Unhealthy JUNK FOODS.

Most of us would pick a sweet over a gooseberry because we are conditioned to sweets from the time we were born. What about the days prior to a sweet tooth? People still got on by, by  surviving on what ever they could consume. When we walk into any supermarket, 99 % is junk or processed foods. Meaning, they are loaded with either coloring agents, flavoring agents, salt and tons of preservatives or a combination of them all. The rest 1% is produce. Of which a smaller fraction is the so called Organic foods? My question is as a consumer how do we say with confidence out of two cauliflowers, comparing each other how do we differentiate on which one is Organic and which on is not.  We go by the sticker or the label. Anyone could switch it, because it is business. Why is Organic 3 times the price? Does it justify the price and how do we trust it? We cannot. How do we trust the label? As consumers we pick by the attractiveness of the color and design of the label which we happen to like and blindly believe in the so called trusted brand. So we are looking and judging a product by its cover. No one seems to be concerned about the contents and are willing to blindly pay the price. We seem to pay for synthetic verses natural. No wonder we are seeing a spike in all sorts of health issues recently including Cancer. Obesity is on the rise in EACH and every country. Sadly most of which is childhood obesity. With which many diseases pop up.

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Why is it that 99 % of any store is filled with junk, processed and mass produced foods which are very cheap and why is REAL food only less than 1% of the total supermarket inventory and is very very expensive for the common man? Because junk brings in big profits, have a longer shelf life, most are non perishables, mass produced cheaply and stored in a warehouse somewhere  for much longer periods. Why do we see bottled orange juice with a much longer expiration date than real juice? Do we trust all the claims of advertisements such as ” 100% natural” or “Organic” or do we need to start thinking for ourselves? If we do not think for ourselves, someone else will. Let’s take into consideration, the case of bottled water. To start our water and plastic are not supposed to mix. This is fundamentally wrong. Studies have shown detrimental health effects to the mixing of these two. When plastic bottles are exposed to heat such as in a car on a very hot summer day, the effects could be magnified at a cellular level. It may even cause genetic abnormalities in subsequent generations in addition to it’s effects on current health.

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Water is essential to our very survival. Do we know the actual source of this water that come in these plastic bottles. Plastic is very cheap, mold-able, with a 100 plus year shelf life and is virtually indestructible. No wonder it has even entered into our kitchens because we have allowed them to. Very interesting to note that someone has managed to capitalize on a toxic byproduct of petroleum to rake in big bucks. We cannot blame them. They are giving us what we want and for which they are willing to take our hard earned money. As consumers we need to wake up. What are we paying for ? Are we willing to pay for REAL food or CHEAP imitation of foods? The choice is ours and THE decision is ours. This can make or break our individual Health. The World is filled with so much junk foods and very little real foods. It is us who have done this to ourselves. It’s time to reverse course.

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We are what we eat. Junk in ? Guess what happens. We are paying for real food but what are we getting in return? Food and water are very sacred to our bodies. Moreover our individual bodies are much more sacred to each of us.Without considering so we cannot exist. So why are we dehumanizing our bodies by eating tainted food and drinks? Bottled drinks and processed foods bring in billions of dollars to companies each day. But it is our body that is taking its toll on its consumption. Our body does not tell us, but it is suffering in silence. When something has to give, it takes upon itself all the diseases that we have invited in. In the end we lose. So what we eat matters. We have a decision to make here, to eat healthy or to each junk. Each come with its own ramifications.

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How much can we eat and how much do we need to eat in order to survive? These are two different questions. We can eat only so much just as the gas tank in our cars. Once it’s tank become full capacity we cannot over fill it. Small and Healthy portions are much better than stuffing ourselves. It may even be much easier to digest it. Today food wastage is way high and poverty on the other hand is also spiking to unimaginable levels. Food over consumption is also on the rise resulting in health issues. If we choose to eat away junk and processed foods which are mass produced and cheap, we must be ready to face its adversities. We should be demanding healthy and natural food from its produces. Because if we don’t no one else will.




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