Does our MINDSET change with age?

Our mindset is not the same now as it was 20 years back. Change is good if it’s for the better. During the course of our lives we make countless mistakes. The key is to pick ourselves up after falling down and learning from those mistakes to avoid it’s repetition. Our needs do change as we age. So does the requirements. Early on in life all we were supposed to do in life was to study hard, play well, enjoy the time with friends and have a jolly time. There was no need to worry about money or where the next meal came from. Everything was taken care of by our parents. During midlife, we have hopefully covered all the basics of family life including tuition for kids. Then comes the age when we start worrying about guiding our kids to settle in Life and then something hits us very hard from behind. Oh! It must be our retirement. With each stage in our life we need to make the right decisions in order to progress to the next one successfully. Our mindset also determines who we are, who we will become or what we are made of. It also determines our success or failure. So we have a lot at stake here.

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Life gives us only one chance to make it. Rarely do we get any second chances. With our ever changing mindset we must learn to adapt and pivot at a moment notice based on what our gut feeling or intuition tells us. Lets look into the different stages of life: Infant,  childhood, adolescence, early adulthood and Adult.  As an infant our only need was to be loved, cared for and to be fed. As a child growing up we needed to make friends, get new toys and play for ever. In the stage of adolescence and early childhood puberty sets in and the hormones start going crazy. We start looking to impress others and want to create a name for ourselves by working towards a job, a goal and a family. As an Adult we have seen all that need to be seen, been there and done that. Time to settle down and pursue something which we love to do but have never done it before. May be it is a hobby, travelling, spending time with family and friends or just passing the day doing nothing.

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Now we can see that our mind goes through various changes at each level of our development. With each passing year new challenges may pop up and may need to be met to help us sustain our current growth with the promise for future growth. Just like anything in life there are no guarantees. There are many books written on the topic of life and self improvement but there is no book written which covers the step by step approach to life in finite detail. We do not have such an instruction manual for life because it is not available anywhere. The reason there can be no such book because it is nearly impossible to cover all scenarios in life that we can fit into one such book. Also everyone’s situation varies from time to time and from place to place. In this case each of us must have our own books to write on and to plan for our future. Our future is in our hands and not in others. It is our life and it is our future. I don’t think anyone would be interested in helping us write our future. Would we like it? Of course not.

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Life cannot be led nor followed by a cookie cutter approach. One size does not fit all. It need to be customized by that individual based on what suits his or her needs. We need to learn to take life as it comes. It will throw a lot of hurdles and punches at us. It is our job to fight it and move forward. Here’s where our mindset come in. We need to be mentally tough to face anything in life. Only the individual with a strong mindset can survive. Others may perish to no avail. This is reality whether we like it or not. Our mindset does play a major role in our very survival. Say we are lost in the woods with just a compass in hand. It is getting dark and there is no shelter in sight. Our mind needs to switch into survival mode automatically and help guide us in seeking shelter, warmth and food. Without this we may not survive to see the light of day the following morning. On the other hand, if our mind dictates us to give up we sure will be a lost soul.

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From day one we are fighting for our very survival in real life. Once we enter the public arena, there is competition in everything we do. There may be times when we may even need to fight for food for our own self preservation. At times of famine and drought, people do lot of things out of desperation which may include eating anything that moves. So our mind and our mindset is what helps us overcome obstacles and guides us to move forward to fight for our own selfish needs. This may help ensure our very survival. If not we would have been long gone.


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