Belief : a Virtual PRODUCT

Back in the day when Man took their first steps on Earth, they literally feared everything from the roar of the thunder to the brightness of the lightning. This probably happened 100,000 year ago. Imagine that scenario. It’s dark and cold with hunger setting in within their stomachs. On top of that they need to find shelter which is usually a cave which has been already occupied by a predator. They need to figure out a way to feed themselves and their families. Fire may have been an accidental invention or discovery depending on the way how we look at it. Their own survival depended upon their inner belief in themselves and cohesiveness within their group. Above all, they needed to look to a so called higher power to have a inner sense of security. This is the point where our inner beliefs may have transformed into various religions based on ideology, contexts and teachings by various human religious leaders. This has led to the construction of houses of worship and their subsequent followers and believers.

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Once the subject of food, clothing and shelter have been taken care of, next comes the urge to accumulate land, a lot of them and enslavement of people. This is when greed comes into the picture bringing with it war, suffering, pain, enslavement and abundance of profits through Human exploitation. Sadly, this exists to this day. With increase in profits year over year, the greed deepens and metamorphs into a deep seated obsession for power and control. To this day, we see the same scenario play out day in and day out, with millions of people suffering in silence and an Elite few raking in huge profits that are used to rake in millions more through bondage and slavery. The mass sufferings have begun with a few enjoying their loot.

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With the deafening sound of thunder and the blinding light of lightning brought with it the fear of the unknown. This Fear has infiltrated within us. This fear demands to fear a higher power and the belief in its very existence. Over many centuries this belief over the existence of this dark force prevailed and have survived to this day. Today this seems to have become a massive business Empire supporting many lives and their livelihoods under the name of religion. To top it off many crimes against Humanity and against Humans are being done under the cover of religion and under the cover of this darkness. We hear of this each and every single day in the news. Man is one and the creator is one so why are there so many religions? We all can agree on one thing, that there is a so called creator of Life and the beauty that surrounds us which we call Nature. Anyone can start a religion or cult today with many followers to believe in them. The challenge is to get new followers on a regular basis. Now we have a business in the making. Today we can have one religion and tomorrow someone can start another one. At the end of the day it is BIG business and there is money tied to it with stakes getting higher and higher each day, with each religion competing for economic dominance and power. With increasing competition, the power to take control takes over crossing all ethical and all moral boundaries. The objective is to make Money based on belief. Each of which is a business Empire designed to capture it own market share. The more members or followers they have, the more influx of money they make and hold.

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This is considered a virtual business because it exists solely to serve believers and worshippers. There is no right or wrong in believing in this product. If you buy any other product, we have a way of knowing whether it is good or defective. But in this case there is no right or wrong, therefore there are no refunds. Fear can sell anything to even the most hard headed individual. Because fear exists to preserve our very self. This is a survival strategy nature has instilled in us. When our very survival is at stake we succumb to anything. As history shows, people have been converted by force or with the promise of wealth or money. The old, destitute, orphaned, the untouchables, the homeless and the poor are the perfect victims who get exploited due to their lack of security. They are the most who are taken advantage of with the promise of money.

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Religion or the business of belief is BIG business. Because there is money to be made for many. If you take money out of the equation, none of these would continue to exist, which includes all religious institutions and their employees. People have no problem throwing away their hard earned dollar at these businesses due to their innate belief. Sadly a poor panhandler sitting on the steps of this institution is shunned from getting even a few cents. Instead the money goes to the higher upper. You know what I mean.

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All of us were born into this World the same way. We come in naked and leave naked, taking with us NOTHING. Not even a penny. Even if we take any, it may not be useful to us where we are heading. Because it may not even be accepted there. People may despise people, be jealous, be hateful etc when that person is alive. But when they are gone, these very same people go to gravesite to show some respect etc, but that person is gone towards eternity. They simply do not exist. This is the fact. So we need to be respectful of Humans, respecting each other as a Human and move through life without any regrets and without having negative emotions against anyone WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE and NOT WHEN THEY ARE GONE. This is called true Living, otherwise we are just existing.

We need to live life and not merely exist. We do not need to live our lives for the sake of anyone but ourselves. During the end of life we should leave this World with no regrets and satisfied to have lived a full and satisfied life, hurting NO one in the process. This is how it is to be Human and it should show from within us. In the end, the purpose of our lives is not at all about money but to be HUMAN. Are you one?  How we lived our life is what matters but not the amount of years had we lived. The years do not count but the quality of life lived is what matters most. Merely existing is not living. So let’s start living life together as HUMANS rather than merely existing as lost souls.


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