The DARK SIDE of social media.

We always like to hear about the good side of everything. But everything has a dark side too. In order to appreciate the good we need to learn from the bad as well. This will take our mindset to a much higher level than we would expect. We would also start to learn things from a different dimension and apply it to our own life in and from, a completely different perspective. One we have gained access into this Information superhighway called the www, we are in the public domain. Many questions do arise about our privacy. In reality, there may be minimal to no privacy at all.

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Social media has connected all of us in some form or other at least virtually. On the contrary it has completely broken us apart as a society. We have acquired many virtual friends with no real friends to talk to. Trust is at the lowest it has been since before the social media fiasco. Most of us live in large metropolitan cities with crowded dwellings situated next to each other like boxes, but we do not even know who our neighbor is or how he or she looks like. We are able to reach anyone around the World with a touch of a few buttons but everyone seems to act busy or is genuinely doing something worthwhile. We may never know. We have unprioritized our lives by giving importance to the unwanted and throwing away the wanted as if it were a rag doll. Life has been split between the have and have not’s. It has come down to the topic of money, status, prestige, ego and the likes of it. Materialism and Money has overtaken the basics of Human respect, manners, family values, punctuality, sincerity, dedication and work ethic, all of which have taken a back seat. Today the rate of divorce is very high, health problems have spiked, depression rates have skyrocketed, relationships have been broken, financial problems have reached for the skies, financial literacy rate is way down and employment too sketchy.

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People also seem to publicly showcase their own private lives on social media sites, sometimes inappropriately. Others like to display their wealth as a way of sending a message across to their intended audience. Like anytime in our history, people with money have always been respected and sometimes even worshiped. This continues to do this day. A person is being judged and respected by what he or she has, rather than accounting for what he stands for or who he is as a person. This stands for the QUALITIES which applies to a person with excellent character, a person who is honest, who has integrity in him or her, is sincere, is trustworthy, is punctual, is ethical and is hardworking. These are sadly the buzzwords of the past. Holding these characteristics seem to hold no merit nor do they seem to hold any ground today. Money has precedence over us. Social media has opened up the entire World to us and has exposed everything we need to know and which we do not know. May be this is good on a Positive note. But it also has a very dark side to it as well. For example, Displaying wealth may feel good to some but it tarnishes the hopes of many who may be in pursuit of it. They may feel hopeless, undervalued and build low self-esteem.

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Back in the days when we literally had to go to the library to read a book, families stayed together, they respected each other, adults socialized, kids played together, shared the same food and had slept in the same house. They were still happy with no TV, no video games and no internet. They even studied and did their homework using candle light or kerosene lamps. They also read REAL books and newspapers. Today we have everything and people are still not happy. Everyone is locked up in their own rooms and their houses on their own accord with their own personal computers. So the question arises, what is going on in those rooms? No wonder the roads are empty. Back then everyone knew everyone. They did stop and socialize. Today we have even lost the art of simple communication by way of direct face to face speaking and having an eye contact with the person whom we are speaking to. The suggestion would be to go out, take a walk and get some fresh air instead of breathing in the recycled air circulating within our homes. When People are happy they celebrate but When they are sad they go shopping till they are dead broke. It truly is a materialistic World. When they look at others going on vacation and spending lavishly, they start comparing themselves with the Jonas’s and feel beaten down financially, emotionally and what not. We have indeed lost the true meaning of life and seem to be searching for its true meaning. We are searching everywhere but within us. It is where it is. Each of us have our own true meaning lodged somewhere deep within us. Sometimes people look for it in the open platform by comparing themselves with others who are more successful than them or at least portray themselves to be. This may bring into play all the unhealthy emotions which may include jealousy, hatred, ego etc. just to name a few. This is the Dark side and it will surface at some point of time from deep within them. Then things may get ugly. Each of have our own lives to live and live it in our own terms. Comparing ourselves with others will only make matters worse. We are here to live our lives not theirs. Each of us have our own time clocks, so there is no starting early or finishing early. It is not a race to the finish line. There will be no winners nor losers.

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Many times we see people posting real time photos and videos while on vacation. This may not be safe for obvious reasons. Personal safety is one thing which stands out. The suggestion would be to wait till one gets back home to post. Predators do lurk from the dark depths of the World wide web. Neither Distance nor place does matter here. Today the Whole World is much smaller than it used to be 30 years ago and it does fit in the palm of your hand. Cyber crime and Cyber bullying are also on the rise which may include matters of finance, matters of emotion and self esteem etc. The key is to be well educated on all the happenings that is happening locally around us and around the World at all times. Today this is possible even without leaving the comfort of our home or car and it’s completely Free. Compliments of the Worlds wide web. When something is free, it is also available for anyone to use. Also it is an open source platform that provides for both people with good intentions and people with bad intentions. So anything goes here. Spending too much time on various social media is addicting. People spend 6 -7 hours each day with their virtual friends. That’s a huge chunk of our lives spent virtually. This time is a time that is lost for ever. Family time has become extinct in most homes. As we continue to drift apart, communication will cease to exist and one fine day we may be starting all over again just us how we began our Journey 100,000 years back. We may have to learn to communicate again starting with the cave.

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Image result for privacy on the web

Kids need to be taught street smartness than to be book smart from an young age. Our schools do not teach that. We are still training kids to be book smart right from kindergarten to College and expect them to be street smart when they are adults. Something is wrong with this picture. How do we expect them to carry out something which they have never been taught about or ever been exposed to? This has not changed at all in the past 100 years. That was then and This is now. We must pivot and change according to the times if we wish to survive. NOT exposing our personal lifestyle to the World is street smartness. So lets prepare our next generation to be not just book smart but also to be street smart. The rules have changed and we need to play by the new rules.


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  1. I believe all of them.


    1. Thank you. I am sure we could all use a bit of knowledge by learning from each other. Knowledge is powerful indeed.


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