STEPPING UP to the plate.

We live in a fast paced World that requires fast paced action in order to succeed. This also requires courage. People who have been introverts all their lives may have to come out of their comfort zone and step up to the plate by gathering the courage to do so. To be courageous requires self confidence, determination and the will power to succeed. The first step is always the hardest. Once we have crossed this milestone, it becomes pure repetition and brings in sheer joy. Being at the right place at the right time counts big time. Some of us may step up to the plate and throw in our towel while others may sit on the sidelines as spectators to see what happens. Let’s take the business of sports for example. It is in the entertainment business that is designed for the middle class. But entertainment is big business. We go in as spectators and watch a game. It is just a game. But we are still willing to pay big bucks for them. Why? Then we have food and parking costs to deal with. Because we wish to forget our life for just a few short hours, so we are willing to part with our hard earned dough. Once that is said and done we will go back to  our real lives and facing reality. But who is working behind the scenes in raking in the money? The owners of course and the players. They have thrown in their towel early on to reap its benefits. It may also involve their shareholders. It’s also analogous to swimming. We need to jump into the pool in order to learn swimming. The only other option is to be on the sidelines and watch others swim past us.

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From the minute we are born we are required to face the World head-on in order to survive. Somehow we have been innately given this unique quality for purposes of self-preservation. As we grow older, we have gained some control over it. Now we are able to manipulate it by tweaking it based on our needs. As we age we have accumulated  adequate experience and wisdom that goes with it. At this point of time we no longer feel the need to think about our movement forward and the actions we need to take to move it. It comes to us automatically. In fact we are self propelling ourselves to move in the direction in which we wish to move.

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Anything we do in life is based on the decisions which we make. It may be for the better or for the worse. Either way we are making decisions with each passing minute. Decisions take time, calculation, strategy and its application to that scenario. The outcome that comes out of it is based on the decisions which we had made previously. Most of us have stage fright. Why is it so hard to face so many people? They are of course of our own species? What is bringing on those fears?  How do we tackle them? While growing up most of us were never in a position to speak to a group and never had a chance to do so. So we have had no experience in it. Now once we are in the REAL World all of a sudden we are compelled to face the crowd. With no prior experience, the fight or flight response takes over. With our heart beating faster, sweat pouring onto our forehead, our fingers trembling, our mind confused and our voice becoming feeble, we take on that first courageous step towards the microphone. The first 5 minutes is the hardest. Once we get over that hump, all our emotions get curtailed which gives us more room to compose our thoughts and make our presentation. At last we have done it. Moving forward would be a breeze when making future presentations.

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Games are designed to bring on the spirit of the team, learn strategies, develop teamwork, help in collective planning and in building trust. Collectively this brings out the final outcome of the game. To enable this and to pull it off, each member of the team has to do their part. Without proper strategy and planning, anything in life would come to a halt. But everything starts off by putting the right foot forward. Without ever starting anything we are definitely going no where. In some cases we may be spinning our wheels all our lives by putting in the required energy and time into it, but in the end we may have nothing to show for. We may also find that we are in the same exact place where we had started years back. In order to achieve something we need to step back, take a hard look at the future path and plan ourselves accordingly by taking appropriate action that may help us move towards our goals.

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When we make bread we need to have all the right ingredients before we even get started. Plus we also need to know the steps involved in making it from start to finish. But the hardest thing is to get started. Once we have the entire operation in mind, we take that first step and proceed to making it happen. So only by stepping up to the plate can we make anything happen. In Life we have only two choices. One is to jump right in on what we wish to do and accomplish it. This requires using our mind and making some calculated guesses. Obviously as we all know there are no guarantees in life. The second choice is to sit on the sidelines and watch the World go by without doing a thing.

It’s time to come out of our comfort zone and face the World head on. It’s time to step up to the plate and make miracles happen. Miracles do exist for a reason. By doing so we may improve our own Life and also help contribute to the lives of others by helping to improve them. So go ahead and take that first step toward success.



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