Fear of the UNKNOWN.

All of have some fears and no one is immune from this fear factor. Some fears are known to us but many are unknown to us. Back then we had feared lighting and thunder. Once the science of these came into being we have learned to understand them and have thus conquered those fears. Fear is what motivates us to keep going. It is a basic survival tactic that is instilled in each and everyone of us without which we may not have lasted a day beyond our birth.

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We know that lions, tigers, pythons, crocodiles, elephants, hippos, sharks etc are built to attack, disable or even kill. Many of them are extremely territorial. But with our 100,000 plus years of experience and history behind us, it has been shown that they are extremely dangerous and even today we fear them. But we have in essence become our own enemies. Our intellect has been given to us or use in creation but in turn we have been leaving a trail of destruction where ever we go. We have destroyed the ecosystem and everything that goes with it. Whom do you fear the most even today? It’s not a member of another species, it’s our own that we fear the most. We are a very unpredictable species. Wish we could read minds. We are supposedly THE apex predator who rules the land and who is continuing to be responsible for many extinctions throughout our tiny Planet.

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Fear is always accompanied by curiosity. We fear many things but the instinct of inquisitiveness takes over propelling ourselves towards danger with the intent to satisfy our curiosity. We as a species always want to conquer the unknown and satisfy our curiosity. People have crossed oceans, dived to the depths, shot themselves into space, explored the unexplored,  are continuing to touch the untouched and are looking forward to seeing the unseen. This is what makes us HUMAN. Without fear nothing is possible. All inventions were made out of necessity. If we had feared fear itself we would still be living inside a closet even today in complete isolation and darkness. Fear would still be keeping us at bay from achieving what we had set out to achieve. So the emotion of fear is good in some cases and not so good in others.

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Fear is good when it helps us to run away from danger by pumping in adrenaline as seen in a fight or flight response. This is self-preservation at work. Fear also works against us in some cases such as in public speaking, presenting an important paper etc. Fear also plays an important role in decreasing our exposure to certain situations. In certain cases, our instincts do kick in as well to keep us around.  Without fear, new lands could not have been discovered, or newer means of energy been tapped. Fear manifests within us by altering our physiological functions temporarily to put us in that alert mode, alerting all our senses and doing everything to keep us alive. It is doing it’s job. But are we?

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Now lets dissect the fear of the unknown. There is a fear that comes out from within us  in anything that we do that has not been done by us before. So we have never been exposed to this particular activity or even. So it makes us very uncomfortable and becomes a very hard pill to swallow. Our blood pressure shoots up, panic sets in, we have difficulty breathing, our anxiety increases, muscles tighten up, sweating appears and we become tense. Everything we do always starts with the first step. Without this step we are going no where. All of us have starting trouble in anything that we want to initiate and do. All we have to do to get started is to put one feet in front of the other and walk. As we walk a few steps we start lightening us, our confidence improves, anxiety vanishes and at one point we will have the determination and audacity to achieve anything we want to. So the first step is ALWAYS the hardest. The rest will follow without thinking.

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Fearing fear in itself is always scary. Most of the time our imagination does give fear a boost in accomplishing it’s task, which is to magnify fear. Fear of failure is THE most common of all fears that a man or a woman faces in their day to day life. We are taught to fear everything from an early age. So we have been conditioned to fear, fear itself. without any logic attached to it. Is it to protect ourselves from doing anything that would put us in harms way? If there was fear in every thing we do, we would not be able to pursue and complete anything in our lives. So in life we do need to take calculated risks and chances in order to succeed. If we put ourselves within our bubble or comfort zone, we will for sure stay safe but our opportunities will be limited to that very perimeter. There are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee we have is that anyone can try. Most people who do try fail, with only a small fraction who will celebrate their success. Failure is inevitable in anything that we do, but it is within our grasp to replace it with success.

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Fear and failure go hand in hand. Each of them play an important milestone in our path to success. We will never ever see success without facing multiple failures and learning from each of them. Each time we fail we learn will something from it. We also need to learn to get up each and every time that we fall. There is no self pity here. We need to get up on our own and move on forward with belief in yourself, determination, persistence, perseverance and passion. If we fail, we have learned a thing or two. But if we have succeeded, we could keep repeating it. Even better is to teach others in becoming successful as well. They could learn from our mistakes and vice versa. It would be a learning experience to both. There would be no winners nor losers. This is what makes us HUMAN. Without passion anything we do will come to a screeching halt within a short time after we have started our journey. With passion, the journey becomes smooth with no headwinds and is certain to succeed. So lets face our fears, conquer them and move forward in our quest for success. Always remember, never ever give up.




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