Are we heading the right direction to financial chaos and destruction? It seems so. Our  lives are so soaked up in junk that our homes are filled with unwanted wants. Meanwhile we have outlawed our own essential needs in pursuit of materialistic pleasures which are short lived. Our minds are filled with the thought of getting a quality product over creating a quality life. Family life is filled with material gifts over emotional attachments, invisible bonds and the love for each other. Welcome to the World of materialism which has in fact taken over our entire lives.

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During any occasion be it holidays or celebration, people expect to receive material gifts. They like to have something material in their hands which is tangible. The love of a product is only short lived but the love of a person and the bond it creates is priceless. The product becomes outdated very soon but a bond tended and nurtured with love lasts a lifetime, sometimes beyond too. We Humans have started loving products and using people by exploiting them to make money for ourselves in order to buy the products which we desire. People have come to love and respect money over the respect for another Human being. What is wrong with this picture? We sure are going downhill.

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Once the basics of food, clothing and shelter are covered, the rest of the things in life which we desire are excesses and man made. Life has been complicated to the brim by the so called modern living of today. We are conditioned to buy, look beautiful, and keep spending. It is in fact a death cycle. We work and work, live paycheck to paycheck, when Friday come we blow up the entire paycheck only to start the same cycle over and over again each Monday. Is this the life of addiction? Have we been sucked into materialistic culture? Look at the days before plastics came into being? People still lived their lives and got by. They were happy in all aspects of life too. Today we are overrun by materials. There are more materials on this Planet than are people. We have flooded the market with all sorts of junk numerically it is 99 %.  The rest 1% is what we all need to survive on. Nature has given us what we need to do so. But we have thrown nature out of our lives completely and have got sucked into this artificial World of ours.

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Decluttering our lives will do us good and make us feel much better than any material possession. It also simplifies our lives. Minimalism and veganism are two faces of the same puzzle. Both go hand in hand. Back then we were required to hunt and kill animals for food to ensure the survival of us and our families. Today there is no need to do so because we do get all the same nutrients from fresh vegetable and fruits that we are supposedly getting from eating meat. Marketing is big mind changer and advertising has done an excellent  job in marketing meat and dairy products thereby bringing in animal cruelty and death to many animals through slaughter. It’s also what we are being told that makes up our own mindset. But we are intelligent individuals capable of making intelligent choices which are good for us and not following upon being conditioned by someone somewhere who is calling the shots. It is our live and we need to have control over it. If we give up control over ourselves someone will gladly take over the spot and control us and our lives. We need to start looking outside the box in all facets of our lives.

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Many people have started following the concept of Minimalism which replaces materialism to happiness. When we declutter and consume less we fell much better and lighter inside and out. We also do not make impulse purchase which weighs down heavily on ourselves and our wallets. This leads to unnecessary and unwanted stress leading to break ups and broken families. This includes sleepless nights, health issues and broken dreams not to mention the way to live live: Living within our means, cultivating happiness within us and sharing them with others. Simplifying life means simplifying our lives and making room for the absolute essentials in life and letting go of others. Time is sacred. We need to use it wisely. Dematerializing ourselves and leading a minimalist lifestyle make take us to places where we have never been before. If may lead us to being simple and a person with qualities that surpass many.

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After all we are who we are based upon our Character. Qualities such as honesty, integrity, punctuality, mannerism, respectfulness, communication skills, writing, etc are fast becoming a thing of the past. Texting in short hand and emails have been taking over. Photos are plentiful but love is missing. But the qualities that matter most are already within us to implement. So let’s hold on to our morals by leading a life filled with minimalism and not materialism. It may lighten up our life a little by lighting us up from within.


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