EVERYDAY is a Good Day.

All of us have just 24 Hours of each day to do what we need to do. This is all that we have got to work with. Take it or leave it. What we do with this time is what matters. Gossip, envy, jealousy, hatred etc are in fact excess baggage loading us down. Many spend their time watching the news closely and thus fall into a trap which drains their time. News is drama. It is also an entertainment. This loss of time or energy benefits no one. It becomes their lost time and it is gone for ever. LIFE : It’s like having a water tank on top that is feeding the shower at the bottom. We have just so much time to finish our bath before the water drains out. This analogy is applicable to real life too in our utilization of time.

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Everyday is a good day if things go our way. This can be accomplished only by doing things which we can control. We have no control over the actions of others or their feelings. As long as we do our job well and enjoy a honest days work, we would have lived a well lived life and could consider our life well lived as well. Time management, communication skills, team work, marketing timeline, meeting a deadline are few of the qualities that may come into play in making our lives easier. All we need to do is to follow them with sincerity and dedication. We are controlled by our mind and Our mindset may be that single entity which can make us or break us. It all depends on how we start our mornings. Early to rise have a fantastic health benefit to it. It uplifts our overall well being and energizes our mind. We tend to have a much sharper focus early in the morning than a late riser. People who are early birds do get up early and make sure to get the worm. An early morning shower will do the trick in firing us up to tackle the day.

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As the day progresses, our body is being tested to it’s limits. We need to be active, alert, thoughtful, decisive, communicative and attentive in what ever we do. We cannot lapse even for a second. This loss of concentration even for a fraction of a second could cost someone their life or their arm such as what we would see in construction work sites or during the operation of heavy machinery. From Sunrise to Sunset the entire day is our playground. We need to do what it takes to get the job done efficiently. Just doing work for the sake of doing it is plain waste to everyone concerned. But when we mix passion and pride into it, the flavors and the essence is bought out. This becomes contagious and starts catching on.

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With each passing day the water in the overhead tank is getting depleted and the time to complete our shower may be coming down fast to a trickle. In the end it will stop abruptly. It is at this time that we will wish that we had more time. But we will soon realize that it is the end of the line. We may have had many regrets and unfilled wishes. But we have already missed the boat. Regrets and unfilled wishes will remain that way for eternity. So in Life we are given only one chance to make it. Regrets such as forgetting to put on the soap or the shampoo and the unfilled wishes of taking on a hot bath in a Jacuzzi will remain unfilled unless and until we act upon it to materialize it and make it happen, when they were supposed to be acted upon. Once we have lost it there is no rewind button which will bring it back to us.

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As the day winds down so does our energy, concentration and productivity. Human body is not designed to sit behind a desk and stare at a screen with numbers. No wonder obesity has become an epidemic all across the World both in adults and children. We spend 1/3rd of our lives on the roads, the rest 1/3 at work, 1/2 we sleep and then the remaining time is all we have been given to live life. On analyzing this equation and studying this entire picture, we see that we do not have the full 24 Hours we were promised. So are we living life within this time period? Following the same old standard routine of following the guy before us is not life. This process by which each of us are following the same exact behavior as the guy before us leads us to an Ant like behavior. Ants do line up and follow the leader. How do we know who the leader is? Just follow the person ahead of you. This is what we are doing day in and day out. We have in fact become an assembly line ourselves. We face traffic both in the morning on the way to work and on the way back from work in the evening. We are also following each other at exactly the same time as each other. So what do we expect? A free road with no cars. Lets be logical. This has been going on like clock work for decades. It’s like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What we feed in is what comes out. Garbage in Garbage out.

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Every day is a good day if we start looking outside the box and stop following each other’s footsteps or comparing ourselves to each other. The time clock that is set for each of us is completely different. We have started our lives at different times and we will cease to exist at different time. All we have got is NOW. Are we following the money trail or is the money following us? The one which follows is the slave and the other its master. So are we living life to please ourselves or to please our master, Mr. MONEY. Everyday is a good day when we get to live our lives in our own terms. This Artificial World we have created for ourselves have taken us off track by giving us materialism. By following this process we have forgotten to live life, know what it stands for and understand what defines true life. Everyday is a good day when Families and friends stay close to us, give us the importance and accept us for who we are as a person rather than the artificial or fake respect people give us for what we have.

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Everyday is a great day when we are satisfied knowing that we have lived a honest life that is complete with no regrets or no strings attached. For sure, all of us will end in the same place. There is no escaping it. Life is not a race. It’s a journey. The destination is not important at all. All of us will get there at some point, some fast and others slow. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey by watching the scenery that unfolds before our very eyes at each turn. Missing this would be a totally wasted life. So enjoy the sights and sounds of life, smell the flowers, plant a few trees and watch them grow, spend time with family and friends laughing. This is all there is to life. In the end, when it’s time to go, we are gone.

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Most important of all, Don’t forget to pass on the baton. This may be the best day of our lives. It does lighten up our head and as an added benefit we may feel good about ourselves. By sharing our knowledge with anyone for that matter, that knowledge may help him or her in reaching new heights. By not sharing what we know, we tend to suppress it completely without it ever having a chance to see the light of the day, thereby benefiting no one. Any skill which we may have is like Art and Music. They are meant to be shared and not to be kept in storage. Every day is a good day when we get a chance to give something back to the community and to help someone somewhere, whom we may never meet.



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  1. Sathya Seelan says:

    Really enjoyed reading this.


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