STANDING UP for who we are.

It’s a matter of principle and a matter of doing what is right. This is what standing up for stands for. It does not mean that we should stand up for something even though everyone around knows that it is wrong. We need to stand up for what we believe in and for what is the right thing to do. It’s also stands for the integrity in us. The truth always wins no matter what. Just because the World believes that something is right does not make it right even though it is actually wrong in reality. We are what we are and what we stand up for. This is our signature. Without which we are just a number within a huge number of 7 Billion people who inhabit this Planet. That’s 1: 7 Billion.  So what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack? It must be our character. This is what sets us apart from the rest of us.

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Being given a number and being accepted to be part of this larger group within our civilization means something. Being accepted for who we are is another story in itself. Many people lead their lives to impress others, use their connections to land jobs for themselves & family or accept bribes to get something done for someone. This is reality in action. We see and hear about this in the news more frequently than not. There will always be a right way to do the job and a wrong way. The right way is usually the hardest and the slowest, but is quite straightforward. It is honest living at its best and it defines our character by it standing up for who we really are inside. On the other hand the wrong way seem to be the easiest and sometimes the fastest. This route may not be the safest in most cases, making it a convoluted route towards violence.

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In life we have the unique opportunity to face both the good and the bad. In essence there is no in between. Either we are on the good side or on the bad. It is up to us to make up our mind to go the harder but safer route or take the much easier and the dangerous route. There are many businesses which fall in the grayscale within this shaded area where things are done on the bad side under the cover of the good. This gives them the best of both Worlds. It may be short lived or It may rake in big bucks but imagine the plight and the life of the individual who toils in there day in and day out under these illegal and immoral circumstances. Miserable may the right word to be used in this context. Money is not everything in life. But it is something. We all need it to take us from Point A at birth to Point B our grave. How we lived our life is all that matters. Rest of it is made up or Artificial. We did it to ourselves and designed it ourselves for ourselves.

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When our hands are clean and our mind is clear, we need to answer to no one but to Self. But on the other hand, when our hands are dirty our mind gets polluted with dirt. Now we are in a situation where we have to answer to everyone. When our hand is clean we are at peace with ourselves. On the contrary, our emotions override us and takes over even the little peace that we have within us. All it takes is one wrong action to be on the other side, the transition from good to the bad. Sometimes we may never know that we are on the other side even though our actions may seem legit. In this materialistic society in which we live our lives, we are worshipped for the money and wealth we possess. Because this is ONLY what others can see. They cannot see the character of a person, since it is a quality or virtue and not a material product. So it stands no ground in today’s World of materialism and consumption. But the character of the person who owns them may be questionable. Once that line is crossed there is no turning back. We get scarred for life. People who may have looked up to us as role models may shift their focus from us to look for green pastures elsewhere.

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Life is meant to be lived with character without which we will definitely lose our own identity in the process, JUST by crossing that invisible divide. We will need to stand up for righteousness and for what we believe in if and only if it is good for all Humanity. If our belief stems from some ideology, it may not do good to all. Standing up for what is right will help us live a much better life filled with honesty, integrity, respect for self and respect for others. This will be a well lived life, lived with no regrets. In the end when the time comes we need to answer to no one, but to ourselves. This will be the end of the line for us and what remains of us will remain only in the minds of people whom we have touched while we were alive. As for the rest, our body will return to Earth as part of Earth.




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