THE VOID within us.

We may have passed through different stages of life to reach this point in our own Lives. Have we learned something from it? What have we learned? Have we faces the ups and downs? Did we have a tough time or was it a smooth ride? With experience comes Wisdom. Did we get this Wisdom and from where? Only we can answer these questions based on our view point and based on our personal experiences. This ought to be first hand experiences to bring out the essence and flavor in them.This experience which we are talking about is something that we cannot read from a book and try to apply it in real life. It does not work that way. Experience is a good teacher. This is something similar to what failure does to us and for us. It helps us in picking ourselves up with each set back and helps us in propelling ourselves forward. After many failures we learn to learn the rope and are able to climb it with ease and that helps us in accomplishing our goals. Sometimes we may head for the hills or the closet because fear sets in. We need to overcome this to bring out the best in us.

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At many times we tend to avoid failures. This is what that has been instilled in us by teachers and Parents alike when we were growing up. Once we have accomplished what we wanted to accomplish, we start to having a void that starts to peek from deep within us. Voids exists for a reason. It is there to help fill in what we value most and what we want in life and what we want out of life. After having everything what we want in life, what else is there which may have been left out? It is a materialistic World after all.  We have the option to shop till we drop. We can purchase anything and everything that money can buy with the swipe of a card. Then what? What will happen to our inner self once we have purchased each and everything on our bucket list? Will we be wanting more and more? When will the craving stop? Will we ever stop? Sometimes we also go on a spending spree to fill in this void that is sucking the very energy out of us. Psychologically the person may have a temporary euphoric response. But sooner or later when the bills arrive, reality will set it. Then its time to look deep into the void, analyse it and take the necessary steps to fill it will something creative which may be something that person loves for instance. Hobbies do exist for this reason. It does help fill in this space. Life is not all about work and money. There’s more to it. Money can be made at any time but time cannot be bought. So we will need to prioritize what we want in life to fill in this void.

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This is when our void kicks into full gear. It tells us to do just the opposite of what our mind says. Our instincts act as the rudder at this point. Now we are lost. What do we do now? Do we keep up with the same trend and keep buying more and more to satisfy our inner cravings or do we let go and say STOP? This stops it on the financial end of it but on the other side it keeps moving on the hidden part on the material side of things. But our inner core says to keep buying in order to satisfy and make even with our sub consciousness. But deep within us the void says otherwise. To exploit this void we need to act upon what is really essential to our inner needs and wits. When we were young, naive and stupid, we wanted everything BIG. Right from the big house to the big car, to the big plate.

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As we age, our necessities and requirements  change based on our individual needs. We transpose our mind into accepting things that are smaller than us, manageable, in small portions and even have it downsized from the BIGGIES of yesteryear’s. We have managed to stick to the small plates because that’s all that we need. We tend to literally downsized our plates and our tummies downsize as a result of this. We take in only what is required and shun the sweets and what not. Our cravings diminish. We do not long for a Luxury car, but are very much content with any cheap car that takes us from Point A to point B. Because this is all what any car would do. Going over 65 MPH (Miles Per Hour) may earn us a ticket no matter which car we drive. It also does not matter whether we paid $ 1 Million for the car or $10,000. In the end it accomplishes the task of taking us from Point A to Point B. A house protects us from the elements, the food we eat provides us with the energy to survive and the clothes we wear is there to cover our bodies. A large mansion drains money out of us, over consumption wrecks havoc on our health and expensive clothes will put a dent in our wallet and our finances. Our stomach can only hold so much food, Does not matter how much money we have to buy more food. We can only eat so much. Too much of anything is excess. Excess cannot and will not fill the void but our basic needs can. To do so we will need to focus on only what we need the most. Meaning the very basic essentials. The less we have the more we will be self satisfied with.

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Life takes us through almost all scenarios if not all. We have made it so far having faced the mountains and the valleys, both ups and downs. We have faced deserts and forests, feast and famine, darkness and light. Now we are in a position to tackle anything which come our way. We have learned to prioritize our needs in life. Small things does not seem to bother us anymore. We have faced rejection many times over. We follow only what keeps us happy. We do not follow someone to become a friend, instead it become mutual when the other party is also looking for a true friend, not just any. This may transform in to a life long friendship and a true one. At work we focus on the intricacies and look for perfection in anything we do to get the job done satisfactorily. Politics and gossips have become a thing of the past. We look to the present for answers because this is all we have got. This is a present. The past is long gone and the future is in darkness until we shed some light on it by creating our own path. This may light up our present and help is in cherishing the moment.

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Regrets in ones life have taken a toll on many during an end of life scenario. It may be it was a life filled with regrets to no avail. Most people rush to reach the golden age milestone of the so called retirement. Unfortunately, Not many will make it. Many will work till they dies. A lucky few may learn to identify, understand and satisfy the very void in them during their early years, if they happen to catch it early. But sadly most will not even be in a situation where they are able to identify it early on. Unless we identify it, we may never reach it. So identifying our own voids early on will help us lead a simple, frugal, and a satisfying life. It will also be a life that is led with no regrets later on. Our void need to be filled before our time comes. If not it will stay a void that we may take it to our graves. In the end we may lead a half filled life leaving our void behind us to be filled. But who will fill them? No body.


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