WHO is dictating our Life?

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It is your life and your ONLY Life. We have only one shot at this. But are you living it in your terms or under someone else’s. From our early childhood days we are told to do everything, right from making the bed to doing our homework by someone who has an authoritative role over us, such as our parents, teachers and our relatives. We obviously do not have a choice to whom we are born to but we have a choice to make an informed decision that help make up the skeleton of our lives. Decisions that make up the bulk of our life may include: which college we would like to attend, the selection of our spouse and the choice of our career. In many Asian countries, these choices have already been made for them by their parents many years ahead of reaching their respective milestones. But do the children have a choice to opt out of their parents decision. Very rarely do they have any say in it. Whether they like it or not they are stuck to that decision during the course of their entire lives. That was then and this is now. Times have changed so have the trends. So who is pulling your strings? Are you being controlled? Are you being used as a bait?

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Today most decisions are made by millennial’s with ample exposure to the World around them. They have access to unlimited information just by clicking a few clicks on the keyboard. They are able to summon anything to their table just with the use of their computer and their credit card. Of course what would we all do without access to easy credit? They make very calculated decisions on what they want, how they want it and when they want it. They are the decision makers of today. It makes perfect sense because they have all the knowledge they require in this fast paced World for them to survive in it. They indeed do have a different mindset with a completely different set of skills to complement it. By Jumping into their World,  we will soon realize that they are super complex and complex enough for us old timers to handle. So we need to step back, guide them, answer all their questions, let them do their thing and we keep doing ours.

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Society also does dictate our lives in many ways, by way of what they expect from us. If a person is a Physician, a Dentist, a Lawyer, an engineer or an accountant for example, our society has set a very high expectation of them both in their Professional arena and within their private space. They are expected to live in a mansion, drive an expensive car and live in exclusive neighborhoods set for the Elite few. But in reality this is not how the World works. It’s public perception of the past that is fueling that fire today of the fire that has burnt out long ago. It’s completely a new game that is being playing out today, all with a completely new set of rules. So before we make assumptions without any supporting facts we will need to do our own research on the topic before arriving at any conclusions. This applies to anything in real life.

The economic climate is being created by the heavy influx of imports with bare bone minimum exports such as the ones we have seen in the past few decades. This results in import of very cheap goods which domestic consumers love just because of the price and not so because of quality. So guess who is dictating this supply and demand. It is in fact you and me who have bought on this trend to import more and more by wanting to pay back next to nothing for purchasing these goods and services from overseas markets. If we don’t get what we want on time and at a low cost, we start complaining like little kids. So this is what we are asking for and we are getting it by dictating its terms.

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Most of us have started running the rat race since we got our first job. We may be doing this for the next 30 or 40 years till burnout consumes us. We are literally burning our sweat equity as fuel to power this race day in and day out. But who is working behind the scenes to keep this well oiled machine of Human labor humming to benefit themselves? And who in turn is running your life? It is the perfect system that has been created to utilize Human capital that is available in plenty to be exploited for money. We are literally trading our time for money. Do you think this is a fair deal? Most of us wouldn’t agree. Bills are the accessories or an add on to keep the work from progressing smoothly. Since money and bills go hand in hand we become indebted to this master for life. Time is finite and cannot be made. But the person with money under his or her belt does control the rest by calling the shots. They get to buy our time for money and they use that time by using us. In the process they get to replicate that process many times over within that same hour to buy the time of many more people. When time is equated with money, they win either way. So as a result of this, it is they who dictate our lives under their terms. We are just pawns in the grand scheme of things. This is reality whether we like it or not. Time to wake up and see things under different light conditions. This may help us improve our vision and help us in making better, well thought out and informed decisions.

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Each of us are individuals with a Life to Live. But are we living it? Most of us seem to be following the money trail throughout our lives that we are genuinely seeming to forget what the true meaning and the purpose of our Life is? In that process we are zeroed in on just making money while the surroundings fade out in our peripheral vision blurring it. So we have only two choices to choose from. Either we allow ourselves to be dictated by others under their terms or to set terms that govern our own lives by dictating our own path through Life. In short we are being dictated each and every day in one way or another,  either directly or indirectly. Nature does the same to balance its inhabitant population. There is no right or wrong here. Big fish will always eat the small fish.




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