INVEST in Experiences, NOT on Stuff.

Our Life is filled with experiences of all sorts from the day we are born till the day we die. Some of them are on the good side while others are not so. When we were young we were completely naive to the World around us, so we had made a lot of mistakes as a result of our inexperience. As we age we have already faced many similar situations which in turn has given us the much needed experience. Once in a while we may also face something new altogether, a new situation. Once we master it, It will be a new feather which is added onto our cap and it will also be an addition to our bank of experiences. Experiences and failure both are excellent teachers. Without whom we will never be able to achieve success. Experiences, especially the bad ones do make us stronger and take us from the bottom to the top due to the very fact that it solidifies our will power to accomplish anything we wish to strive for. As we see more and more failures, see more doors shut on our faces, the more NO’s we hear, and the more we are kicked out, the more determined we will be. So failure is not that bad unless and until we refuse to learn from them.

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Today we live in a highly materialistic World. We are THE largest consumers of STUFF on this Planet. This is stuff which we do not need but we still throw tons of money at it. It is usually a result of impulse buys and boredom which is a deadly combination for our wallet. Once the desire is gone after purchase, buyers remorse kicks in. Ultimately this stuff ends up in the landfill, in the garage or in the basement like an unwanted rag doll with no value what so ever. So why do we buy and hoard these things. Because stuff gives us perceived happiness for a very short time. People always think that having tons of money will enable them to buy anything they want to and wish for. That’s only true to a certain degree. Can it give us lasting memories? Can we buy lost moments ? Of course not. Because material things gets outdated very soon and it also goes out of fashion. It is usually a passing fad. After purchase of any stuff, we soon forget the price we had paid for it because the value that we had entrusted it with also soon fades out too. Now it becomes worthless in our own eyes. Consuming less stuff also helps our environment. The less we consume, the less we pollute. Each of us are directly or indirectly contributing to pollution through our consumption.

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On the other hand there are somethings in life which may cost us nothing but are very rich in giving us experiences. Experiences stay with us for life but stuff stays with us only for a short duration. Experiences are usually packed with good memories. Spending time together as a family, going on a trip, travelling cross country or travelling to the other side of the World etc. gives us something which money cannot buy. It gives us rich experiences. We get to taste different foods, enjoy the sights & sounds, meet new people, experience different cultures, learn new languages, appreciate diversity, respect our differences and learn from our indifference. It also help us take tons of photographs to freeze that moment for life. 100 years from now when we look at those pictures, it will be a true sight to behold and admire by refreshing our old memories. Travelling not only gives us new experiences, but also packs us with a respect for others, and to be open minded. This helps in being open to learning new things and to look at things from a different perspective as well.

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Investing our hard earned money on experiences is like reading a book that is rich in valuable information. With each turning page, new experiences are unleashed. And each page has an unique story to tell that is unique to itself. For example, we will never be able to understand what’s special about a cruise trip unless we have been in one. We cannot read about this in a book. Certain things in life need to be experienced first hand in order to understand it fully. Money in the bank is just that: money in the bank. It does not do anything until we put it to work for us. If we do not put it to work for us, someone will make it work for them. Experiences may also be considered as investments in Life experiences. Just like anything in life this too costs money. But this might be money well spent.

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Image result for house boat in kerala

Saving our money towards experiences will help us keep our house free of clutter, more space to move around, less bills, less headaches, less worries, and less junk. It will also help us create a lot more space to hold onto our good memories by way of new and newer experiences. Remember to pack your Life with Less Junk and More experiences.



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