Blocks of OUR TIME.

Are we using our time wisely? Do we know its value? Do we realize it’s inherent nature?Are we using this finite resource with prudent care? Are we prioritizing our time? What are we using our time for? If each block of wood stood for one hour of our life, would we be wasting any of them. I don’t think so. To appreciate the time we have got we need to condition ourselves to understand and value them. Once time is lost, it can never be brought back or even purchased. We can make all the money in the world at anytime during our lives whether it is at 12 years of age or 112 years of age. But time is not for sale and it never was for anyone in the past nor at the present. So how do we dissect and manage time and make it our ally.

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All we have got is 24 hours to work with. The same as everyone else including the rich. Say we recharge our batteries through sleep for 8 hours on average. We have 16 hours left at our disposal to manage and use at our discretion. Using our time efficiently may enable us to prioritize our time by managing it efficiently and without it being wasteful. So how do we manage it at a visual level and have something which we can hold in our hands at the same time. By doing this, by the use of these blocks we can visualize it clearly by touching and feeling time rather than just keeping track of it by staring at our clocks or watches. The dark cubes stand out for non productive time such as while we are sleeping. We could use 24 blocks of any material to keep track of time. We could also color code them and customize them that will suit our individual needs. We could arrange them in any sequence or in any order. We could use it anyway we like and plan our own schedule according to our convenience and any method that is comfortable to us. We will need to create a pattern of its use that will be convenient for us and is easy to use. The bottom line is to keep track of it. This is a simple and cost effective method to create a visual effect in us and hopefully this may lead us to lead a more productive and efficient life without wasting time. We will need to experiment with it firsthand to see what works and what does not.

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WE consider precious metals and gemstones to be much more precious than anything else. But what we are unaware is that time is much more precious than any of them. Unless we wake up to this fact we might be losing out on many opportunities that may be stalking us. The rich are fully aware of this and are readily being able to make use of this unique point by understanding it fully. They also teach their kids at a tender ages so it sticks. They only do things what they love and they delegate the rest which in truth is that they are putting it to work for them in absentia. Since they know the value of time, they are in a position to buy everyone else’s time. Now they have created time for themselves to do what they really want to do. As for the rest of us Folks we are literally at their mercy and are literally bound in a take it or leave it situation. If we do not take it someone else will.

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We can do whatever we want to do with our time. We are THE Master of our TIME if we do have the control over it but if it controls us and has control over our life, we will be in fact it’s slave and at its service for the rest of our lives. Our life on this Planet is miniscule, irrelevant and very insignificant when we compare it to the never ending Geological time scale. We are basically renting this Planet and have been using this artificially created unit of measurement for measuring time to ease the passage through life. This gives us an yardstick on how far have we have travelled so far, at point of it are we in currently and it also gives us the measure on how far more to go. The ball is in our court now. What we do with it is our choice. What will we do and What are our plans for it?  Only time will tell.


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