It’s a REMOTE WORLD out there.

We live in a World which is flooded with all sorts of electronic gadgets that’s supposed to make our lives easier. But as it turns out, Life has been made much more complex than it needs to be.  Gadgets have in fact made our lives much easier and has made us much lazier as well. It’s much easier to punch in a few buttons on the remote control than to get up and change the channels on the television. Today with a press of a button we can rise or lower the curtains in the windows of our home. We can even taint our windows remotely. This is modern living.

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We also have a remote control for everything that we do these days. We do not even have to get out of the car to open the gates or the garage door to enter our home. The remote control does it for us. Lights can be turned on or off remotely from our phones, from anywhere on the Planet. Same goes with our smartphones. These days we can open or close our doors, switch on or off a fan, an air conditioner control the temperature of our homes, the sprinkler system,  all can be controlled right from our smart phone which is remotely controlling all aspects of our home and business life. We can even answer the door of our house from halfway across the World from another continent and even get to see who is at the door and talk to them. Security systems can also be interfaced with many other features including motion sensors, facial recognition, heat signature and what not to have remote applications built in into them. Many systems may even give us a false sense of security.

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We are being watched at each and every turn through remote cameras positioned all over the place in strategic locations. This is seen all across the World even in remote corners. Satellite and drone technology has made it much easier to spot anyone anywhere. Geographic positioning systems help us pinpoint and locate missing persons, locate planes in the sky and various installations on the ground. Back then in order to meet someone we used to walk into their homes without any announcement. This was during the days before telephones or televisions. We never needed to make a appointment to see anyone. Everyone knew everyone and so life was very simple but efficient. Things got done slowly but surely.

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Today even our lives have been taken over by remotely controlled gadgets. Our entire life rests within a computer database so does our history. With a few clicks on the keyboard our history becomes open source. Cybercrime is on the rise all over the World. Communication systems have become fast, cheap and easy enabling anyone from any corner of the Planet to reach anyone anywhere at anytime. Today crimes are being committed from very remote locations and from far away lands. With the advancements in Science, technology and the internet, information has become so easy to gather and apply it in various applications. It is also open for anyone to use. It also has no national or international boundaries. In many cases the users of these open resources are not traceable either. Forget about privacy. What Privacy? There’s none. Let’s not be naive about it. There are data about us out there which are being sold just like any other commodity.

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In the near future we may be able to travel from New York to Los Angeles by car or plane all while sleeping or even while reading a book. It will be the age of driverless cars and pilotless planes. Once the coordinates are input into a GPS system the plane or car takes us there. We could also see Cars that will park itself . Once we summon it, it will drive itself and come to us where we stand. Taxis and shuttles may be a thing of the past. In many cases there may be no need for parking spaces at all because the self driving taxis may be summoned with a click of a button 24/7 since they will also be on the move 24/7 and they are available round the clock for our use. Computer controlled drones may bring our groceries or our take out into our homes. We may also have food remotely or summon a maid in an instant. This remote operation has endless possibilities and there is no end to our imagination.

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We are a unique breed of species who has amazing intellectual powers. But it is only good if we use it for creative purposes. In the future, automation may completely take over our lives starting right from breakfast time until we retire for the night. In a good way we could use this extra time for personal use, rather than sit in traffic and on the downside we may get a lot more lazier.



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