The importance of FAILURE.

Failure has always had a very bad reputation. It’s also something that all of us have been taught to view in a negative way. Our society embraces success and not failure for without failure there will never be any success stories. Failure always works behind the scenes in pitch darkness and in total silence. There has always been and there always will be ups and downs in life. This is life and we need to learn to accept it as a fact. If all that we see in life is success we may not value it as much. Success also do not teach us anything but failure does teach us something. Right from our birth we are in a constant fight to survive. It’s a battle between success and failure. In the REAL WORLD, for most of us failure is not an option. All of us to have to make it no matter what is thrown at us. Pivoting and changing our strategy based on the circumstance is also very essential to stay afloat. The only other option is to give up and sink.

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Each and everyone of us have had our own share of failures in the past. This will indeed serve as our personal encyclopedia for future reference should similar circumstances arise and this guide may tell us exactly on how to handle the situation this time around. When someone opens up a business there are no guarantees that come attached with it. It is like buying a property “AS-IS”. For the seller its hands off and for the buyer its all hands on deck. He or she has now taken over charge and is responsible to chart its course should that ship need to make it to port. Just like in life most people do give up when things start turning sour. Only the person who is passionate enough, persistent enough and the one who perseveres through the storm does make it to their destination. The others will perish. This is the harsh reality. Passion, persistence and Persistence may be THE keys to success. I call it the three P’s. All of us would do anything in our power to stay away from failure because we are not aware of it’s true potential. By tapping into this power, learning from it and applying it in the right situation may bring in the fruit of our dreams and the success that results from it.

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Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us want to display only our success but none of us are willing to showcase our failures.  Accepting and proudly displaying our failures tells a lot about us to the World on a positive note. A person who has failed multiple times, has multiple deep seated bruises in addition to having many virtual scars on his or her back, says a lot to me about this person. It tells me that he or she, has been there and done that. They have been back stabbed, blackmailed, cheated upon, fallen many times, pushed, shoved, cursed at, beaten and at times whipped. They may also have the battle scars to prove it. On the other hand a person who is seen only with success following him or her may have nothing to show for to the World except all the material things that money can buy. This is what is considered and continues to be accepted by society as the definition of success.

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So what is success? For many, in reality success is a moving target which is impossible to hit or achieve. For some success is all about money, for others it may be collecting all material “stuff” that can be bought and still for others it may be leading a life filled with inner peace, being with family and sharing their happiness. So the definition of success varies. Humans also have a nasty habit of comparing ourselves to others both at work or home. Each of us have been given an hourglass worth of time based on the geological time scale, which is in fact a fraction of a nanosecond in the vast space of time. During  this time period which also happens to be our LIFE TIME, we are taught to equate success with money. So with a herd mentality, all of us seem to be following and chasing it throughout our very short lives. In that process we are forgetting to do something. To LIVE LIFE. We should never be copying or following someone elses dream. Our clocks are set at birth. So each of us have our own individual track to follow. Some may reach their destination early while others may be slow and steady variety. In the end the destination for all of us remains the same. In the end it may not matter who had reached there first or the last. What matters is the Finish line. How many of us have made it and are ready to celebrate that moment of time to digest our success. Failure also makes us stronger with each fall.

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Life is not a race against time and against each other. Each of us need to set our own speed, calculate the distance, assess the wind direction and proceed to go towards achieving our individual goals. Life is a process. Throughout our lives we have good and bad experiences. But we never talk about them so others can learn from our mistakes so they do not have to make those same mistakes. Human mind is very complex mass. Our thought processes vary too. When we share what we know, people will benefit in some way or other and we will also feel good by unloading our burden on someone in a good way. This may even enlighten us under a new light. We need to share both our successes and failures with others so that all of us can learn from each others mistakes and triumphs. Without which each of us may be making the same mistakes over and over again within our own comfort zone. Since it is so comfortable up there we learn to hold our ground because it is safe over there. Once we come out of that bubble we may learn a thing or two from others which may benefit us.

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Failure teaches us something that success don’t. We may fall many times over the course of conducting a business. We need to force and pick ourselves up each time in order to move forward and accomplish our goals. Without goals anyone would be lost and would be sailing in circles without any destination in mind. They also may not have any reference points to support their latitude or longitude coordinates. During our entire journey our mind need to be computing our exact position that we are in, calculate the miles to go and also the distance traveled so far. Now we have a metric system ready which we can use to practically assess our progress towards success by from our past mistakes and failures. None of us can reset the clock to ZERO or wind the clock backward. All we can do is to move forward by using what we had learned from our past failures ad experiences to stay on track towards our path to reach our individual definition of success.


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