SUCCEED or Sink.

Right from Birth, The World is a very harsh place to be born into. Many babies do not even get to see their first day. Each day brings with it the struggle for our very survival. In the wild it is even worse with many wild cubs getting slaughtered within a few hours after birth by predators. In short it is not a promising World to be in for the fainthearted. In order to survive against the 7 Billion Humans we will need to be able to adapt, pivot and change as rapidly as the World is changing around us. If we don’t we will sink. Moreover we ourselves have predators that are looming in the darkness and waiting for us to make that one crucial mistake. This is what we have created for ourselves and this happens to be what plays out in our Real Life. Our Life.

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OUR Success or failure depends on our own attitude, skill set, personality, our character, morality, our passion and our work ethic among many others. If we choose to succeed, we will need to position ourselves one step ahead of the rest. In case we are a few steps behind we will fall prey to many dark forces that are eagerly awaiting our failure. Many people are too happy to see others fail. Success for one may not be considered success in the mind of another just because that’s what society deems or defines what success and failure is. This is completely individualistic in nature. It does vary drastically from person to person. For most people accumulating lots of money and material collection is considered success and this is what brings them the so called happiness. For a few, to see their family United, showered with tons of laughter, fun and coziness is. So money does not define success. It may be so based on what society has led us to believe in.

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No one can determine whether we will succeed or fail based on their view point or their inner perception of us based on their experiences in dealing with us. So success is innately ingrained within us but how many of us will tap into it to bring it out from within. Not many. Many of us would’t even know what exists within us and many of us will never even recognize our true inner potential for success. Unless we dig into the inner self and stir the portion we may never know what we are capable of. But we need to recognize that and give it a chance to surface. Anyone can fail effortlessly but to achieve success it takes in a lot of more effort on our part in bringing it to fruition. There are no guarantees in Life. Even the very next second nor the following day is not guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed to anyone and it applies to all. This is all we have got. That is the PRESENT. We will need to use what we have got, to go places, see people and get things done. Do something. Don’t just sit there. Move and make things happen. This is what will essentially bring out the success or failure in us. It’s our choice and ours only. Either we will sink or we will swim.

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Failure is usually the result of any inaction which brings out this undesirable result. It is who we have caused this to our own detriment. For most part failure may be due to circumstances beyond our control but the critical part is usually within our realm and grip. So our individual success or failure is usually within our own grasp. Failure does not mean that it is the be all end all. It is only a temporary setback. Failure is considered to be so only if we just give up and stop pursuing what we are supposed to be pursuing in order to attain our goals in Life. At any time that we give our self up we have succumbed ourselves to defeat by exhausting all our options to move forward in attaining success and our goals by the long shot.

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So our success or failure is a combination of our sincere efforts mixed with our deep seated emotions that grill and churn the fruits of our labor and passion, which in turn helps us in accomplishing our goals by taking us to the finish line. Most of us may reach there by beating all the odds. But everything in life starts with a strong will to survive, putting in the required work, mixing it with passion and continuing to do so by streamlining it with persistence and perseverance which will take us to the place called SUCCESS. All we have done so far is to build the foundation. The rest of the work continues from here. This is just the beginning of our long journey. Enjoy the scenery as it plays out at each turn, because this is what life is. There will be no second chances in life, so cherish the beauty of the moment as you pass through life’s ups and downs. The final destination is not that important. We will get there when we get there.


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