Planting THE seed.

Anything that we see around us is in fact a product born out of an idea. It is someone else idea and also it’s their dream. For anyone to succeed they need to work for it. Work need to be filled with passion in order for it to have momentum and this is the fuel to sustain that momentum. Passion is also the driving force that propels it forward. Without passion it becomes just a job. Ideas are then put on paper, worked up on, refined, transformed, researched, finalized and then sent out to manufacture. In some cases ideas may need to be patented in order to protect its intellectual components and to monopolize its legal claims. This becomes an intellectual property in its own right. After crossing all the legal and manufacturing hurdles this product is brought into the market for the first time in order to monetize it.

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The entire process looks so simple from the outside as a layman. Without understanding the entire process from blueprint on paper to the shelves in the market, it is very difficult for a person to see the set of challenges, loops and hoops that need to be tackled before reaching the finish line. Looking at it from inside the box, it is in fact a very cumbersome, complex and a highly complicated journey into the unknown. Not everyone who enters will succeed and not all who succeed will make it for long either. But in order to win we must throw in the towel, take our best shot and wait and then wait and then wait………….. hoping for success to knock on our doors. There are no guarantees in life. All we can do is to try. If we do not try it is considered an automatic failure. No one is going to give us what we wish in a platter. No one. If you want to go and achieve some thing in Life, you will need to get up, go and get it yourself. This is reality and it is not a buffet table. We will need to work for each item on the buffet until we reach the pinnacle. Just planting a seed is not enough. It will need to be watered and nurtured until it bears fruit. First of all we need to initiating the planting of the seed even before planning to reap the harvest. Skipping steps does not yield the desired results. The seed comes before the plant, and the plant comes before the fruit and the fruit comes in the end which is the harvest. After all that sacrifice, hard work, effort and patience I am sure we will love this juicy fruit and accept it as the reward.

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This is a very uncertain path, a path filled with danger, of unknown outcome, expensive and the journey will seem to be endless at times, unless and until it hopefully bears fruit, years down the lane. Say we had made it to this milestone, there is plenty more job to be put into it for it to sustain that growth. It has started with one just one simple idea. This idea can also be compared to a seed and used as an analogy here to any business. This seed has been planted. It takes a lot of energy, dedication, sincerity, persevere and persistence to make it in this World of business. It is also not for the fainthearted.

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This seed may have to weather many more storms, face droughts, famine and floods. This may include lightning, fires, earthquakes, landslides and other natural calamities. In addition it is also not safe from many man made disasters such as wars, riots and street fights. This seed has to take a lot of beating in order to beat all the odds of survival. Many ideas are born each and every single day but the vast majority of them do not survive to see their one year anniversary. Many give up in the process for various reasons. Money is not the first reason to do so. People put in all they have got, but when adversity strikes they are under prepared they head right for the exits. To have this seed cross the finish line, there is a lot that need to be put in place for it to make it. Then there is an ongoing need to water this seed, fertilize it, provide it with ample light, humidity, temperature control and fertilizer.

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In Life each of us need to have our own goals and aspirations without which life may have no meaning at all. Human mind is very hard to be pleased. It does get bored very easily. To keep it from getting bored we need to keep feeding with hopefully good thoughts, the creative ones. When a mind gets idle, it starts getting polluted with wicked thoughts or even negative ones. So to keep it away from those, we need to fine tune our mind into firing on all cylinders at all times except during sleep. An idle mind is a devils workshop. All of us have head this expression. To keep it moving, we need to keep it engaged by engaging it to keep the thoughts going inside it. During our waking hours, our minds are very active both subconsciously and consciously. To keep us alive, all the involuntary functions of our body keep working behind the scenes. Out thoughts at the conscious level, are brought on by our voluntary processes of brain function. If we do not keep our brain active, it tends to lose its functional capacity and this may even affect the speed at which the transmissions within the brain travels by way of the brain signals.  Use it or lose it is the catchphrase here. In short we need to keep new seeds brewing from inside our brains that keep putting out new ideas. this may preserve the brain vitality and may even do something to fire up brain function.

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Keeping our brain active by actively reading, brainstorming and challenging ourselves each and every day will help us dig deep beneath ourselves in bringing out new ideas from within our depths. We may even be surprised to know that we had these ideas residing deep within us and did not even know that it has lived within us rent free all these years. It’s time to put it to work. Ideas do help us change our lives and in doing so it also helps us make change to those around us by our contribution to society by way of introducing new products that are useful to the masses, making their lives easier too. Hopefully all of us can sow many more seeds that are useful to Mankind than sowing the seeds to grow weeds which are useful to none. Select the seed that you wish to sow and make sure to select the one that is useful to you and to all those around you.


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