Are we clean? What about WITHIN US ?

Right from an young age we are taught to brush our teeth, trim our nails, clear our bowels, comb our hair and take a shower daily. This is the first thing we are taught to do when we get up in the morning. As we mature through various stages in life we still continue to do the same throughout our lives, of course subconsciously without anyone ever telling us to do so.  So we were taught to take care of the exterior of our bodies by keeping it clean. But what about the interior of us? Our society has conditioned us to admire ourselves on the outside and to look good for others. But who cares for our inner looks? None, NOBODY? It is only us who would care for what is within each of us.

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In a society where outer looks are respected and appreciated much more than the character of a person, right from the get go something is drastically wrong here. A small wound need to be treated with a little medication and possibly a tiny bandage around it. But what we are doing instead is to cover it with makeup and other means to mask it. We are actually not treating the wound but we are just masking the symptoms or the looks of it by applying make up over it so we would look better in the eyes of others. Since the make up has no healing powers, it would be much smarter to switch to some real medication to expedite healing.

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People spend so much time and money on cosmetics, makeup, perfumes, fashion clothing and jewelry in any given day. This is in fact discretionary spending. But people still do it because it gives them something which no other product can give. A sense of euphoria and a false sense of well being. Many psychological events can trigger a spending spree in which the individual may have no money to pay for their purchases, but they still do their shopping chores by swiping their plastic cards. When it’s time to pay up, they get deeper into distress and go about doing their shopping again and again to relieve their inner self. Then they get deeper and deeper into the hole.  At the point of no return they just give up entirely. This cycle keeps repeating itself until something lets go.

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Now that we have covered our exterior let’s explore the interior rooms of our house. Our Body is our home and is very sacred. It is also our innate responsibility to ourselves to keep it that way. What we eat is what we will be. Our feelings will also reflect what we think. Certain emotions are much more powerful than others. Happiness is one of them. The origin of each of our emotions stems from deep within our bodies. WE are highly trained to keep our exterior house clean meanwhile our interior are in pieces. We were never taught on how to keep our interior house clean. So we have learned to fill it with  junk, filth and everything in between. These basically destroys us from within without us even knowing that it is happening. We are walking into our homes with those street shoes and making this sacred home dirty. We walk from a public rest room to our bedroom with the same shoes without ever taking it off and in doing so we are carrying all those germs to our abode, our bedroom. Our kids will follow suit. There is a loss of discipline and respect here for ourselves. Our inner happiness reflect on our faces and in all the actions that we do day to day.

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Like carrying excess luggage on our backs such as Jealousy, hatred, ego etc, we will not be affecting anyone else in a negative way, but instead we are in fact destroying ourselves from within ourselves. So a clean mind in a clean home will do the trick in keeping dark forces out and happiness in. Many people may not like us, but as long as we are clean within ourselves and have done no one any harm, we can sleep like a baby. We also will need to answer to no one but to ourselves. Holding a grudge against someone is a very common disease that is breaking society and families apart. Same goes for others on the excess baggage list. We cannot change anyone’s feeling against us. But we can only do what is Humanly possible, stay out of their way and let them do their thing by living their life and we live ours. Let’s not get in their path and they will not get into ours. If they try to get it we may need to draw a line and go our route. Sometimes avoidance is bliss.

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Life is not a bed of roses. It also cannot be planned in advance from Cradle to the grave.  If that was the case we would all be living a well planned life with no mistakes made. We will need to take life as it comes. By staying clear of negativity and other dark matters, we could break ourselves from the invisible chains that bind us. To be clean on the interior and to steer clear of others, here are some tips:

  1. Be clean on the inside with a clean and a clear heart
  2. Be kind and respectful to everyone
  3. Give and expect nothing back
  4. Help out
  5. Get rid of all excess luggage’s in our life
  6. Learn to let go and live life
  7. Forgive and forget
  8. Live within our means
  9. Choose simplicity or frugality over materialism
  10. Consume less. This will help in less pollution.
  11. Spend quality time with family and friends
  12. Choose your friends carefully. All we need is a true friend
  13. One true friend is better than many unknown virtual friends
  14. Learn to communicate well.
  15. Open communication destroys doubt and suspicion
  16. Eat only healthy food
  17. Avoid junk and processed foods
  18. De-Clutter our home and our life
  19. Simplify our life
  20. Shun the unnecessary
  21. Read a book a day.
  22. Develop hobbies
  23. Stay busy: Do meditation, Yoga
  24. Sleep at least 7 hours daily. Sleep and wake up at the same time daily.
  25. Daily shower is a must
  26. See your dentist at least every six months
  27. Annual physical with your physician.
  28. Get in touch with your past
  29. Stop and smell the roses once in a while
  30. Make time for ourselves.

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Life will have a meaning only if we see what we have within us. Once we find it we will need to reap what it is capable of  doing for us. By channeling that energy in helping ourselves and those around us, we could discover that light which is lit up deep within us. Only we can find it by digging in deeper and discovering over very self. What we find within us is what will set us apart from the rest. When we find that we are clean, clear, unadulterated and pure, our body will be filled with inner happiness and joy. Now Our only job is to share it with others what we have already within us.





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