ADAPTING to any situation.

Man was put on this planet for a purpose. It did not happen by chance. There must be a reason why we are here. Many before us did not make it nor were they given a tiny  chance in life. Why is it that we were given this chance when many were denied of it? What makes us so special to be given this opportunity? There is no justification on who gets to live and who gets to go. This is life. Nature is very mysterious in many ways but it does charm us into its admiration, beauty and the hidden dangers which it holds. We were also given this unique intellectual ability to think, create, innovate, invent and discover. No other species on this Planet has been given this gift. Now that we have it what are we going to do with it? Are we going to use it to create something or use it for any other means? We are a species that have adapted well in order to procreate and sustain our species in any given condition. The proof is that we have survived so far. Plants and animals too adapt well to survive and they have come up with extraordinary ways to do so. This may include camouflage, changing colors, using stripes and other tactics.

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We have populated ourselves in the remotest of islands, on the highest peaks, in the  lowest valleys and in the harshest of climates. What does this say about us?  It defines us of who we are as a species. It tells us the tale of our ability to survive anywhere. We have beaten all the odds to survive for many centuries and still continue to do so. Everything points to our intellectual ability to adapt, create and survive anything. We are master builders, craftsman, engineers, doctors, pharmaceuticals, ship builders and what not. We are able to build anything from miniature and microscopic products that exists in the nano-scale to the construction of Super tankers and mega planes. We have learned to identify medicinal plants that have been provided to us by nature. On the other hand we have manipulated the art of making synthetic medications. This is our story.

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But what about the story of each of us as individuals. Collectively we have all survived as a civilization which in fact had a dark past. We are beyond it now. Today, at times we seem to act civilized but we seem to be heading in the wrong direction and going backwards towards those barbaric dark ages. It’s one step froward and three steps back. What can we as individuals do in doing our part? The World today really does fit into the palm of our hand. We have gotten used to the society norms within whose boundaries we live, work, play. Did I say live? Living the so called civilized life. We have literally adapted well by transitioning ourselves from the primitive old ways to the relatively new ways of modern living. To do our part we will need to adapt and survive our modern lifestyle which is in fact moving very rapidly away from nature instead of going towards it. We will also need to be working with nature  in order to maintain and sustain a symbiotic relationship. This is not the case which we have been seeing in the past few decades.

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To adapt well we will need to live with nature and get to live in it to know what it has to offer us. Once it is manipulated and destroyed, we will be literally destroying ourselves. In real life on the other hand our ability to adapt to our surroundings may raise the question of whether we will sink or swim. We should be able to read between the line and we need to be trained to read the fine print as well these days. It’s not an option any more. Either we adapt or we sink. This is what we have at hand. The solution to it is based on the decision we come up with followed by its careful execution. This will finally determine its outcome.

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We should get ourselves exposed to any number of possible situations which may help us tackle and handle anything, if any such event arises during our lifetime. The more exposure we have in real life the more prepared we will be. Technology have essentially taken over our entire lives, right from home automation, self driving cars, GPS, On demand movies etc. If we are late to adapt or refuse to follow its course we will be left behind. Remember the rabbit years for the TV, the brick sized cell phones or the analog phones of yesterday. They do not even exist today. If they do exist they may not serve their function or purpose. This is the path we are heading which may be good or bad. It depends on our view point and the angle at which we look at it. Just as we have adapted to every possible situations that would ensure our survival on this Planet, to survive in this artificial World we have created for ourselves we will need to learn quickly to adapt, pivot and change based on the circumstance. This too will pass and we will overcome this too. To do this we will need to take out the survival tools from our tool kit and use it just as we have used it for thousands of years right from our first steps on this Planet.

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We could learn a lot from nature just by first observing, and then by using all our senses to explore the ecosystem around us. Both Animals and plants have adapted themselves to survive under various climatic situations based on the availability of food. When a food source is not readily available, they tend to modify and adapt themselves to survive by feeding on what is available. There’s a lot more to learn but our lifetime may not be enough to do so.


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