ROLLING UP our sleeves.

Are we ready to help ourselves and help others? If so are we ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. To do that we need to help ourselves first. There are many people who are in need of basic services such as Healthcare, education, food, safety and a roof over their heads. Unfortunately all of these have become a business, exists and runs like a business. These people do not even have THE basic necessities of life. This is not luxury that we are talking about here. This is the 21st century and to see this even today across the World is totally unacceptable. It has become a World of Haves and Have nots. Even today the World has not changed a bit. The majority of people in emerging markets are still poor and Poverty is still very much rampant in many parts of the World. Poverty leads to exploitation and slavery. It still remains the same and nothing seems to have  changed in the past 50 years. Food is still in short supply  and on the other hand food wastage is on the rise. Are we prepared to waste food by throwing it into the dumpster instead of feeding people halfway around the World? Why are we seeing the rise of homeless population even in industrialized nations? Why are we looking the other way? Why is there still Hunger and poverty in this World while the income inequality is growing wider and diverging by the minute?

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Why does one half of the population starve and stay poor while the other half looks on by looking the other way. Billions of dollars are being donated Worldwide to many Charities and Nonprofits. Where is this money going and why don’t we see any change in the situation of poverty and exploitation that has stayed standstill for many many generations? The sad part is that we are seeing that exact situation play out even today.  If we are seeing no change and if money is the motive, are we running charity as a business? If the rich is getting richer and the poor seems to be getting poorer, is there any need to donate money in the first place. Since it is doing no good anyway. It is analogous to spinning the wheels on our car full speed and we are staying in the exact same place where we had started back then. This seems to be the state of the World today.

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Income inequality exists for a reason. They are there to serve someone with Wealth and this individual is being served by someone who is poor. If there is equality in income who will be serving whom. Just think about it for a moment. If will never happen. The chances are very slim to dim. If we look back at our history the rich had always controlled everyone else. Once the question of money and power comes into the picture, the common man do not stand a chance. Who makes and breaks the rules? Who are the rules made for and favored for? After money comes power and this is what people are after so they can control everyone else. This seems to be a commonplace occurrence all across the World and is seen in each and every field that we work in.

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Instead of one person earning $20 Million a year, If 20 people made $1 Million a year each, the World would be a much better place because this $1 Million would make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people including himself or herself, his family and friends. It may help change all their lives for the better. It may also help change the society in which they live. They may open up a business and employ a lot more people which may help all their families including the community in which they live. In the case on one individual making $20 Million a year, it may make him or her more greedy or they may blow it all off on materialistic and Worldly pleasures. In the end it becomes poison and may end in destruction. After indulging in anything and everything that money can buy, they may still be not happy on the inside. Too much of anything is poison.

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All of us do get carried away on our daily routines through life, but are we really living our lives? Or are we just running to and from work just to pay our bills and pass through life with no purpose at all? Do we have a purpose in our own lives? Are we only looking out for ourselves or are we looking out for others as well? Do we care for our Planet and all the other life forms who share this Planet with us giving it it’s variety? Do we want to have just our home look good in our community or do we just care for the Whole community? If we are not contributing for the betterment of all, it is time to roll up our sleeves and do our part. Someone need to take the initiative to get the ball rolling. Why don’t each of us do our part? Little drops of water do make the mighty ocean and little grains of sand do make the mighty land.





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