When the days are long in Summer, we get to stay awake and stay out much longer than when its winter. We get to do many more outdoor activities. If we live in the northern hemisphere, due to the tilt of the Earth, winters have much shorter daylight hours. As we head closer to the Arctic its, at its extremes both during summer and in winter in terms of the availability of the Sun. It’s starts getting dark at 4 PM, maybe even earlier during winter. We go to work in the dark and come home when it’s dark. So we are literally tied to this routine for over 7 months out of the year. As a result most people who live in the northern hemisphere tend to be Vitamin D deficient.

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During winter we need to keep moving to stay warm outdoors or move indoors by the fireplace. When the harsh winter sets in, our lives are literally turned upside down. We need to clean the snow on the windshield, the driveway and everything else. Then there are the dangers associated with driving,  loss of traction, accidents etc. frostbite and hypothermia is not helpful either. There are many winter activities that we can engage ourselves in. But we choose to stay indoors, eat well and keep warm. Our metabolism also increases too during this time. Since daylight is at a premium, we need to use it to the max by exposing ourselves to it to keep fit.

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During Summer, any place within range of the the arctic circle have the midnight sun where the Sun never seems to set. People have adapted themselves to setting their alarm clocks, closing the dark blinds and going to sleep as if nothing is happening outside. It’s their norm. Now let’s consider that it’s summer. What do we do now? We have plenty of daylight. During the day we have conditioned ourselves to work by adjusting our clocks. Once we get home we have plenty of time to plan our schedule to maximize this natural phenomenon. Say we have time from 5 PM to 9 PM. That’s 4 hours each day which is extra. Then we also have the weekends.

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So how do we maximize this valuable time. We could cook for the whole week in advance and then enjoy some family time together each and every day. We could plan our life moving forward or we could even declutter of homes. We can choose to do whatever we like. Most of all we could learn about gardening , start a garden and watch it grow. We could learn about the birds and bees that come to visit these flowers and watch the miracles of nature and watch nature in action, that is by watching it unfold right before our very eyes. Camping, birdwatching, hiking, sightseeing, travelling etc are some of the few activities that may interest us.

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Some suggestions would be to:

  1. Catch up on family time
  2. Soak up the Sun
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Arrange to have your financial house in order
  5. Plan an educational trip
  6. Invest in experiences and not on stuff
  7. Declutter
  8. Socialize with family and friends
  9. Understand the meaning of our life
  10. What is its purpose
  11. Exercise
  12. Take self improvement courses
  13. Learn a new Language
  14. Travel and learn something new
  15. Make new friends
  16. Have a get together or reunion
  17. Brainstorm with someone
  18. learn to cook
  19. Play games
  20. Grow a garden
  21. Look into a telescope
  22. Develop new hobbies
  23. Take a hike or bike
  24. Learn new skills
  25. Write a book
  26. Camp outdoors
  27. head to the beach
  28. Complete chores
  29. Read a book a day
  30. Learn something new daily
  31. Help someone
  32. Volunteer at a food bank
  33. Donate clothes
  34. learn to invest in yourselves
  35. Browse the web and learn  something new and useful

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These are some of my ideas. Please share with us your ideas as well. This will help us to learn from each other. This is the whole idea of blogging. To share and learn. Whatever we have set out to do in our lives, each of us are given only 24 Hours. No one is given more and no one is given less. That’s all we have got. We need to use it to maximize it, for it to be used efficiently. We do not want any part of it to go a waste. Time is a finite commodity which cannot be bought. It is priceless.We can always make more money but we cannot make more time.  This time becomes even more precious during winter than during summer. We need to learn to value and respect time year round whether it be summer or winter. It will help us save time one second at a time.





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