ourselves forward against the ocean currents to take that all important breath of air. If we don’t put in that effort in fighting that competition we will sink and our voice will drown with it in this vast ocean sounds. So the person with the loudest voice may be heard.

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Life is full of ups and downs signifying happiness and hardships without which it would merely denote a flat line, meaning there is no pulse to life. So it’s good to have a mix of mountains and valleys in order to appreciate the ride along our journey through life. We have all got our tickets and boarded the same train. The train does stop en route along different stations where people do get off and on from the same compartment we are in. These are our family and friends. Some people will like us, some will hate us, for some it is love at first sight, and many others we may never connect, some we may say hi and bye, some stick with us along thick and thin, some will use us and then dump us at a time when we need them the most, some we can trust and many we cannot, some build deep relationship and others just superficial ones.

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So we meet different people with their own set of characters and personalities. We cannot and should not blame any one of them. They are who they are and we are who we are. We can only change ourselves AND we cannot force anyone to change or mend their ways for us. This is US. We all are unique and at the same time different in our own ways. This is what sets us apart from each of us. Imagine, what if we all looked exactly the same, ate the same food, spoke the same language and every country we travel to looked exactly the same. There is no variety in this scenario of life, so why bother to travel in the first place. Traveling opens up our mind, helps us in appreciating other cultures, respecting their differences and helps us in learning what we may never ever learn from books.

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With these many Human personalities, there is no way we can cope up with having just one mask. So nature has provided us with two. We may even have two faces and be happy with just ONE mask. One for personal use which is to be used within our personal space and the other to be displayed with pride in the public domain on an open source platform. As emotional beings, at times we do showcase our emotions and at time we have learned to suppress them. Women do display their emotions openly but men do just the opposite.They are thickheaded in this aspect. They withhold their emotions inside them in public and vent it out in their private arena. We also see the two sides of a person in situations such as friendship. Friendship, like any relationship must be a two way street filled with open communication, complete trust and innocent openness. Only this type of friendship will survive in the long run. Just having a friend for the sake of having one is meaningless. In the social media arena, most people have thousands of virtual friends Worldwide but may have no real friend to call upon at times of need.

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Holding on to and proudly displaying your real face will bring true meaning to your life and in the lives of people closest to you. Without which, in the end you life may end up having lived with no meaning at all. It will also mean than you have not even lived your REAL Life. at all. If we are always displaying our fake face throughout our lives, when are we going to bring out your real face, the real you and display it with pride. Our Life time on this Earth is minuscule when compared to the Geological time line. We have only ONE chance in our lifetime to live out our life. We shouldn’t be living our life on someone Else’s terms. Would they live their life on our terms? I don’t think so. So back off. Let them live their life on their terms and we will live life on ours. I think this is fair to both parties.

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Now we have come to the point where jealousy, greed, deception, betrayal, lust, ego, fantasy, hatred, anger, etc have deep control over our body. All that is left to do is for our body to apply it in real life to appropriate situations along with the right mask that suits that occasion. Many people face many difficulties through out their lives, some due to their fault and many not theirs. But in the end they need to hold their ground and tackle those problems. They need to first learn to own that problem, then recognize that they have the problem and then thirdly they need to figure out on how to solve them . They should not be in a situation where they are forced to switch between their masks and their faces in order to buy time in trying to iron out that specific situation. In this case they need to tackle their problems head on with their real face.

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Changing masks that stands for between good and evil based on the situation or circumstance is not a good idea. Because the dirt will always surface. So we should try to not to hide the dirt within us and try not to carry it within ourselves throughout our lives. The best part of it is to not carry it all in the first place. We will then have the satisfaction of having lived an authentic life, lived with pride, a life filled with happiness, openness, and with a clear conscience, lived with honesty, having hurt no body and having lived a life filled with a purpose, our inner purpose. By living as such, in the end we will need to answer to no body but only to ourselves. As long as our heart and our hands are not dirty, we will not find the need to changes masks frequently not to have extraordinary memory. You know what I mean. By living our life filled with simplicity and serving as a model to others, who in the future may need a mask or two. In the future someone in our future generation might ask : What is a mask anyway?


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