Bartering UNLIMITED.

Bartering is not new to Human civilization and to Humans. It has been in existence since the beginning of Man. In the predawn era, people bartered everything from sugar, salt, spices to cattle. There was no exchange of the so called money. These were the days before the establishment of the so called financial system that exist to this date. This was established by an Elite few with the so called ‘power’ instilled in them, which the rest of us are bound to follow.

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The art of bartering both goods and services helped each other in terms of getting what they wanted without ever using a third party currency. Instead they did exchange day to day staples that were needed by everyone. Money is just a paper until we give it some perceived value that is accepted by society. In a way we are forced to accept this artificial currency because there is there is no plan B.  So we have learned to follow it blindly because we were told to do so. So we have developed this herd mentality and started following what was told. This is THE middle class mindset. Daily staples can be bartered on a day to day basis between homes. This had existed before but today it has almost become extinct.

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Back then bartering served the purpose to all. When a staple in the house had become exhausted, they simply walked over to their neighbors house and exchanged it for something they have, for example another staple. This made going to the local market unnecessary. In most cases this market was very far off and time consuming to walk to and from it. Bartering made this exchange of goods and servicing cost effective, convenient and time saving for all.

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Today we hardly see our neighbors, let alone know them. Time to use bartering in to get our old ways of socializing and connecting back. Today each of us are confining ourselves to our homes and locking ourselves in. Where the air is stale and with each member locking themselves in each of their rooms with their own entertainment centers and TV’s, we hardly get to talk to each other and to breathe some fresh air by going outside and soaking up some Sun. No wonder most of us are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and other related ailments. Exercise is non existent. Face to face communication is non existent. Written scripts are fading out fast. Mutual Respect has become extinct. Consumption of junk food plentiful. Of real food, this does not exist. 90 % of any supermarket has junk or processed food within it, the rest is filled with so called fresh produce and just 1% is supposedly real food labelled Organic. Why is real food 3 times the cost where as artificial junk is very very cheap and is packaged for the masses? No wonder we have all sorts of diseases popping up that come in with strange names. Obesity has become a global epidemic.

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People have more virtual friends than real ones. Humans are social beings and a a powerhouse of emotions. With these emotions locked up, eventually something gives. We are all wired by nature to give and share. In our fast paced World we are rushing ourselves in what ever we do, so we always feel the pressure to rush. We are always in a hurry and have time for nothing. This do affect our psyche and our body. In the end relations falter and our body gives way to multiple health issues. So it’s time to step back and analyse what we are doing.

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Time to start acting and looking Human for it is who we are really are inside each and everyone of us. To be Human , we need to open up our locked up emotions, give freely expecting nothing in return, treat another Human as a Human and start living life. Most of us are just existing taking it day to day and NOT living life in the process. Bartering the old fashioned way can help make us Human again by starting the spark of social interaction, communication and sharing. Without this spark we may be just passing through this life existing and not really living. Life is very special. We need to use this gift of life to give rather than take. We have become experts in massive consumption of goods. We have also conditioned ourselves to hoard unnecessary and wasteful products. We have mixed up our values by loving products and using people. Bartering brings fresh food into our kitchen and keeps supermarket food out. Brings in Health and takes out disease. May bring in jobs to our local farmers and help build local communities and local friendships which were unheard of before.

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It’s time to put on our gear, head back towards history and start living life just like what our ancestors had done by living life and not by merely existing. With bartering we become LESS dependent on the BIG Banks, the economic system, the paper money and become MORE dependent on each other. This is what will make us Human, be Human and help us stay Human. If not we will get sucked into this massive artificially created financial system and get stuck in its downward spiral. With no way out we will be glued permanently in its grasp. In other words, we would all become slaves to this modern system of checks and balances.



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