Are we living inside or outside : our COMFORT ZONE ?

Imagine each of us living within our own bubble. Each of us do have an imaginary bubble around us that we have created for ourselves. This is our comfort zone. Most of us are very happy to stay within this comfort bubble throughout our lives for a simple reason. Because it IS comfortable. We would also be passing our lives within it without even knowing what is happening around us. Do we care to look outside the box, in this case the bubble? Not really. We go about our daily lives and our daily chores within it shunning and shutting out the World around us. Since we will be doing exactly the same thing over and over again over time, we get used to it and will be unwilling to make change. This applies to all the mistakes that we continue to be doing day in and day out even to this day. By continuing to do this we are holding ourselves back from growing. Sometimes this sole factor may determine the outcome of whether it will lead to our success or failure.

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Most industries require a certain amount of continuing education credits to be met  every couple of years as part of their license renewal process. This is designed to keep us updated and to prevent us from straying away from the current developments in our own field of expertise. Most people get to these courses just to make it to that number and to satisfy that law that governs it. Others wait until the last second to get that quota accomplished. Since most of them are happy making their living from within their own bubbles or comfort zone, they are highly reluctant to change anything that they are currently doing or have been doing. Since it continues to work and bring in their desired result, they continue to do what they are doing. Because they also fear change. Change is a disruptor. So they fear it. What is the definition of an expert?  If a person is doing the same thing over and over again ultimately, he or she becomes a so called expert. For example if a basketball player is shooting a ball into a hoop repeatedly for decades, he better become an expert at it. This is what we will become by repetition of our own mistakes as well. An expert filled with mistakes. Unless someone says something about it, it continues to be done in that dark space or unless and until they decide to make that change voluntarily.

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So what keeps us within our comfort zone or within that bubble? The answer is FEAR. Fear can be a very powerful motivator or an incredible disruptor. Once we get comfortable with a particular task, we are afraid to let go. May be it is due to lack of new skill sets or the fear of losing out on what we currently have. As Humans we always hold on to what makes us comfortable. When we were little we looked upon to mom and dad for comfort. Once we have reached the next stage in our lives, we look to family, and friends for help and support. Sometimes, but rarely do we get it and in most times we don’t. Then we decide to give up and go back to our old habits. So we are always in pursuit of comfort during the course of our entire lives.

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It is a very competitive World out there. It is in fact a battleground where each one of the players are fighting to survive by beating all odds to staying alive and to see the light of another day. In this case, fear is what keeps us moving forward or keeps us in hiding inside a dark closet. Ultimately it is our sole choice to stay within our bubble or come out and put up a fight by giving the best of what we have got. This requires, self respect, discipline, confidence, passion in what we do and a boat load of other parameters. Either we can hide or we can come out and face reality. It is this choice that we make, which will determine if we will sink or swim.

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By sticking to or following our daily routine, we are really inventing our own habits. These may be good in some cases, but most commonly it develops into a bad habit and this habit may lead to getting us comfortable so fast and so easily that we will be pulling  it into our bubble in order to stay comfortable alongside it. At this point we will be getting so comfortable with it that we will put up a fight to any change that is trying to take it away from us. In this fast paced Artificial World of ours, if we do not pivot, change or even adapt to external changes that happen beyond our control, we are sure to sink into its depth without even realizing what had gone wrong. So staying within the confines of our comfort zone or within our bubble will make us comfortable for the short term, but in the long term it may drown us from within our own bubble. The view from inside the bubble may be like having a room with a view, but the scenery may look even better from the outside when viewed from a different angle of sight. This can only happen when we master the courage to do so by breaking out of the bubble, coming out into the open and facing all the obstacles that are being thrown at us.

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There is no better satisfaction in Life than overcoming any and all obstacles during our journey through life. If there were no obstacles, Life would not be that interesting. It is these obstacles that gives Life it’s ups and downs and highlights it’s true meaning. It is always boring to drive long distances on flat plains with nothing to see. But it gets interesting when there are mountains and valleys that promise something new and beautiful to see at each and every turn. During the end of life, we need to ask ourselves this. Have we accomplished what we have done so far that may have changed our life, the life of our family and the life of others? If the answer is Yes, you have done your job on what you have wanted to do and have made it happen. Hats off to you. If not, it’s time to look at life in a different point of view, YOUR NEW VIEW. For this to happen, we will need to assess the very purpose of our lives, of what we have accomplished, of having done something good for others and to ourselves and what our future plans are. If all the purpose that we have in life is to make money, we may have nothing satisfying to share about our life in the end.  It’s not the amount of years that we live that count, but of what have we done with those years that matter the most. Age is just a number, a numeral. With age comes experience and wisdom. Both are meant to be shared with others, so they can grow as well. We have come into this World naked, we will also be leaving naked too. We are taking nothing with us. Sharing our knowledge with others does not cost us a penny, but the application of that shared knowledge is priceless. So don’t keep it in your head, unload it by sharing it, so someone somewhere benefits from it. You may have one thing less to worry about. In case you forget something, you have someone to fall back on.

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Staying comfortable will not help us in discovering new lands, making new friends, inventing new products, learning about different cultures, traditions and their beliefs. All it will help do is to make us comfortable inside and within our sweet spot- The dark closet that we have put ourselves into. By coming out of it we will develop an open mind by looking at the World in a new lime light not just from our point of view but from the view that others are viewing them from. This may give us a completely new perspective to look through instead of the same old same old. This may also help us in looking outside the box from the outside and not just from within.



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