BEATING the red light.

Red means stop. This is Universal and it represents danger. Color plays a major role in our lives. Anything and everything that we touch or do has a color to it. Without color we would be probably seeing the World around us in black and white or perhaps in shades of gray. Color coding has also become a part and parcel of our lives in helping us in simplify our lives and in making it much more efficient. Of all the colors Red stands out and it does wave the red flag. All bells and whistles follow alerting us of any possible danger ahead. But it is OUR thought process that must be triggered in order for us to follow the signs in avoiding that obstacle and to avoid putting ourselves in harms way.

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As we travel across the World, We see red everywhere alerting us with flashing lights, static signs, different markers and what have you. BUT are we making use of these signs and lights by following them? With technological advances comes increased speed and even possible increase in efficiency of these machines that propel us. But are the rules being followed for which they are designed for ? Rules are designed to keep us safe and also to keep everyone around us safe too. Are we cutting corners to save a second or two? Are we cutting a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign? Why are we always in a rush? Couldn’t we start 5 minutes earlier? Why do we wait till the last minute to do something which in turn increases our stress levels ? Are we trying to beat the clock?

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Why aren’t we stopping for a red light and sometimes even trying to beat it? This seems to be all too familiar these days. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere and they want to reach their destination fast. So does the other person. Without these warning devices it will be total chaos. Thank goodness they are there for us. Imagine a World without them or imagine a World where no one follows any of the rules. It would be utter confusion and a disaster waiting to happen. So it is in our best interest and in the best interest of others around us to be considerate, polite and patient in order to help us all travel safely in the public highways, byways and country roads. Haste does make waste. Remember the story of tortoise and the hare.

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Penalties to braking the law are very severe in many countries. The penalties are usually financial. It does pinch our pockets. So that second we have tried to save may cost us our wallets. We are getting pinched where it hurts the most. It’s like kindergarten all over again. With cameras positioned all over the World at all major and minor intersections watching our every move it may help save someone somewhere with their lives. On the other hand it also hurts someone somewhere by pinching them where it hurts the most : Their wallets. This is to prevent History from repeating itself and to enable the entire system to rake in the money that it needs to keep the cycle going.

As technological breakthroughs are breaking ground so does speed. Speed has been increasing exponentially on the ground by the way of how we are carrying ourselves from one place to another. All the changes that we have been seeing have happened and is continuously happening for just within the past 150 years in our 100,000 years of know History. From what we know now, our mode of transport systems emerged from the humble horse and buggy to the Fighter jets that we are seeing today that have broken sound barriers. Also supersonic jets technology is being developed to fly even faster. One fine day we may be able to circle the Globe in just 5 hours non stop point to point. Now back on the ground, breakneck record speeds have also been broken. Now what? Are we on track to literally travel at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles (300,000 km) per second. This is speed of light in vacuum.

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If we are able to achieve that speed, we could travel to any distant galaxy and back during our Life time. Who knows we may even start colonizing other neighboring Planets in the next few decades. All we may need to do is to changes the current propulsion system to a light based one. Light based propulsion systems. This sound very intriguing and fascinating. Light travels unhindered through space and vacuum. Without light our entire Galaxy and other far off Galaxies beyond us would be in total darkness. This would also stop the entire cycle of the birth and death of starts, planets and even Vast galaxies. All of us have evolved from light right from the initial Big bang. We are also in fact made up of space debris. Our body’s composition resemble very close to that of Earth. Meaning all the elements that are in Earth are also within us.

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When we look at a traffic light there are three colors. In the past there were only two- Red and the Green. As the pace of transportation and with increasing speeds, yellow was introduced between those two colors. So now we have Red, Yellow and Green each of which signifies an action that is to be taken which also happens to be an universal rule. Red means stop, Yellow tells us to initiate the stoppling sequence and green stands to give us the go ahead. As speed increase seconds do count.With every passing second the danger that accompanies speed increases multi-fold. So it is best to curtail it by easing our foot off the accelerator and to by follow the signs and lights that are designed for us  keep us safe. Every second of each day someone somewhere is trying to beat the red light. Some do win but many lose. Many end up with life threatening injuries, get bedridden for life or even die. All they needed to do was to stop on red and move on green. It may have saved their life and may even have saved someone Else’s. Moreover, it also have cost them monetarily as well. If a second is that important to be saved, let’s start early, enjoy the journey by taking the scenic route and reach our destination in one piece.

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So the red light helps us put a brake on speed and helps us travel safely. Trying to save a second or two by cutting off an intersection may shave off a second or two but all it takes is one millisecond to change your life for ever. It may put us in a hospital or in a grave. In doing so we are also putting others in danger. How much is that one second wait worth? Is it worth your life or someones whom you may or may not know?



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