Less Luggage MORE COMFORT.

When we plan for a trip we are all excited to carry almost our whole house with us to our destination. We wish to carry everything that we have become accustomed to on a daily basis such as everything from our hairdryer to our favorite soap. In the process of doing so we will be over packing the bags. More luggage means more cost to transport them to where ever we are going. It may also be heavier on our backs by weighing us down and our body may pay the ultimate price of a cracked wrist, a twisted back or a shattered elbow. So It’s much better to carry one small bag verses carrying 10 big ones. The less we have with us the more comfortable we will be while travelling.

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This holds good in real life too. All of us seem to be carrying too much luggage on our backs from dawn till dusk each and every day with no intention of ever taking it off. You might be thinking  by now what luggage would that be. We will be in fact carrying this luggage throughout our adult lives. Most people even take it to their own graves without ever getting a chance to unload it even for a short while. Everyone seems to be carrying them even though they see that they get no benefit out of it. It is virtual, it cannot be seen or touched, but can only be felt by self. Few examples of what is in this baggage of ours are as follows: Jealousy, hatred, greed, envy, etc. This is a very short list. The entire list may be as long as a mile or more for many.  If carried for too long it burns a hold in our pockets and it does eat us from within. From inside out. We cannot share it because it is spiteful to others and no one wants it. We do not want it but we tend to keep it because the longer we keep it within us, we get used to it and start accepting it as part of us. When we are told to shun and part with it, we are highly reluctant because we are afraid to lose it for the fear that lurk inside us and are fearful of coming to the surface. Without which we fear that we might lose our inner security as well.

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Like in life, once we get used to a particular routine we are afraid to let go of that pace and that path which we travel on a day to day basis. Imagine that you are travelling to work along the same route for the past 15 years. During this time your car turns automatically at each turn and stops at each light without us ever thinking, as if we are being controlled by a computer or by robots. One fine day we notice that the road ahead is shut down for construction and there is a detour sign. All of a sudden we become active, our senses get alerted and we are preparing ourselves to come out of our bubble and face the situation ahead head on. If our life was monotonous, it would have no meaning at all. It’s the variety in life that adds flavor and essence to the meaning of our lives. The same holds good for the excess baggage that we are carrying unnecessarily throughout our lives. If each and everyone of us are carrying so much luggage, it will wear us down and drain us of our energy. Once we learn to let go of it, we will feel much lighter and we will in turn have the energy to do whatever we want in life without much weight weighing us down. Thereby we can lighten our self up and pass through life with ease.

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Each of us have some form of energy in and around us similar to the Earth’s magnetic field. We could feel the vibe when we approach a person. There are certain jobs which require a lot in dealing with people on a daily basis. After a while with many years of such experience we are in fact able to read people just like how we would read a book. We have been there and done that. We have seen anything and everything that we need to see and hear. People do come in all shapes, sizes, qualities, personalities and form. As a matter of fact we might even start reading minds and start reading the messages they carry for us, about us or that is against us. People are people. Some will love us, and some will hate us. This is life. We are who we are nor can we change our self for anyone. Nor can they change for us. We seem to be not happy with our looks either. No wonder plastic surgery is a booming industry where people are willing to pay big bucks to go under the scalpel. We carry so much excess luggage in the form of negativity and too much negative emotions that it is draining us of our vital energy from our brain. So we have almost no energy to shift our focus on what’s really important to us and then work on it. We are literally drained out at the end of the day because all the energy is channeled towards the negative side. Instead if we focus on the positive we would achieve positive results. Do good and good will come to us. What goes around does come around. This is reality and this is raw life.

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When we focus our energy on others, start comparing ourselves to others, envying others, we will start to lose our individual identities and take on the identity of that other person. In other words we are living their life and not leading ours. In that process we get completely lost. In life we have only one chance to be who we are and we do not want to blow it for sure. We both know it. We do not want to be carrying bad luggage on our backs by despising people for who they are, what they do, how they dress, or how they live. They are living their life. We must be living our life. That’s what we are here for. We are not here on this Planet to find fault with one another or to assess each other. We are merely renting this space as short term renters. When it’s time for us to go, we are dead and gone. We will become part of Earth. That’s the end of the line and end of a chapter. Another renter takes our place. This is all there is to life. What’s important is to live our life to the fullest helping each other make each other’s life a bit easier. A little help goes a long way.

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So lets unload our luggage with all its contents whether it negative emotions or bad qualities. Get rid of it. It benefits no one, not even us. So why keep it and hold on to it. Once we place it on the ground we will feel much relieved that we have finally learned to let go of this excesses which we had carried all along. Now that we feel so light, we will feel that we can carry the Earth on our backs. This is powerful and we can feel this power originating from within us. This is a very good feeling of self content and inner happiness. Once we achieve this there is nothing else like it on this Planet. So we need to learn to let go and live our lives, which is our own minus the excesses and the excuses.






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