INSTRUCTION manual for Life?

What is an instruction manual and what does it do for us? It sure does provide instructions. Does it exist? But who writes them and how do we use it? Why should we follow it in the first place and when? These are questions that only we can answer based on our own experiences in Life. We have books on any subject these days but what about a practical book on different stages of our Life? As we age we are supposed to have wisdom. Wisdom is in fact a culmination of our own personal life experiences. Anything we buy in the market called stuff comes with its own instruction manual. So why is there no instruction manual for life ? Doesn’t it sound strange. We have let go the importance of Life and have manuals written for everything else. We should also have a check list for every stage of our Life to check back on. Have we got our priorities mixed up? or we have learned to value Life differently.

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Life is in fact very easy once the basics of food, clothing and shelter are covered. The rest may be considered excesses or in my view excess baggage. Most of us pass through Life making the same mistakes the past generations have made before us. This generation gap and the generational differences play a vital role in the transfer of any useful information between them. Due to their variations and the variations in their respective mind set, this communication hardly seem to occur especially in this so called modern society of ours. Without this interplay, we as Humans will continue to be making the same mistakes over and over again.

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We Humans have made our own lives very complex by creating complex cities with complex conveniences that are designed for this modern World. This comfort is brought to us in order to make our life very simple, but it has got much more complicated in the process. As newer gadgets come into being which are programmed to work under the command of written codes, our lives are going to get even more complex. At some point we may even be able to have robotic personal Chef creating our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that are customized to our liking. We may even be able to travel far and wide covering vast distances in shorter time, all without even moving a muscle. We were not designed nor prepared for this complicated evolutionary process that have bought us here to the current situation in which we are living our lives. We had no instruction manual nor the know how on how we got here. But we are here.

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We have also divided our lives into various stages based on different age groups and in many gender specific ways of differentiation. The basic stages include, birth, infant, adolescent, adult, old age and then Death. From cradle to the grave each of us as individuals have to do our part by following our gut feeling to help us pass through each stage safely and successfully. In order to do this at this juncture we are completely unprepared and have been for many generations. At each stage of life we come across many challenges that must be faced and conquered for us to proceed to the next level. Schools and Colleges are not preparing kids on how to be prepared for REAL LIFE but instead the system all over the World seems to be preparing them to be book smart instead of getting street smart. Also kids from younger ages are also not being taught anything about money. So they keep growing ignorant of money, go to college with no knowledge of financial planning nor are they ever prepped to face the future with any kind of financial knowledge and the know how on how to face real World Challenges that may one day ensure their financial well being.  No Wonder there is financial illiteracy all around us.

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So what good is the knowledge from the books that we learn at school, when we cannot even pay our own bills. With no prior financial knowledge they are bound to fail. Remember the financial crisis of the past. This is exactly what had happened. We have got all our priorities mixed up right from the start. The less we know, the more someone will exploit us. In this case of ignorance, we may have many people calling themselves “experts” showing up at our door in order to “help” us with our own money. This is the way of saying that we are not educated enough to handle our own finances, so we will take that money and manage it for you, of course at a steep price and with no guarantees attached. I would love to have a job like that. Next comes, marriage, kids, and family. This has in recent years become a very complicated bunch of people with their own set of problems arising out of “stuff”.

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Each stage of life need to come in with an instruction manual so we can reference it through when we need it. It in fact does becomes our mobile note pad. We should be able top reference it from anywhere in the World. So who should be writing them? We should. Only we know our individual circumstances and that too better than any other so called expert whom you may hire. It serves like a business plan that is being created by the owner of that particular business pre-startup. This gives him or her a blue print to that start up, the way by which it has been laid out to transform itself. Similarly our Life need to be planned from day one as well. Sometimes even earlier, at the time of conception. Not a bad idea.




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