During the bygone era, people actually followed the Sun throughout the day. Their activities and routine followed suit. By following the Sun’s path across the sky, they were able to maximize the day light and use it to their advantage. Because at night they needed to spend money on fuel to light a fire, use a candle or to use a kerosene lamp. Many started their day well before sunrise and did what they had to do. They also went to sleep after having an early dinner just before sunset. They followed the same routine throughout their lives and were thus very healthy both in physique and in mind. This is productivity and maximization to the core. Farmers start their day very early on in the tropics to beat the heat of the sun.

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Fast forward to today, we have electricity to light up our homes and place of work 24/7 and is available to us with a click of a switch. Today we do not even have to be at home to turn on or off these appliances. They can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the World with the touch of a button or through voice control. This is how lazy we have been conditioned to become. We do not have to get up from the couch to change the channel on the TV. That’s why we have the remote. Garage doors and gates open automatically. Lights go on and off automatically too. Cars and trucks are starting to drive themselves. We even have robots today that can cook for us while we are away and we will have it  ready to eat when we get back home. We are able to order anything from anywhere in the World just by using voice commands or just with a few clicks. This is technology at the best and our health at the worst. Have we been given everything that we want which will make us comfortable ? Have this made us Lazy? The answer is Yes. Since it is available to us 24/7 there is no sense of urgency in completing a task at hand before Sunrise or Sunset.

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Human brain takes up so much energy to function and it consumes most of the oxygen which we take in. It is also an early riser. It functions best in the morning and starts dwindling its functions as the day starts winding down. When we sleep it sleeps too partially to maintain our vital functions. A sunny day brightens up our brain and us when compared to a dark and gloomy day. So an early riser has many advantages over a person who works night shift and sleeps during the day. The sleep rhythm and the sleep cycle is interrupted here. Less sleep means more disruption of hormones and bodily functions. Since we are keeping ourselves awake throughout the night, health too starts getting affected. Many disease have surfaced due to loss of the sleep cycle. Today the business of sleep have given us a pill to fall asleep, a pill to stay awake and other off market products that may enable us to do anything on the twilight zone. So the invention of electricity has been a boon in disguise. It had done many things good for us but on the downside many have paid the price of having sleepless nights. Before the invention of  electricity and the light bulb, there was no night life nor elaborate parties blasting through the night.

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Rising with the Sun brings with it some inner joy from deep within seeing it rise or set. Humans are instinctively attracted to water and beaches to watch Sunrises and Sunsets. Early walks on the board walk or sunset walks on the beach sands may help us therapeutically as well to start and wind the day by connecting with nature. Sunrise is a time when birds come out chirping looking for food, the trees come to life, Animals are energetic, and Humans start their daily chores complaining. Most of the animal and plant kingdom have their lives set to revolve around the Sun too.

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As Humans we are more productive in the morning so we need to focus, line up and get the toughest jobs accomplished in the morning and take on the milder tasks in the afternoon to wind the day towards peace of mind, body and soul. That’s why all major surgeries in hospitals are done early in the morning, office meetings are held in the mornings and shipping of goods are done at night to jump start the next day in any retail business. It’s all about maximization of daylight and of course profits. By setting our routine to follow the Sun from Sunrise to Sunset, early to bed and early to rise makes us healthy, our minds rested completely, and recharged to take on any task that comes our way.

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This is our Natural clock and we are Biologically inclined and connected to it in one way or another. This Artificial World we have created for ourselves have changed that by bringing in the Artificial time piece which we follow to this day. May be, some day we will look back, start connecting back with nature and dig into our roots. This may bring us closer to it and help us in connecting deeper by following the Sun.



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