FINANCIAL Freedom : a View Point

All of us want to be financially free to do what ever we want to do, whenever we want to do it and in our own terms. But in reality, sadly this is only a fantasy. Most of us will never end up in this territory of financial freedom. Our system is set up to favor the Elite few and suppress the rest. Most people live day to day and paycheck to paycheck without ever deviating from the norm. People are told what to do and are conditioned to listen and act accordingly. This is where we stand because we were never taught to think. Unless we start looking outside the box and start thinking for ourselves we will be where we are.

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Income inequality is on the rise with the rich are getting richer and richer by the minute with the poor going in the opposite direction at a much faster pace towards poverty. With rising inflation it is nearly impossible to make ends meet for the common man. With tons of lavish and generous tax breaks given to the rich and tons of taxes imposed on the middle class, the poor are being left out to fed for themselves. If the top do not pay their fair share of taxes who will. Someone has to pick up the tab and the lucky ones to do so are the middle class. They are in fact THE consumers of the century who are willing to part with their hard earned after tax dollars to drive themselves deeper and deeper into debt through excess and unnecessary consumption. With no way out and by living paycheck to paycheck, they ultimately succumb to their conspicuous consumption and the related debt it brings to the table. There is never going to be income Equality. It has never been shown to be that way, if we could learn something from history. History does teach us something but not everything. As time changes we need to change too. We need to change with the times or we will be left behind. WE cannot live our lives today with what had worked many centuries back. This goes for everything that we do including our beliefs and thought process. The rich always have controlled the poor and the middle class. Moving forward it will continue to stay the same until we come out of our bubbles and start thinking. If we do not want to think, someone else will do the thinking for us in order for it to benefit them.

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The common man or woman has no go but to get on to the rat race and go with the flow. The cycle continues throughout life with no way out but to work, make money, spend it and then go back to work again to do it over and over again until one of these things happen: Either death takes over, they become disabled, they retire or they become seriously ill. In the grand scheme of things something has to give. With stress levels on the rise, it is usually our body that pays the ultimate price. We sacrifice everything including OUR TIME that is allotted to us on this Earth, to make money We have sacrificed everything including our own, our family and our own soul. Now once illness comes into the picture, we will be using that same money which we worked so hard for to supposedly heal ourselves using these synthetic medications, using our outdated healthcare system and thus start pulling ourselves deeper into the hole of misery and suffering. So what’s the point here. We are ultimately back to square one.

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The following is just a thought which could be applied to all countries in order to serve its citizens well and give then a shot at living a good, happy and a productive life. It may help us all get out of the rat race all together and live life the way it is meant to be lived and by what nature intended it to be. Just working, commuting and making money is not life. It is not a life that would be well lived. But it would only be a life well worked. Time is finite. Once it is gone it’s gone for ever. None of us will be getting younger anytime soon. Money can be made anytime but time cannot be.

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Lets take the case of USA for example and use it for illustration purposes only. This country has say 310 million citizens. If each of the citizens are given $1 million tax free ONE TIME ONLY by it’s government, that sums up to $310 million dollars. This is a drop in the bucket. Most people can live off this and fend for themselves throughout their lives. Meanwhile they can still continue working as they have always been, but the major difference here is that they will be working as productive citizens WITHOUT THE FINANCIAL STRESS of struggling to pay bills and juggling their daily chores. Any new immigrant who becomes a citizen is given the same $1 Million like everyone else with the added condition to work and contribute to society. Any child born is also given that same privilege at birth, but that child or anyone related cannot touch than money until that child is 24 years of age when maturity sets in. This might be a simple solution that may help mankind get back on their feet and REALLY live life instead of chasing money all their lives, WITHOUT EVEN really living LIFE.

According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money.

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Most countries spend billions on warfare with NO funds allocated for peace. Because peace is not a business and war is. If we step back, visualize and see what the above scenario can do for all of us as Humans, the World would become a much better and peaceful place to live in and our lives may get much simpler filled with happiness and completely devoid of stress. All we may then need to do is to concentrate on our inner happiness, surround ourselves with peace and then and only then can we step out to travel the World and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. Nature has given us everything that we need to survive and enjoy life. But we have shunned nature and shut ourselves out of nature by bringing in materialism and money, which have shown to be the root cause of split families, broken marriages, business conflicts, bad emotions, such as greed, envy, hatred, power, control etc, just to name a few.

So let’s start thinking about the benefit that we can give to all of Humanity rather than thinking only and just for ourselves. This may be the best gift we can give each other. Once we do that, Let’s start living REAL life. It’s high time we do that.


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