We have all been given a chance to live life on this planet. Many have not even been given that chance to live for even just one day. There are many babies born each and every day throughout this World. Many die even before they are born, some are born prematurely and some live to see just a few days. While others do not even get to see their first birthday. This is life and this is reality. So we must consider ourselves to be the so called chosen ones to be given this unique opportunity, which we have been taking for granted all the while. It’s time to wake up and accept this lifetime opportunity. We are THE Elite few who have made it. Congratulations. Most of us seem to be NOT living but existing. Regret should not be part of life. A life lived with regrets would be futile and become worthless. We are all supposedly living in a rushed life.

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Now that we have made it, there should be a purpose in life. Without a purpose in life, life has no meaning in it. If all that we have in our lives is to work, make money, spend it and then keep repeating this cycle day in and day out till we die, this opportunity becomes completely worthless. There is more to life than money. Money is only an artificial means or a commodity that takes us from point A to point B. It is just paper with a given value. But how much of it do we REALLY need. Too much of anything IS poison. This include food, clothing, shelter and other materialistic possessions. Money included. Laughter is considered to be the best medicine for all ailments. But when was the last time we laughed? We are losing out on the basics of who we are.

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We wake up each and everyday to do what society expects us to do, meaning to get accepted in society. Society has conditioned us to go to school, then to college, put ourselves in massive student debt, get a 9 to 5 job, make money, pay this debt throughout our lives, work throughout our lives and then retire. Colleges have become BIG businesses raking in big profits. We have been taught very early on to follow this 9- routine. Who has created this cycle of 9-5? Why shouldn’t we start at 6 and end at 2? It’s still 8 hours. But we have been conditioned and have learned to accept what we are told. We have literally stopped thinking for ourselves and we are doing what we are told. This is the 21st century where information is free and plentiful for everyone to access. This is not 5th century. We need to start thinking for ourselves, if not someone else will be thinking for us to benefit themselves. Life is to be run on our own terms and not to be dictated by society and by their expectation of us.

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Now are we really living our lives or are we just following the crowd with a herd mentality from dawn to dusk? How do we define a well lived live? It is a life filled with our own decisions, our own mistakes, our own happiness and sorrows which also includes our own struggles and sacrifices. This is what makes us Human. Following what society throws at us and expects of us to follow is not what makes us. By following the ideals of society we succumb to its expectations. This has the power to shatter spirits, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. This is someone else’s thoughts being instilled in us from early on and are taught to us in order to follow it. But this is our life. Our life need to be planned and lived by us. Because this is us and not anyone else.

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What makes us Human? It’s not money or materialism. Our character says it all. We are who we are. We cannot change for no one. We are a package deal filled with our own thoughts, emotions, nerves, blood vessels and various organs. We are just a social animal just like elephants or monkeys. We are just another life form on this planet. It’s as simple as that. As Humans we have been given another unique quality: which is our intellect. This is what makes us even more unique amongst all life forms on this planet, both big and small. It is with this intellect that we are able to invent things from planes to airships. This is also what really sets us apart from the rest. But on the other hand this is also which makes us dangerous to each other and to our entire Planet.

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Animals are in a way predictable. We know that the big cats, elephants, rhinos and hippos do attack to defend their territory, their mates and their families. But Humans seems to be the most dangerous species because THEY are completely unpredictable. Any News that we hear in all News channels all over the World can attest to that. These do make BIG waves which do ripple outward affecting families and society in general. Crime seems to pay and honesty seems to be hiding in the closet. This is whom we have become. We are an unique species put on this planet to do amazing things by creating and sharing. We have the power to do much more. We have billions of dollars set aside in defense budgets but none for peace. There is no money in peace but there is in war. We have been doing this to ourselves for centuries and it seems that we are for sure heading in the wrong direction to our own self extinction.

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Humans are designed by nature to be caring, loving, and sharing. We are wired to create and innovate. In the entire Human evolution of ours lasting the past 100,000 years we have survived everything from hunger, frostbite and death to be where we are today. But today we seem to going back to where we were 100,000 years back fighting to survive just for ourselves and not thinking about the entire Human race. Because it has all come down to money. We seem to be respecting money more than a Human life. Life is so precious that we are completely ignorant of it whether by choice or on purpose, we do not know. But each of us have our own reasons. Each of us as Humans are so unique in our own ways and each of us are indeed VERY Special. Unless and until we recognise this we will be continuing to do what we are taught to do day in and day out, without REALLY living our lives and making a difference to all around us. Hopefully each of us will do our part in helping make change that can benefit all of Humanity.




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