Plastic or glass: KITCHEN CONTAINERS.

Back then, milk was delivered to homes each morning in glass bottles. Today it’s plastic and the daily delivery routes seems to have lost its charm. Today we walk into big box stores and walk out with whatever we need or don’t need in bulk. As we all know most of it goes a waste anyway, still we are obsessed by the so called wholesale prices. With the perception of getting something at low cost, people tend to stock up on literally everything they need and mostly things which they don’t need. Most of the purchases are actually impulse buys.

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As we walk into any store, 99 % of it is processed food and the remaining 1% may be natural food. So where do we find REAL and NATURAL FOOD that is unadulterated. Nowhere. Because it does not exist anywhere. Literally 100 % of all foods products are packed in plastic containers. Why is it so? Because they are in fact a byproduct of petroleum waste and someone had thought to capitalize on it. And it has worked so well through marketing and red tape all these years and we are all stuck to this habitually. They have even ended up in our kitchen shelves and into our refrigerators. Food and chemicals do not mix and are not supposed to. Kitchen is very sacred to all of us. We are what we eat. But we have allowed them, plastics and food to mix. We use plastic containers to store foods, carry lunch to work, carry food in it during camping or even in office picnics. BPA is only one of the many chemicals in plastics. Since it has been scrutinized the most, marketing efforts have stuck to them and labelled the products as BPA free. This is what the public wants to hear. So the customers were given what they wanted. Now everyone seems to be happy. Today most of us do not even question it, even when we know the true nature of the beast. Since it is helping us in our everyday life, we are tending to look the other way. The reason plastics have gained traction is because it is very cheap to manufacture, it can be molded into any shape, size and color. It also has a very long shelf life meaning it is virtually indestructible. It is found in the oceans, remote islands, land, lake , streams, rivers, in fish and inside birds. Microplastics may have found its way inside us too by now. Ultimately it has come down to money”: The bottom line cost.

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What about glass? Glass is pure and neutral to all foods. It is colorless, odorless. does not attract bacteria and is easy to keep clean. But it is highly breakable. Hence we have shunned its use. But it can be melted and recycled over and over again and it does not contribute to the destruction of our environment. It too has a long shelf life it treated with care. Even tempered glass has certain applications, but it is also breakable when a certain amount of load in excess is applied to it. It has a tension limit tied to it as well. It is also heavy. Many people want something that is lightweight, durable and cheap. Even though glass is the healthy way to hold anything from solids, or liquids, it will take a lot of effort in trying to convince people to start using it again. Unless they try to use it themselves and start seeing the positive points of its use, we will be stuck to plastics throughout life. This may not be good for our health, the health of our oceans, the health of the air we breathe and the environment in which we live. In short it may have the power to destroy our Planet.Image result for food storage containersImage result for food storage containers

Everyone wants to have ease and convenience in their lives. But it comes at a cost. Our Health may be paying the price. Glass is clean and healthy but all of us have chosen to use plastics instead even though we know that it is highly detrimental to everything we use it for, Mainly it’s association with food. The sad part is and the question we need to ask ourselves is: How did it end up in our kitchen? Why are we using plastic plates, Plastic cups, styrofoam plates and cups, plastic straws and plastic cutlery. Is it an addiction or is it because we do not have any other option, which is Plan B? Or Are we afraid to stop its use and start using glass instead?   Habits are hard to break, but if the breakup is for the good of the entire Planet, it’s high time each of us bring it on to ourselves to make that change.

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We can use whatever we like and no one is going to stop us. But our Health is worth much more than anything else in life, that includes convenience. So we need to make a Healthy choice for ourselves, our families, our society, our Country and on behalf of the entire Planet. Because what happens on end of the Planet will eventually come to us for sure. No wonder, it’s a very small World afterall.

So we have a choice to make here: Plastic or Glass. The decision that we make today may be ‘THE’ decision which may change the course of OUR HEALTH and THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET.

Now the ball is in your court. You know what to do with it.


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  1. Wednesday Wild says:

    I totally agree glass is just all around a better choice.


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