Have we become LAZY?

Our ancestors did what it took them to put bread on the table and to provide for themselves and their families to have a roof over their heads. Sometimes the whole village chipped in the construction of each of their homes. Collectively they were able to accomplish this by leaving no one behind. Everyone knew everybody and each of them watched each others back. They helped each other. Raw manual labor was the norm of the day. Everyone worked from dawn to dusk. This included kids of all ages. They were put to work right from the beginning. They grew their own produce, cooked their own food, built their own buildings, and strictly enforced discipline among them. Sweat equity was shared and everyone chipped in. It was very hard but they did it. There were no eat outs or roadside food trucks. At the end of the day there were no TV screens to glare at nor did they have any social media to waste their time on. They did follow the Sun from sunrise to sunset. This was their time clock. They woke up before the Sun and wound down their day dead tired with an early dinner followed by sound sleep. They did not even know what stress was. That was then.

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This is now. Gathering food is not a concern anymore nor is having a roof over our heads. We have spoiled ourselves by being able to order anything and everything by phone or online just by clicking a few buttons and it is there in our doorsteps. Today we do not even need to get up from our couch. We can watch TV, change the channels using remote control, have food arrive, make calls, browse the internet, buy a house, reach anyone anywhere, all without ever getting up from the couch. If we could afford to pay someone or delegate all our affairs such as having a chef, a butler, a personal trainer, a personal banker, a beautician, a tailor, a chauffeur, a personal secretary to maintain our daily schedule, a call center to take our calls, a manager to run each of our businesses, a maid, a pilot for our private jet, or a captain for our yacht etc, we would do it and we literally do not even have to do a thing. Welcome to THE World of delegation. This will also give us a reason not to get out of bed. No wonder our health is dipping down and spirally downward. We have little to no exercise and to top it we eat anything that we see. We are addicted to drugs such as caffeine and sugars. We can also hire anyone Worldwide to get any gig done. We do not even have to climb stirs anymore for which we have elevators and escalators and to move us on flat ground through airports. To start our cars on a cold wintry days we have starters for our car which can start our cars, open or close the windows & doors and start the heating system. Nowadays we do not even have to drive anymore. Cars may soon park itself in the near future and we may be able to summon it to come to us instead of the other way around.

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When we go shopping, we look for the closest parking space next to the entrance. At times people are also seen literally fighting for a parking spot. We have reached a point where we are not even willing to walk a few more steps each day. What has become of us and our society? What is wrong here? Where and when did we start getting lazy? What can we learn from our ancestors? We want everything in an instant. We want to use the word FAST in everything. No wonder fast foods have established themselves everywhere. They are giving customers what they want and even faster. Even delivery is free in most cases. People sometimes get upset when they need to wait. Like children sometime we see temper tantrums in them as well. Is this the height of our laziness?

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Texting has become the norm in communicating with each other fast. The art of talking over a phone or even face to face communication is fast fading out. People do not even wish to talk anymore because it is not fast enough. The next step up may be to start reading minds or using telepathy to communicate over long distances. So we can talk silently with each other. Looks like we will be seeing a very silent World in the near future. May be we would reinvent the wheel all over again by reinventing the sign language, the cave drawings, the languages, tablet writing etc etc. Now the question may arise. Are we moving forward or travelling backwards by slicing time and heading back in the direction of the past.

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Laziness is a mindset and we have gotten used to it. We also have been conditioned by it to have it accepted by us as the new normal. It’s like giving a child everything he or she wants. Thus the child ends up being spoiled and placed within that bubble. Since that child does not have to put in any effort in getting anything, the value in the final outcome does not exist in that situation. On the other hand if the child had to work for each and everything which they are wishing to procure, that effort has some value attached to it. At that point that child may not even want to have that product because they value their effort and does not want to waste his or her hard earned money on that product. Here the value of effort, and sweat equity is being given importance over the product. In life when we get something for nothing we will never value it. But if we had poured in our blood, sweat and tears into it we would have instilled in it some value and we would be proud to have achieved it through our efforts, our sacrifices and our time.

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Let’s snap out of it and get moving. Life is short. Our bodies are not designed to sit behind desks, stare at computer screens, eat anything and everything, lock ourselves in a cubicle, work 9-5 jobs, get stuck in traffic jams, pay bills nor buy on impulse. We are designed by nature to work hard outdoors, expose ourselves to the elements, grow our own crops, eat what we harvest and share that crop along with the happiness it gives to everyone around us. Then when its time to sleep we will sleep like a baby with no strings attached. And when its time to go we will leave peacefully with no regrets.







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