MISTAKES molds and shapes us.

Accidents and mistakes are part of life. That’s why pencils have erasers on them.

MISATKES do happen, such as this.

We do not make any plans to make them but they still do appear before us from time to time. We definitely do not like them but they love to show up at our doorstep unannounced. Mis-takes are just MIS taken steps. That does not make them right in anyway. Any steps that are mistaken may cause us to trip ourselves on our own. It is no fault of ours nor anyone else’s. These are often miscalculated steps arising out of our intuitions and misjudgments. In life there is no easy path that takes you from point A to point B. There is no free lunch either. In order for us to make it among the 7 Billion people we will need to have our fair share of tryouts. Some we may succeed in and in others we may fail miserably. But the key is to throw in the towel and not just be a spectator on the sidelines. Failure makes us stronger with each fall. We must learn to pick ourselves up, change strategies and move forward.

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Imagine a swimming pool where kids have gathered around their instructor to learn swimming for the very first time. All of them are nervous. Even the teacher is nervous to take on such a big responsibility of ensuring the safety of these students and in teaching them the rights from the wrongs. Even the instructor does not like to see any wrongs but in reality as first times that’s all the instructor will be seeing initially. For example lets consider the scenario in the pool that shows five kids who are there to learn swimming from one instructor. The children’s role is to make as many mistakes as possible while in the pool under the watchful eyes and guidance of the instructor and to learn from those mistakes. On the other hand the teachers responsibility is to look for mistakes while it is happening and to correct them on the spot to avoid further progression of that mistake. Either way mistakes have come into play in this scenario that applies to both parties but in a different way. And the difference lies in it’s point of view.

The key is to first recognize that we have made a mistake, then acknowledge that mistake and then take steps to learn from it moving forward so we do not continue repeating the same.

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We all make mistakes at some point in our lives. Without making mistakes we will never learn. Without learning new things and staying current we will be outdated very soon. Mistakes are in fact a boon in disguise. Success always hides behind it. Accepting and embracing our mistakes with open arms is the first step in taking the next step. Without this many keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again throughout their lives because it falls within their comfort Zone. After residing in this zone for a while we start getting comfortable within it. Now we are afraid to get out of it because the whole World around us have changed leaving us behind. Since we have decided to stay put, we are also afraid to step out and find new pastures elsewhere. Mistakes helps us by initiating failure, but only if we let it. But failure is supposed to be the precursor of success. So in order to attain success in our own lives, we will need to make mistakes (not intentionally) and learn from these temporary setbacks. I call this temporary because it is meant to stay that way. These setbacks may pull us back a notch or two but it is what we learn from this, that will catapult us to higher grounds.

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We should never feel bad about making mistakes. None of us make any mistakes intentionally. It’s purely unintentional. In this case mistakes came our way and not the other way around. All we can do is to learn from them and make sure that we do not let the mistakes take over us again. Mistakes are also a good teacher. It fails us before it corrects us. It may not be a thing that we will expect but in life we will need to learn something from any discrepancies that life throws at us. Mistakes also teaches us to be vigilant for similar circumstances that may arise in the future. It will signal us to detour and change path to avoid it from its repetition.

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A life without any mistakes may have no meaning at all. If all of us had an instruction manual for life that is given to us for it to be followed from the beginning to end, for us to avoid any mistakes, none of us would be happy to receive it because it will not teach us anything. When anything is given to us in a platter by someone, we may not appreciate its significance at that time. But when we ourselves write our own book by filling the same with our own mistakes, experiences, sacrifices, sweat, tears, blood, triumphs, tribulations and failures we will cherish that book all our life throughout Life. We would love to share that book with others intentionally because that book is what we stand for and we respect it as we would respect ourselves. In short, this book IS us.





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