Imagine a SMOKE-FREE World.

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The origin of Smoke is not just from smoking as we would think at first thought. Anything that burns produces smoke. That includes incineration of tires, burning of plastic recyclables, smoke from wildfires, pollutants from industries and coal power plants. We must not forget the billions of cigarettes, cigars, Hookahs and Beedi that are being lit up each and every day. Our World is full of consumers and what do consumers do, CONSUME. We consume a lot of anything whether we need it or not. Without burning something there can be no products that could be manufactured. Many industries are born out of our excess consumption. The automobiles that we use today and the ones we have been using for the past many decades account for the greater part of smoke pollution that is being released back into the atmosphere round the clock. Guess where does all those dust settle? It settles back to Earth and is dispersed throughout every nook and corner by way of water and air. This is even taken deep underground to pollute the major aquifers and other underwater reservoirs. We have not yet even factored in smoke and other pollutants from aircraft’s, spacecrafts, trucks, trains and ships to name a few. Sadly it has not changed much at all from the past as to our effort to even trying to tap into other sources of fuel that replaces the current fossil based systems.

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Right from our spacecrafts to our water crafts we are using a fossil fuel based propulsion system. When is that going to change? Probably never. For that to happen, electric cars may need to be produced in bulk, battery technology has to become much more efficient and the cost to purchase any of these should seem fair in the eyes of the consumer. Solar, wind and wave power are only a tiny fraction of alternates that throw in their respective smaller contributions. In a few years from now we may be forced to live in Bio-Domes or worse, to carry oxygen cylinders on our backs just to breathe and stay alive. The future generations beyond that may not even be that lucky because our species may then cease to exist by then altogether. The ocean currents and the air currents which are generated by nature helps regulate Earth’s temperature which in turn helps sustain all Life on it. Our poles serve as Earth’s refrigerator.  The winds churn the ocean and the air above it to harmonize temperature in various parts of the World.

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Most of the houses today, especially in and around all major metropolitan cities around the World have at least a minimum of two cars. Multiply that by the amount of people who drive those cars on a daily basis. This will give us the extent of smoke pollution that is being expelled into the atmosphere throughout the World each and every second. This explains why we cannot even take a breath of our so called fresh air. Fresh air does not even exist these days. Our ocean and air currents carry with it all the toxic wastes that we generate and carry it along to every far corners of the World. This tells us why plastics are washing up along the shores of even remote Islands. A dust storm that happens in the Sahara Desert may spill these dust particles 3000 miles away after crossing the Atlantic and over on to the Amazon rain forests. Our World has become a very small place indeed and is well connected on a micro and macro scale with all its residents. Any set back in that one link will transcend to others like a ripple in a pond. This is in fact a very fragile ecosystem. As Humans, we do not seem to understand that nor do we seem to get it. Technology has helped us in knowing about our entire Planet like never before but we are still continuing to do business the old fashioned way.

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When we start analyzing the weather patterns of the past few centuries , we are seeing drastic changes in sea level, rising temperatures and with the frequency and intensity with which cyclones, tropical storms and hurricanes form and strike. The frequent occurrence of volcanoes and Earthquakes is also a sign that we are going against mother nature on all grounds. Imagine ourselves living within a sealed glass house shaped like Earth. We are living entire our lives within it. We consume everything we need, we dump our waste inside it, and we pollute the surroundings including the air we breathe in its entirety. Guess what happens. The waste starts smelling by produces its own gases, the air gets hotter and hotter by its interaction with the sun. When temperature gets even hotter, the heating cycle begins to heat up even more drying up plant life, it gets difficult to breathe as a result of foul air, difficult to grow crops, the inner micro climate gets affected drastically and at some point that makes it impossible to survive inside it. By now the smoke from all these decades keep building up and may come down to bite us by consuming our lives. As pressure builds up inside this sphere, something has to give and let out that pressure. This will lead to our downfall and possible total extinction of our entire species. If at all we survive this, still we cannot get out of it because it is completely sealed in all directions. We cannot dig and burrow ourselves in nor can we head to other Galaxies with the grim possibility of finding a new home. We need light and food to feed on. Where do we go? This is the ONLY Home we know that can support our lives. I don’t think we are supporting the next generation in any way by showing them on how to make money and by not showing them how to keep their surrounding environment clean and healthy. If our ecology and environment is not kept clean and healthy neither will we.

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It’s very hard to imagine a smoke free World because everything we use currently depends on fossil based fuel to move us from point A to point B and to generate electricity that power our homes, offices and factories. This smogs the environment and chokes our lungs. But we will still keep moving on doing the same thing over and over until we can breathe no more. Only at that juncture, we may consider thinking seriously about alternate fuel sources to help us recover from the ill effects of our actions today. The day will come when we will learn to use raw nature to tap into the required energy that will help power us. Until then we are forced to breathe in and consume harmful substances that are borne out of our own actions. Only IF we change will we get a second chance. The way we are heading this will be out of the question. Respiratory diseases are on the rise with kids and seniors getting affected even more. It is our doing and it is our responsibility to undo this by changing our so called modern lifestyle. Time to learn something from our roots and follow that simple lifestyle which our ancestors have lived through and died healthy without any regrets knowing that they have always done the right thing. I don’t think we could say the same when it’s our turn.



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