One Hand WASHES the other.

In life everything we do and see is very much interrelated and interconnected in a way that one cannot survive without the other. To pass through life we will need to pass through many people. We have all heard the expression that no Man is an island. This is very true. WE cannot live by ourselves. We will need someone at someone in our lives. We need farmers to get food from, pharmacies for our medications and mechanic for our cars. There is no way in the World can we master everything that we need in life. Each of us are very much dependent on each other to pass through life with ease, If that’s what we want. OR we can choose the hard way by trying to grow our own crops, treat ourselves by finding our own medications, learn to do our own plumbing etc. When we get sick, we need the help of a doctor, when having a toothache we will need the services of a dentist, when a pipe is flooding our home we will need a plumber etc. We cannot try to repair our car by just watching a video or perform a surgery on ourselves by reading a book.

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As Humans we WILL need each other at some point in our lives. We need to start respecting everyone for who they are and not respect them for what they have or based on their status in society. Because we may never know when we may need their help and they may need ours. There are times when a complete stranger is the only one who is around to help us when faced with a dangerous situation. This is a simple example to signify the significance of each and everyone of us in each of our lives. What goes around does come around. A friend may become an enemy or an enemy may become a friend. Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it’s an enemy who may in fact save a life meanwhile the friend is running the other way when you need him or her the most. This is reality.

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Many times we see breakup in families. It may be due to some simple misunderstanding. And due to lack of communication the relationship gets bad and stay strained for many decades. Our Families are basically the extension of ourselves. To stay together, open communication is the key. This applies to any relationship with friends, lovers, family, couples etc. With open communication comes trust. Once both are lost, dark forces do enter in causing havoc within it. We have only two hands but there are times when we may need more than two. That’s where our family and friends fill in to accomplish the task at hand together. Many problems need to be nipped in the bud even before it gets to pop it’s ugly face at us. If it is allowed to blossom, just like a weed it will take over our entire lives. Weedkillers do not work on it either. It need to be uprooted before the roots get a chance to spread under us.

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Our two hands actually are designed to watch out for each other and so are its fingers. They work in unison if needed but are well coordinated to perform what we need it to do. Without the thumb we cannot grasp on to things nor can we support ourselves without the big toe on our feet. So in short we are intertwined and interconnected in every possible way. We need two hands to wash our hands and to keep our bodies clean. It also pays to take care of them so they can take care of us when we need them. They do feed us, clothe us and they help us make a living doing what we love to do. We can learn a lot from our hands. When one hand gets sick the other one takes care of it and  also takes over all the tasks. This is a simple but an amazing work of nature.

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Likewise when someone in the family is sick or a friend needs help, we need to become an extension of themselves for them in doing our part to help them when they need us the most. We don’t need to be told to take up the task. We just need to jump in help them out because we are doing this for ourselves and not for anyone else. Is is also not done as a formality.  This is what it takes to be Human. Just being and acting Human for the sake of being Human is meaningless. We have certain qualities that reflect who we are as Humans so we need to put those to work to be Human. Otherwise we may be living like animals with no moralities, no intrinsic qualities, no ethics and no intelligence. What makes us Human when compared to all other life forms on this Planet is our intellect. This is much superior to any, which has the capacity to create or destroy. We seem to be choosing the latter part based on what we are seeing around us. If we do get into the creative side at some point in our history we will be unstoppable in molding our talents into creations.

Without being there for each other, similar to the analogy of the hands, we may not even be able to make it to the finish line all by ourselves. In life, we need the true support of true friends and true family to take us there. As a lone Man on an island we are going no where but will end up underwater when the tide rises and see that there is no one around to help us in that desolate land. With no boat or anyone around we will perish. Family and friends are part of our lives just like we are to them as their family or friend. Either way we need to be Human, stay Human and watch each others back and sometimes help scratch their backs when they ask us to. Some day they too may return the favor.



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