State of MIND or State of MONEY

Do money worries keep us awake at night? Are we constantly worried about how we are going to pay the bills? Are we picking which bill to pay first and what to pay last? Does it seem to us that we are constantly spinning in circles with no end in sight? Have we got stuck by getting sucked up into this daily rat race? Are we happy with out jobs? Do we have a life? Are we living life at all? Are we living pay check to pay check? Are we living just to work, spend and pay the bills?

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If any or all of these questions have been answered with an “YES”, then we are not alone. Most of the population are in the same boat unless one is a multi-millionaire or a billionaire. We have all got sucked into this system of the so called rat race. We are in fact stuck in this mud with no way out but to stay put and keep going. Is this all life is about? Having a job, and earning to spend. The problem is not with us but with the system. It has been created to NOT educate children about the realities and facts about money early on in their lives. Kids are taught about everything else in colleges and schools but for the subject of money management. Colleges have become a business, so are student loans.These are raking in huge profits year in year out. No wonder everyone is in this mess. We have all seen it first hand about what had played out in the financial crisis of 2007. The BIG will ALWAYS WIN and the small and insignificant will suffer. This is reality. We the consumers are at fault. We should have educated ourselves but didn’t. The less we know, it benefits the major players in the industry. Many years later we are still  continuing to un-educate ourselves about the subject of money and continue to keep spending like it’s free money for all. Credit is good but not that good. It need to be procured and used with caution ONLY in the right situation. In the wrong hands and with a clueless mind, it wreaks havoc in every aspect of their lives.

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Our mind is very powerful and so are our hands. It has the power to make us or break us. Using our mind and working with our hands by making calculated decisions is the only way by which we can cross the maze of daily finances. It has been kept complicated on purpose, so are the laws that are supposedly put in place to govern them. The more complicated it is, it is an impossible task to decipher the code to understand them. Even to the educated mind, it seems too complex. Just imagine what it can to do to the rest of the population. Poverty and misery do follow the masses who may have no clue on what is going on behind the scenes and on what is about to happen. Manipulation, money, power and control by fear are THE buzzwords of the century. Understanding finances is the first step in understanding ourselves on where we stand. Then we could take it from there. But on the other hand if we do not know where we stand we will be standing in the same place lost, confused and disoriented for others to take advantage of us.

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The key here is educating ourselves and educating others of what we know by pure sharing of knowledge. It does not cost us a thing. Sharing knowledge is also sheer happiness. We are wired and designed to give and not to take. It brings in the happiness of sharing something which we know with others. Also knowing that it has benefited someone somewhere is priceless. Many have taken whatever knowledge they have accumulated over their entire lifetime to their graves without ever sharing it with anyone. So it has become a dead end in this instance. But had that person shared that knowledge with many people, each of them could have made a massive difference in the lives of many. So sharing does go a long way to the recipient than the giver. To the giver he or she has just handed over the baton to the next person. Remember we are just RENTERS of this beautiful planet. Once we are gone, we are gone for ever back to Earth. By doing so, We have just got ourselves recycled. We come in naked and leave the same way out with nothing in hand. Our life on this Planet lasts only milliseconds in Geological time line but for us it is in fact our entire lifetime. No wonder it is called LIFE TIME. We would understand it much better by dissecting our individual lives and our time on this beautiful blue marble floating freely in the dark black infinite space.

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Technology have grown by leaps and bounds over the past many decades with rapid influx of information and the spread of knowledge to all corners of the Globe. But children are still being taught the same subjects which we had learned a few decades back in school. Without educating ourselves outside the classroom about real World finances and street smartness it is a sure path to doom. Being book smart is not enough these days in order to survive, we need to be street smart too. In order to survive in this wild Human civilization, we need to be able to outrun the fastest runner when both of us are being pursued by a lion. We can apply this to our individual lives by following this in context and in reference. This is reality.

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There is competition in anything and everything that we do. We need to be able to do it with our heart and do it much better than anyone else in the industry if we are to survive and prosper. The key here is to do it with our heart and passion. Doing it for the money does not carry us anywhere. So we need to put in swear, energy and tears into what we do and to do what we love with a burning passion that arises from our heart. By doing so we can help many and help our communities prosper. We become a productive citizen in the community in which we live. When we prosper the society prospers, when the society prospers the country and all its citizens prosper. It all starts with US and each of us need to play our individual part. It is like a soccer team. Each player in the team is highly valuable in the overall success of the team.

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It takes many drops to make an ocean, and many sand particles to create land. Likewise it takes our individual efforts to build something massive. It takes all of us collectively to build the impossible and make it possible. Nothing is impossible in this World. All it takes is for us to pour our heart and mind into it to make it a reality. So let’s start on the right foot and take each baby step to make it happen. A journey of a thousand miles always started off with each step. All that need to be done is to put one foot in front of the other and continue repeating it until we have accomplished our goals in life.





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