A World without BARRIERS.

Imagine walking into another country as thought they were your neighbors house. No Visa required and no questions asked. One Happy World with no borders and no boundaries, You walk in unannounced, everyone is family, no formalities, everyone knows everyone, you eat from the same plate, and drink from the same cup etc. Imagine that. One currency for the entire World. Wouldn’t that be convenient for all of us when we are traveling to far off places. We have learned to complicate our own lives by ripping into every aspect of it . The word complicated is designed on purpose to benefit only an Elite few and to leave the masses suffering. Instead of simplifying our Lives instead, We have chosen to further divide ourselves within our own homes too. Our homes have so many rooms each equipped with its own doors and windows to keep ourselves off. These are mostly kept shut at all times. All of us have in fact become prisoners within our own homes. These days we even need permission to enter our own kids rooms or even find the need to make an appointment well ahead of time to meet with our own neighbor. Are you kidding me? Is this a modern joke?

Chain link security fence with multiple rows of concertina razor wire.

When we travel we have other barriers to deal with; such us road blockades, check points, walls and fortifications. Most of them are heavily armed as well to keep our own Species off limits and at bay. We have further divided ourselves into many countries, states, townships, municipalities. All of these are visible barriers sometimes further divisible by natural ones such as tall mountains, deep valleys, gorges, rivers, lakes or even a very large body of water. Then there are many invisible barriers. We have in fact become MASTER DIVIDERS. We have divided ourselves again based on color, income, wealth, sex, cast, creed, religion, social status, and power. The land we sit on are also divided and subdivided in various tax maps using various survey lines and markers. Remember trees do not pay taxes but lands do. So guess who stays. We can go on and on with our imaginary lines and their respective places on the grid and in our society.

Image result for us mexico border checkpost

In the process of division, we are also isolating ourselves from others. This may be for various reasons including self preservation. It could also be called as starvation amidst plenty. By isolation, we are depriving ourselves of outside information, knowledge and social connections. We are a social species designed to fire up our neurons, learn and achieve. But not on our own. We need to connect, learn on our own and from others as well. Two minds are always better than one. Most people are highly reluctant to share their known knowledge with others. They usually end up taking it to their grave telling no one about it. When knowledge is shared between two parties, both parties get a chance to learn from each other and propagate that knowledge. When we share or give something to someone, it gives us the immense satisfaction of giving and when then knowledge is seen put to work by that recipient and we hear of his or her success, this feeling is far beyond description and cannot be put into words. Sharing also helps us to view it from a different angle. No man knows everything. It’s just impossible. We just cannot afford to sit isolated and lock ourselves in a closet by creating barriers between us. If we spend more of our time joining hands rather than spending the time dividing ourselves, we would ALL come out way ahead in all aspects of growth and development that may benefit each and everyone of us.

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It’s Just a few decades back when only the rich could afford to send their kids to College and give them a College education. Back then there were many barriers to entry whether is be for education or for a position of power. These were mainly financial barriers. With the advent of the internet anyone who can read or write gets to have free access to any information he or she desires to search for. Today colleges cater to all financial groups. It has become a BIG business along with the BIGGER LOANS. Are they worth it? Only a field test would prove its validity. Millennial today are weighing the risk verses benefits before embarking on their journey in search of knowledge and getting that coveted degree in a World class College setting. They also are speculating if this piece of paper will do what it says it will do. Many are looking years head and planning their move based on probability charts to see what is in store for them. Will they be facing more barriers to succeeding in the REAL World ? It looks like their list of barriers are growing rather than shrinking and they are keeping themselves smarter by staying one step ahead.

Image result for fort doors

It will be nice to cut down barriers, simplify our lives and move forward together to make our Planet a smoother place for all of us to live in harmony instead of having everyone jump through hoops and hurdles with the hope of having only the strong  survive and the weak to perish. There is enough room on this Planet for everyone and everyone deserves an equal chance in taking their best shot at Life. For they are all HUMANS first and we are HUMAN too. Anything less would be uncivilized.



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