WASTED energy.

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We eat food each and everyday in order to survive. We need energy in order to function and that energy comes from the food we eat. So are we using that energy wisely or are we letting it go a waste? We are burning the energy in whatever activities that we are choosing to perform. This energy is being burned first and foremost by the body in sustaining itself, secondly, it helps in maintaining the vital functions of the body and in keeping us alive. The rest of the energy is to be used at our discretion. So how are we using it? Are we managing that daily ration of energy wisely?

Like time energy too need to be respected and treated as such. They demand importance and ask to be valued. Once the stored energy is expended, it’s back to square one. When its time to fill the tank so as to speak, it will pinch your pocket because energy costs money. And this pinch will hurt. To get energy we Humans depend on food from all corners of the Globe. Today this is not a major feat at all. With Globalization we can eat any food that we desire. All we have to do is click a few buttons and it will be delivered to our doorstep.  But it needs us to open our wallets. It takes energy to get energy.

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Farmers work hard on their fields to grow the crops which in turn gives us the energy to move on. But to grow these crops there is mechanical energy being sacrificed by these farmers, energy from the sun or from the ground are being exploited to run the machines and oil energy in some form or other is tapped into, to bring this food item to our table. So from farm to our table considerable energy and natural resources are being exploited so we can have food to eat. Food has become so cheap these days that we do not value it all or even undervalue it. Food wastage has become a major problem Worldwide. Since food is dirt cheap, we are used to looking the other way. We would rather throw food out than give it away by helping someone somewhere. This is how the trend has been progressing. The outcome seems to be repeating itself for the past many decades and it does not seem to self correct. In short we are wasting energy in different forms in unimaginable ways through gross negligence, ignorance and sometimes knowingly.

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Now that we have the energy that is getting burned and utilized by our bodies, its time to put it to use. Automobiles also do burn energy and a lot of it every second. That’s Worldwide. We feed both Man and Machine with food and fuel to get the task at hand done. But have we ever thought about using these mechanical motions to tap into the energy which it is already producing by its very movement and to repeat the process indefinitely once the process has been originally initiated. All we need to do at this point is to give it that initial push. For example when we are walking we are burning fuel. This fuel gives us the result of locomotion for example through its energy expenditure. Instead of the mechanical output of this locomotion and to prevent the energy it outputs from going a waste, let’s use the energy to charge a battery or a charging device for purposes of storing it. It’s basically the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical. This could be modified and used in many applications by setting different parameters to enable and to bringing in the outcome which we desire.

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All of us walk or run daily. This is how we are designed to move from point A to B within our offices, at home or at the gym. As we walk our feet are in contact with the ground and this increases the friction between our feet, shoes and the ground. So it is in fact a serial network of a sequence of forces which produces the forward motion. We also need to factor in our weight and also consider the forces that are working against gravity. Once the feet contact the surface, there is a lot of mechanical force released in the form of potential energy. Currently we are losing out on those forces in order to generate energy which we could use in powering cities, charging batteries and to use our own power to run battery powered cars. This is the power of mechanical or kinetic energy at work. We could put it to work in stirs, sidewalks and jogging trails. In short we are taking in food to create energy, and then we are using this energy to power our body in order to have it function. Without food there is no energy input. Eventually the output does not fire. Body mechanics, our physiology and the laws of physics can come together in creating the tune of motion in order to transform it back into energy. So we can do our our part indirectly in contributing to society.

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Likewise we have byways, highways and millions of miles of open road. These incredibly large super network of roads are in my view being underutilized to tap in the required energy. This energy is currently being released by automobiles all over the World. There is friction at work where the tire meets the road. This generates heat, thrust and motion. This is a power source which we could use. Pavements could be transformed into energy generators.

Each of us are individual powerhouses. Using the interface to connect technology and the Human mind we may be well on our way to generating the power we need for our own use, using our own movements. Let’s leave nature alone to do it’s thing: To take care of all other fellow life forms who share the Planet with us. We have been given this incredible brain of our’s to be used. So let’s use it to power ourselves and to power the Whole planet with our own movements and from the movement of our own artificial creations.












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