OUR LIFE : Fill it with less moving parts

The very Life that is given to each of us is very unique. That includes our views on Life, the experiences it gives, and the ups and downs it takes us through. These are some of the very essential roadblocks to go through in order to understand Life fully. Without experiences, it’s like reading a book to picture an apple without ever knowing what an apple really is. If life was too easy, it doesn’t teach us anything. Life is a library filled with lots of experiences both good and bad. We need to learn from both in order to appreciate it. Likewise there are good times and not so good times. We need to face both in order to value each of them but differently. Both go hand in hand. If all that we have are the good times, Life might get very monotonous and boring. So Life has complimented us with the bad so we could learn to appreciate and value the good when the bad strikes.

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Besides the basic needs, we have complicated our lives intentionally by increasing our wants. For this to be understood we need to understand the difference between the needs verses the wants. Needs fall into the category of absolute essentials such as, food, clothing, shelter and air. Wants are anything but. With the start of the industrial age many decades back, we have shifted our mindset from basic survival to industrial scale consumption. Food does not matter to most of us today, but it is the first and foremost thing that comes to the mind of many. They are in fact in the survival mode even today. Same goes with poverty. Why is it so? One half of the World is comprised of consumers and the other half is barely trying to survive. As life gets much more advanced with each passing day, it gets more and more complicated too, at least by our standards as seen in the Western World. So the haves have no need to care for the have nots. They seem to live a completely different lifestyle and that sets themselves apart from the rest of us. Then we have the income inequality and the subject of taxation which favors a few and penalizes the rest. Talking about complicating standards what more do we need to know.

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All of us have fallen into a pot after birth with no way out of it. So we are literally confined to the extent of our Planet Earth. We have two choices. Either we give up and go extinct or we can pick ourselves up each day, put in some effort to achieve our goals in life. This is all we got. To get it done we will need to face the competition. Anything we do in life will have competition in it. Now we have to survive by competing against 7 billion people who are our fellow Humans in order to survive as an individual and to make it to the finish line. This is a constant struggle that follows us throughout life from birth to death. By complicating ourselves this target will seem to move further and further away. With each step forward we may feel like we are moving 10 steps back. This will not be encouraging at all. So by simplifying our life we could take one bite at a time and take one baby step at a time in achieving our goals. If  we try to take the fast route and try to take one large bite we may not succeed.

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As we all know most of the machines have multiple moving parts. The more parts there is the more complex it becomes. On the contrary, the less parts the simpler it becomes. So which one would we choose. Obviously the one with less moving parts. If this is the case, why do we pick the machine with more moving parts in our own lives? Instead of making our lives simpler, why are we making it much more complex than it needs to be. It is very complex as such and with Man at the wheel, it has been made even more complicated. Probably because this is all what we have got to work with and the Man who has the capacity to control the whole machinery wins big. The rest are just pawns. This is supposedly true. We live in the age of excess consumption and consumerism. Most of us want bigger homes, bigger cars, and Big of everything from supersized drinks to Mega Yachts. By loading ourselves with excess food we have started developing various diseases that have in fact transformed our own bodies in an unhealthy way. Too much of anything is poison. And this too is not an exception.

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Most of us may have heard the story of a hermit who lived peacefully in his hut deep inside a thick forest. He used to live very frugally by eating all the vegetation around him and was very self sufficient. One fine day he found a cat that was wandering around his hut in search of food. Since there were lots of mice gutting his staples, he decided to bring the cat in and give him a place to stay. But the cat needs to eat. He has very little to feed himself and does not have anything to give the cat. So the very next day he brought in a cow. He milked the cow and the cat started feeding on the milk. Now he needed to feed the cow that gave him milk. So he decided to clear the trees around his hut within the forest to plant crops so that the cow could feed on the same. All of a sudden he had realized that he had made a drastic mistake. By chopping the trees, he had lost a shade over his head from the hot sun. Also the birds which used to sing to him each morning had flown away. Thus the mornings became so silent. He also had lost all the medicinal plants that he used to treat himself of all ailments. In this story one thing had led to another. This is a classic example of how we are complicating our own lives today. Initially we started renting an apartment, then we moved into a Townhome, then we move into a large home, then we move into a mansion and then what. This is what our Human mind seeks and it pursues to get. This is the mentality of Bigger is Better. As we get into bigger and bigger things so does the costs associated with it, it gets bigger too. But downsizing may be THE solution. This is a solution most of do not want to hear about. The more we complicate ourselves, the more energy it sucks from within us.

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Each of us have multiple vendor accounts, multiple bank accounts, multiple credit cards, multiple logins etc. Sometimes we do not even know which is which. We may even start forgetting to pay the bills on time because there is so many of them that confronts us each day. Now we need to pay the interest over interest on them. Then we need to remember the anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, etc. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, the other 2/3 we are awake and use it for personal Life and work matters. Each of us have Just 24 Hours. What we do with that 24 hours is what matters. We have two choices. Either we can make our life very simple or we can complicate ourselves by sticking our noses into many more categories or even expanding even further by taking ourselves deeper and deeper to a point of no return. Simplification may not need an instruction manual, but complications do.

Simplify and float or complicate and sink. This may be an easier way to put it into simpler terms.




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