Miracle of WATER DROPS.

We are in fact living in a Watery World. We are made up mostly of water and 3/4 of the World around us is flooded with water. None of us would be able to sustain our lives without water. We need it for cooking, bathing, brushing, washing our clothes etc. But we have learned to take it for granted because it is available to us so easily as opening the tap or turning on the shower. Everything around us depends on water which includes both plants and animals. With so much water around us and with unlimited wave action why haven’t we developed a technology to put it to work for us. Small drops condense and fall down as rain from the upper stratosphere. This is carried down valleys by way of rivers and streams to join the vast oceans. But this vast ocean is a combinations of infinite droplets of water. Each droplet could have had its origins from either fog, mist, rain, spring or from ice. Still EACH and every drop counts.

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Water is an amazing substance found in nature. Even though it is abundant, we can only use a very small fraction of it for drinking. It also has some viscosity. It lets light through, refracts it like glass and we can see through it. When salty we can float in it as well. The strangest part of it all is that we are able to cut through its surface and swim within its very core. By doing this, we are literally entering another world and a completely different dimension. It also provides us buoyancy when needed. It has the capacity to carry giant ships and Ocean liners across oceans effortlessly. It also has the power to create as well as destroy. Without water our water based transportation system wouldn’t exist now. When we take a hard look around us and around the World, we find that all major cities have had their origins on river banks or on coastal waters. This enabled our ancestors to cultivate, grow food, transport them to market and provide water for themselves and their families.

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Imagine going on a hiking trip up the mountain when we come across a running stream of glacial water. What do we do? We instinctively rush in and dip our feet into the water after taking off our shoes. What a refreshing feeling ? Now imagine the water running across our feet massaging it. Water has the power to soothe our inner self. No wonder we are attracted to any body of water which may include waterfalls, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, creek or oceans. We have created many activities around water for our pleasure as well such as swimming, diving, snorkeling. Water also has many medicinal uses such as in muscular therapy, rehabilitation and others. Jacuzzi, pool fountains, multiple shower heads, aqua massages etc, all have one thing in common. They all provide massage to our body which in turn increases capillary blood flow and provides cellular stimulation. The attraction to water has been instilled within us probably for self preservation. We also love to play in the rain. Today we see people spending large fortunes on owning a cabin by the lake, owning a beach house or plainly living on a house boat or travelling the seven seas in a luxury yacht. Why do we go to the beach? We are all attracted to the waves which offers us free massage to our feet, we get to play in the sand like kids, swim like the seals, collect sea shells, take long walks during dawn and dusk or even Sunbathe. We also get inspired by jumping into a puddle of water or splashing our legs at the edge of a pool.

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After we were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were literally entombed in the amniotic fluid within the placenta of our mother. When we analyse this, we see that Our life had in fact started underwater and only upon birth did we ever take the first breath of fresh air in order to fill in our tiny lungs. No wonder the theory of evolution matches with our actual origins from the womb to Land. On an evolutionary standpoint we had been evolved from single celled organisms to the multi cellular organisms we are made up of now. It has sure been a very long and bumpy ride for the past million years. The good news is that we have made it for now. What the future holds for us moving forward is based on how we treat Earth and its Eco-systems which includes water right from the early morning mist to the fog. Many tiny insects that call desert their home have adapted themselves to harvesting this moisture right out of thin air.

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A daily bath is very essential for our well being and for our overall cleanliness. Water drops literally wakes us up along with each and every cell in our body. An early morning bath before sunrise in cold water is recommended to maximize its effects. But this is not a practical approach in most cases because we have pampered ourselves in taking showers in warm or even hot water. Whichever may be the case, water droplets have the power to create miracles by firing up our cells, signalling our neurons and triggering a rapid response which ripples throughout the body. We may not even need our morning coffee anymore. That’s money saved.




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