We cannot survive without Air, Water, food or Shelter and In that order, Period. So without food we may last just 3 weeks. But imagine going hungry just by avoiding our next meal. What does our body tell us? What do we feel and experience? It does not feel pleasant at all when we force ourselves to stay hungry by deprivation. Now our body switches immediately into survival mode and starts tapping into our own reserves which is our own body fat. Meaning our body starts feeding on itself to help us survive famine.

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In real Life survival situations we need to learn the Survival Rules of 3:

  • We can only survive for 3 Minutes without air
  • We can only survive for 3 Hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions
  • We can only survive for 3 Days without water AND
  • We can only survive for 3 Weeks without food.

So what does this tell us. Food is the least important of all priorities when we compare it with others in the list but it also tops the list because it is what that gives us the energy to sustain all others. Without food we will not have the energy to go searching for water or shelter. This may also include looking to gather firewood in order to start a fire. All of us know of the symptoms that show up when we get carried away at work and forget to eat on time. Headache, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, irritability etc are just a few of those symptoms that are associated with hunger. We all know that by now having been there, done that.

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So why do we go hungry most of the time when our mind is fully engaged? May be we have a project to finish, meet a deadline or complete a task before lunch. What ever may be the case, we are literally neglecting our body by not providing it with fuel on time. Once the tank is half full our hunger mechanisms kick in triggering the receptors to signal the brain for food. This increases the acidic response from the stomach, increases salivation and creates the urgency for food. Once our stomach attains the full tank status, we get a sense of fulfillment. At which time our brain is also happy to do its job by serving us and in keeping us alive.

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Everything costs money these days. Food is no exception. Eating out on a daily basis does get very expensive. Do the math for yourself. On Average take out food costs around US $8.00 . When we multiply this by 3 meals a day times 30 days equals US $720. Now times that by 12 months tallies up to US $8640. That’s a whopping number. This is for illustration purposes only. Not that we are eating-out 365 days out of the year. Before we cringe on the numbers, lets look at what we can save by preparing our own meal at home and brown bagging it to work. So let’s look at just 1 meal ( Lunch ONLY) a day as take out for US $8 X 30 days X 12 months equals US $2880. It is still a BIG number. So why not brown bag it. The bags are very cheap. You may be able to buy a pack of 250 bags for under US $10.00 . So by putting in the work upfront, we could save on the back end big time. How many of you are with me on this? Please don’t get me wrong. There is no harm in eating out once in a while. But when we start going overboard by increasing it’s frequency, is when the problem starts.

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Moreover home food is an economical way to keep what we have got. It is also clean, healthy and nutritious. How many of us have visited the kitchens or rest rooms in restaurants or takeouts as the case may be? Most of us haven’t. If the restrooms look and feel clean may be the kitchen is also clean. This is just a maybe and is an assumption. But all of us have visited the kitchen in our own homes. They do sparkle, don’t they? Do we know what happens behind the scenes in eateries that we visit ? Not really. Cleanliness and food go hand in hand. This applies to the entire crew as well. You know what I am talking about. I am talking about personal hygiene.

All of us work very hard for our money, sacrificing everything in that process. It’s not how much we make that counts, but it’s what we keep. May be we can save some for a rainy day by eating in rather than eating out.




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